You’re Getting Sleepy

Long-distance relationship becomes physical in a first face-to-faceThe sun was still shining in through the wall of windows as I waited at the carousel in baggage claim at DFW.

The click-clack of purposeful strides in high heels rang across the terrazzo floor behind me. I had to look; coming toward me was a statuesque beauty. Her skirt was mid-calf length and split up the front allowing brief glimpses of nylon-encased, tanned and toned legs leading to what, I am sure, was heaven. Her blouse was a white silk button-style with a tailored jacket. The front of the blouse moved invitingly as her fluid movements brought her closer to me.

She had appeared to be scanning the room as she approached and then her eyes settled on mine. “Mr. James?” she asked, with a slight smile and uplift of an eyebrow.

I nodded as she stretched forth her hand.

“Welcome to Dallas, Sir.” The sweet lilt of her southern accent was not lost on me at all.

“I’m Laura Jane Andersen. Call me L.J.” She smiled and looked down at my roll-along bag. “Is that everything, Sir?”

“It is, my dear. I am afraid I am at a loss though; I was expecting a driver to take me to the hotel and to see you later this evening.” I was surreptitiously verifying that plans had not changed, other than the obvious.

We had exited the terminal proper by then and approached a waiting limo with the driver holding the door.

“I should have texted you of the change; however, it was so last-minute you were already airborne. I was able to slip away for the rest of the day and meet you in person.”

As she slipped into the seat, the cut of her skirt afforded me a look at the thigh-high stockings and the bare woman parts above them.

She smiled demurely with her eyes downcast. “I was able to follow your instructions to the letter, Sir. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to do so.”

“You are most welcome, Little One. Thank you for your obedience.”

With that, the door closed and, as the driver re-entered the vehicle, he put the partition up. Laura smiled at me as I placed my hand possessively high on her inner thigh.

“I was able to secure the Presidential Suite for you, Sir. I hope that will be acceptable?” Smiling, Laura moved a bit closer.

“I’m sure it will be fine. Have you had some personal things delivered for yourself?” I asked.

“I did not want to presume, Sir. I have a bag in the trunk if that is your choice. Also, I would like to help you relax after your flight if that is acceptable.” She peered at me, awaiting an answer.

“How long is the trip to the hotel?” I asked.

“At this time of day, we will be in traffic for at least another forty-five minutes, Sir.” She looked down again, her hands slightly fidgeting in her lap.

“Then, by all means, my dear, you may amuse yourself however you choose.” I settled back to enjoy what I was sure would be a wonderful experience.

Most might find it difficult to believe that a lady can move gracefully to the floor of a limo from the seat, but it was as if L.J. floated to a position between my knees, inserting herself between them demurely while opening the front of my pants.

“I have dreamed of this for months, Sir. Thank you so much.”

I gently stroked her flaxen tresses as she lowered her lips to my cock, gently kissed my head then preceded the slide it across her tongue and into her hot mouth, totally engulfing me. The excruciating pleasure of the slow journey into the depths of her astonished me. She became one with me in that instant. The sensations as her lips and tongue were applied in the just the right way to wring the utmost pleasure from the experience–never in my life, has a woman “got” me so completely, so instantly.

Oral sex is a pleasure almost always because of the experience, or feeling, generated by a pair of lips and tongue sliding up and down your shaft to bring you to a climax. However, a truly gifted fellatrix such as Laura will connect mentally and emotionally to her man to a degree that defies understanding. If I were fellating myself (if that were possible), I could not have performed each move as precisely perfectly as she did. It was as if she was reading my mind and performed exactly what I wanted. I was lost in an ethereal dream-like state of sensory overload.

Forcing myself to focus on another matter, I retrieved the small remote from my shirt pocket and began to dial up the speed and intensity of the device it controlled. Had Laura failed to follow my instructions completely, there would have been no evidence, but I would have known because of its absence.

Laura jumped almost imperceptibly as the first vibrations made their presence known deep in her ass, then as I increased them with the remote she began to undulate her hips slightly and moaned over my cock. Her attention to my cock became even more deliberate, more intense.

My touch on the second dial of the remote started a second set of movements internally as the butt plug Laura had inserted that morning, per my instructions, began to swell and contract at a very erotic pace. Her breath caught at the first increase in size, then subsequent movements caused her breathing to change to contented, rhythmic sighs.

I could feel the changes taking place in her as her arousal increased so I began to speak to her. The good Lord gifted me with a very mellow but deep, melodic voice. Our times together late at night on the phone had resulted in hypnotic conditioning for Laura that I initiated now with my trigger words.

“Laura,” I said, “listen carefully – Davy Crockett.” Immediately, her eyes glazed over as I instructed her further, “Your body is responding, becoming fluid in the sensations as they flow through you. You have been here before; your orgasm is approaching like a tsunami. Can you feel it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Your skin is alive with tingling waves that ripple through your being. Each time the sensation traverses your center it leaves behind a lingering radiance that grows more intense with each cycle.”

Our climb up the steps to our mutual orgasm was nearing its end, a few more words gently directing her… “Now, Laura, as your mouth fills with my cum, you will allow this orgasm to take you.”

One last intense slide of her lips to the base of my penis and the last movements of her throat dragged my orgasm from me, which was so intense I very nearly lost consciousness.

Laura’s body convulsed and trembled, wracked with spasms that closely resembled a seizure. Small whimpers escaped around my cock as she settled down with a contented sigh while kissing and caressing it as it slowly began to enter the relaxation phase.

Laura laid her face on my thigh and hugged my leg tightly as the driver’s voice announced over the intercom our ETA of five minutes. I replied with my thanks and an added instruction to circle the block until we informed him that we were ready.

To be continued…