The Uber Experience

She gets more than expected from the ride homeJustin pulled up outside the club, looking at all the people standing around outside. There were all shapes and sizes of women, dressed in all ranges of sexiness. As he parked he spotted a young blonde girl looking around as if she were waiting for a ride. In your dreams, he muttered to himself.

She was standing with another woman a few years older than she, and Justin noticed they were both very hot. The blonde had on a very short red cocktail dress that clung to her petite frame and the brunette had a black dressy romper on that covered neither her tits nor her ass very well. Both ladies looked delicious in high heels and Justin wished that they actually needed a lift. He continued to stare at them and witnessed the older one turn and put her arms all over a young fit man. Suddenly Justin wanted to stay and watch what unfolded.The young man wrapped his arms around the woman’s waist and squeezed her ass very dramatically so everyone could see. This made Justin’s pulse quicken. As she moved one hand to rub the young man’s crotch, Justin didn’t notice the blonde actually move towards his car. He continued to watch the two in their public display of sexual wantonness.“Are you here from Uber?”Justin heard a tap on his window and was startled back to his reality. He looked out his car window and saw the blonde in the cocktail dress.

He took his hand away from his crotch where it had been lying and pushed the button for the window to go down. He remained quite still, taking in visually what stood before him.At last, he smiled and replied, “Yes, that’s me. Need a ride?” Justin couldn’t believe his luck.The ride booked was quite a distance; he’d have time to really talk to her.The blonde smiled. “Name’s Liza. My mom booked the ride for me because she’s staying with Danny here in Miami for a little longer. They’ll drive back in a bit.” She pointed in the direction of the woman she was with and the young man. Justin looked again. The two were groping each other as if they were going to have sex any minute. Justin blinked; his mouth dropped. That hot woman was this girl’s mother?? Damn.Justin then remembered who he had waiting for a ride–a nice young blonde who looked friendly enough. He got out of his blue BMW and opened the door for Liza, holding out a hand as an offer to help her get in. “I’m Justin. Slide right in and I’ll drive you home.”Liza smiled as she took his hand.

He’s a fairly handsome guy, she thought to herself as she sat in the back seat. She slid over to the other side so Justin would be able to talk and drive, turning to see her every once in a while. She knew the drive was going to be over an hour long.Justin hopped back into the driver’s seat and fastened his seatbelt. As Liza fastened her seat belt he saw a momentary flash up Liza’s dress since it was tight and short. He wondered if it was on purpose that her legs were spread apart at that moment.Liza’s left heel had caught under the driver’s seat as she was scooting over and putting on her seat belt. She sat, very unladylike, for a few seconds, which happened to be the same time Justin was turning around. She looked out the window, trying to avoid eye contact. Did he look at her in such a state? She didn’t want to know.It had been a long night and she wanted to go home and sleep it off. She and her mother had a couple of drinks with Danny and Liza was buzzed. She hadn’t wanted to stay for any more fun with Mom and the “pool boy”. But as she gazed into the front seat she wondered maybe how much fun she’d have if she were with the driver here. Her mind drifted off until she heard him.

Justin cleared his throat and looked in the rearview mirror, trying for some reason to act professionally. “Are you ready?” he asked. I know I’m ready, he thought to himself as he shifted in his seat so his growing hard-on wouldn’t be so uncomfortable.Liza smiled again. “Yes, any time you wanna start driving.” She looked out the window as the car began to drive off and saw a glimpse of Danny with a hand up her mother’s romper. Liza sighed and closed her eyes.Justin drove quietly and did not talk to Liza, having seen her close her eyes. But it didn’t stop him from stealing glances at her as she slept.

He saw Liza shift in her seat a bit as the car ride went on, her dress going the rest of the way up her legs. He tried to keep his eyes away from between her legs where Justin could see a tiny black trace of panties.The drive itself was just over two hours. Justin pulled into the address listed and saw it was a resort. At this hour, it was pretty quiet, so he pulled to the parking lot in the back and parked. He wasn’t finished looking at this sexy sleeping beauty and was grateful she didn’t wake up as he put the car into park.Justin took off his seat belt and turned towards the back seat until he was sitting sideways in his seat. There she was, lying with her head facing the inside of the car and her dress practically up near her waist. He took in the view of the quiet blonde lying in the back of his car. The bulge in his pants started to grow again as thoughts entered his mind on what he wanted to do to her.A wave of adrenaline washed over him and he reached into the backseat and unfastened her seatbelt, guiding it back into the seat where it rested, away from her.

He sat back down sideways in his seat and looked at her. He watched her breathe, her small breasts rising and lowering with each breath. Never before had he such a beautiful passenger. He wanted to remember this.Quickly, hoping that Liza wouldn’t wake up quite yet, Justin took out his cell phone and snapped a couple of pictures. First of her sleeping face, then of her from the waist up, and finally her entire body. Smiling and thrilled she still was sleeping, he then took a few of just her slightly spread-open legs and pondered the sweet surprise that lay just beneath her black panties.He knew that he was being quite the perverted driver, but he quickly put his phone back down. He didn’t want Liza to catch him taking pictures of her while she was sleeping. As he sat and watched her sleep some more, his thoughts roamed as his eyes darted back to her barely visible panties. His jeans became uncomfortable as he imagined the juicy womanhood that was there so close. Justin caught himself unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans, freeing his growing cock from his boxers.

If Liza were to wake right now she might report me, he thought to himself as he began to stroke his cock. She continued to lie there, practically motionless. His strokes became faster as he imagined her small but very beautiful tits right under that dress… if only he could pull it down and see them.Suddenly Liza began to stir. Justin was on the edge but stopped, not wanting her to catch him, knowing he’d explode right then when she opened her eyes. As she turned her head, Justin turned to face forward in his seat and very painfully stuffed his cock down into his clothes and carefully fastened his jeans back. Thankfully his T-shirt covered his bulge rather well and he tried to act casually again.Liza heard rustling and opened her eyes. She had forgotten where she was. Then she realized she was getting a ride back to her resort, wanting to get some sleep in her room that she shared with her mother on vacation. She saw Justin sitting patiently in the front seat. When she looked outside she noticed they were already parked. She was no longer buzzed, but still slightly confused.“How long have we been here?” She wasn’t agitated, just still trying to figure things out.Justin turned slowly around and casually said, “About twenty minutes. I wasn’t sure where you wanted to be dropped off here and you looked like you were resting nicely.

Don’t worry, you won’t be billed for the wait.” He winked at her.Liza smiled, sure that Justin was trying to be flirty now. Then she realized her dress was up a bit too high. She slowly pulled it back down and replied, “That was very nice of you. I needed a nap, I suppose.” She found herself giggling, wanting to flirt back.Justin looked around. “Hey, uh, you in a hurry to rush off or something?” He saw Liza smile and shake her head, so he continued, “Mind if I join you back there and chat a bit?” Justin winked at her again, hoping she’d let him join her in the back seat. He wanted to get as close to her as she would let him be.Liza scooted towards the door and patted the seat beside her. “Come on back.” She made sure his eyes were locked with hers and she then licked her lips slowly, then smiled.Justin adjusted himself and opened the door.

His jeans were incredibly uncomfortable as he stood and hoped it wouldn’t be a problem for long as he popped open the back door and slid in beside the smiling blonde. He couldn’t believe his luck and hoped it would go further.Liza watched Justin get into the back seat and couldn’t help but notice that his jeans looked very tight against his crotch. Did he get a hard-on watching me sleep? Liza thought to herself. She continued her gaze at his lap as he sat down, being more obvious than she wanted. Excitement grew within her as she imagined what was inside the jeans.Justin sat down. He caught Liza staring at his crotch intently. His bulging cock was growing even more uncomfortable, so he wasted no time. “I see you licking your lips,” Justin smiled as Liza looked up at his face. “You interested in something?” He casually put a hand over his zipper, waiting for her response.Liza’s eyes followed his gaze. She hadn’t planned on playing on vacation, but she wanted to see the package hidden under the denim. She whispered a quiet “Yes” as she nodded.

Justin undid his button and zipper and pulled out his cock, knowing that soon he’d soon have a set of lips wrapped around it. He looked up to see Liza already reaching out for it. He let out a moan as she touched it lightly, then slowly put all her fingers firmly around his shaft.He took his phone out of his shirt pocket and pointed it in front of him, capturing a shot of the hot blonde holding his hard cock. Mmm, what I could do with this, he thought. Liza looked up briefly but said nothing. She locked eyes with him and lowered her mouth to meet his cock. She held out her tongue and licked his cockhead like it was a tasty treat. Then she began swirling her tongue around and around his cock, lower and lower. He shifted his jeans lower so that he exposed his eagerly awaiting balls. Slowly she sucked on them while looking into his eyes. Justin’s cock twitched repeatedly as she continued to suck on his balls. Liza began stroking his full length as she moaned with his balls in her mouth.

Justin could wait no longer to feel her throat on his cock. He pulled her gently, making his intentions clear as he grabbed his cock with his free hand. “Let me feel your lips on this,” he said in a loud whisper as he fed his cock into her waiting mouth. He let out a pleasurable moan as her lips wrapped around his cockhead, sucking briefly before taking more into her mouth. He petted her soft hair as she pushed herself down onto his cock, pressing it into her throat. “Oh God,” escaped his lips as he felt his cock entering her throat. Again, he reached for his phone and took another picture as Liza had his cock all the way down her throat. She looked at him but didn’t stop him from taking pictures, so he snapped another as she held his shaft and began to pump her mouth on and off it. These pictures will definitely come in handy, he thought to himself. Then he set his phone down and put both hands on her head.

Soon Liza’s rhythm had picked up and Justin’s hips were joining her movements. He held her head steady on his cock and began doing most of the movements now. Soon he was practically fucking her mouth. He looked down to see her looking up at him and he let out a groan. Justin couldn’t believe his luck. He stared at her as he thrust hard into her pretty mouth with her moans and groans of eager sucking.“Pull the top of your dress down, baby,” he whispered. He watched as she quickly did as he asked. He thrust even harder seeing the perfect tits that lay under her dress. “Oh fuck, I’m so very close, baby, you want it?”

Liza looked up at him and tried to nod as he continued to ram his cock down her throat. She couldn’t believe how slutty she was acting right now. With a stranger, nonetheless! Oh, but she wanted him to shoot his load though. She began to moan, begging him with her eyes. What a story to tell about vacation, she thought. As she took her hand and reached for his balls she felt him tighten up and hold her down on his cock.

Justin felt her hand on his balls and could wait no more. This blonde vixen was going to swallow his load, right this minute. He held her down on his throbbing cock as he began to explode, forcing his hot cum down her throat. “Fuucckkk, baby.” He couldn’t stop cumming and eventually, it filled her throat and leaked out the corners of her mouth. He let go of her and watched as she stayed a moment longer on his cock. Slowly he saw her slide his cock from her mouth, sucking his cockhead gently before smiling.

Liza winked. “Thanks for letting me sleep.” She licked the corners of her mouth, catching the droplets of cum that were still on her mouth. She saw Justin look again at her boobs so she scooted closer. “Go ahead.”

Justin took those words as an open invitation. After grabbing a quick photo he kissed them both in turn, sucking on each before finally looking once again at her freshly fucked mouth. Then he took a breast in each hand and squeezed gently, pulling on her nipples. He felt his cock growing hard already, wanting more of this sexy creature. But alas, he knew his luck would run out at some point.

“I’ve got to get going. My mom will be calling the room any time now expecting me there. She and her friend will be back soon. Mom told me she’d call and make sure I got to the place safely.” She smiled and winked.

Justin chuckled. “Well, you did get here okay, right?” After Liza nodded he added, “Here’s my number. Call me if you want another ride. Either in my car or on my cock.” He winked and reached in his back jeans pocket to pull out a business card. Then he adjusted himself back into his clothing and stood up out of the back seat. He held out his hand to help Liza climb out.

Liza had pulled her dress back up onto her breasts and tucked his business card in with them. She smiled as she stood beside Justin outside his car. “I will definitely call you if I get the chance.” She began walking towards the building. When she was a few steps away she turned around to wave.

Justin had already gotten in his car and was watching her. He waved as he drove off into the darkness. What a lucky night he had. Patting his shirt pocket that held his phone, he thought to himself, And with some great memories to wank with later, too.