The Sex Life Of Riley Tompkins #2

Riley and Randy talk about their relationship…I opened the text message. My heart sank; it was from Randy. He had sent several of the photos I’d taken with Drew earlier, the last one being from after he had filled me with his cum. Fuck. I’d thought Drew would keep those a secret. One last text message: Come by, Riley, we need to talk – R.We decided to meet at Craig’s Café. I arrived first, surprisingly enough, since I lived so much further away; I chose a table on the outdoor patio hoping to spare as many people as possible from overhearing our argument. I felt like such an idiot. I had cheated on my boyfriend with his brother; of course, he was going to find out. It’s not like Randy was a bad guy; we’d been together for two years, and he never failed to make me feel special. Drew, though, was the more attractive of the two of them and I’d been pining for him for months before Randy asked me out.

That special night at the Green River Festival seemed so long ago; we were just babies then, seventeen years old and ready to take on the world after graduation the next year. Randy, Claire, and I were singing along to Sonya Kitchell’s “This Storm,” when he asked if we could go somewhere quieter; curious, I obliged. He stammered his way through asking me for a date the following weekend; I just stared into his questioning eyes, my cheeks as hot as embers.

“Please say something,” he begged.

“I…I’ll have to…think,” I managed.

His face clouded with dejection; I’m not sure I’ve seen so much sadness expressed before or since, or at least not in a single heartbeat. I still don’t know where he went that night, but knowing it was my fault was almost more than I could bear. I should have chased him, should have grabbed his hand and told him I was sorry, that I was just so surprised. Instead, I just stood there, staring down at my feet.

“Holy crap,” Claire exclaimed behind me, “did he just ask you out?!”

“Yes,” I nodded.

“Aaaand,” she prodded.

“And I told him I’m not sure.” I furrowed my brow. “I don’t really have a reason not to go out with him. But what about Andrew?”

Claire wrapped an arm around my shoulder. “Drew is still just a kid, we don’t even know if he likes you. Besides, you could do worse than Randy.” She was right, as always. By the time we made it back to the main stage, The Railsplitters had taken Sonya’s place.

By the time I made it to Randy’s house in Quincy after the concert, it was well past 2 AM; he was lying on the hood of his car gazing into the night sky, apparently unable to sleep. I leaned against the car, neither of us speaking until, finally, I took his hand and squeezed it.

“I didn’t say no,” I said.

Randy sat up. I wrapped my arms around him and laid my head on his chest; here was someone who genuinely cared about me.

And here, now sitting across from me, was the same man whose trust I had betrayed a few hours earlier. I gave the best apologetic smile I could muster as I tried to come up with an acceptable reason. Instead, my breath grew shaky and a lump formed in my throat.“Riley,” he said, “Riley, Riley. You know, when you first moved here I thought you were an angel. The electric buzz of your energy could fill a room before you even walked in, the sight of your red hair two seats ahead of me practically got me through geometry. We hadn’t even met yet, and you changed my world. Eventually, I asked you out, and I hope I’ve treated you well.”“You hav-,” I began, stopping when he took my hands in his.

“I’m not angry,” Randy said, watching for a reaction, “if anything, I’m surprised. If something was missing in our relationship, you should have said something. Now, I’m not sure where to go from here, but I have a suggestion if you’re willing to hear me out.”I nodded my head, “Of course.”“Why don’t we try having an open relationship?” he said.“I’m sorry,” I said, “what do you mean ‘open’?”“I mean, we date like we have been, and sleep with other people on the side.”Date, and sleep with other people, he’d said, like I wasn’t enough for him. I wondered if he’d ever truly loved me, or if somewhere along the way he’d fallen out of love with me. Then I wondered when.“Don’t look so upset,” Randy said, “you were fucking my little brother this afternoon. I love you Rye, but sometimes I think I might like to sleep with someone else. If you’re willing to try this, there’d be some rules both of us would have to follow…that way, we can have a healthy relationship. What do you think?”“Okay,” I said, “what are the rules?” I wasn’t sure what to make of the situation, but Randy wasn’t breaking up with me (even though he should), and he didn’t sound the least bit angry.The rules were simple:

1. No other sexual partners would attend family functions.

2. If either of us were to sleep with the same partner more than once, we were to introduce them to the other.

3. To prevent the transmittal of disease, a clean bill of health would be given monthly.

4. No other sexual partners (openly) on social media.

5. No married people.

6. Weekends belonged to us, the rest of the week was open for other dates.I’d met with Randy thinking it’d be the last time we talked but instead, he had suggested something else entirely. Something a little bit taboo, a little bit exciting. As he spoke, my mind drifted, exploring how new relationships could be built and the possibilities of how some existing ones could expand; it wasn’t long before my panties were bathed with slippery desire.I walked around the table and stood behind him, wrapping my arms around his chest I kissed at his neck before gently biting the crook between his shoulder and neck. He held my hands. I planted a row of kisses along his neck until I reached his earlobe; I tugged at it with my teeth. Pressing my lips against his ear, I whispered, “It’s time to go, baby, you can’t eat me here.” I clenched the sheets, moaning as his tongue glided up my lips and I pressed my hips toward him to get a better angle. His strong arms supported my lower back as I draped my legs over his shoulders and he methodically worked between them. After a few more licks from end to end of my pussy, he spread my lips and kissed me just above the clit. Waves of pleasure spread across my body like a wildfire each time his tongue made contact with my commissure. I had no idea where Randy had learned about this particular spot, but thank the gods he did!My heartbeat became rapid and my breath ragged as my arousal grew. Every now and then Randy would flick his tongue up my clit before gliding a thumb across; it was wonderful, but I couldn’t take much more. I tightened my thighs around his neck as I grew closer to my climax. I wanted more. I needed this release! Every inch of me screamed the need to cum, and so I did the instant he slid a finger into me and pressed it against my g-spot.At first, it was violent, a rush of satisfaction cascading out of me as I screamed his name into the pillow pressed against my face. Then I melted, my body feeling weightless as if the orgasm had been a psychopomp tasked with erasing all the stresses life had brought. I smiled, closed my eyes. I breathed slowly, coming back to myself even as my heart still pounded between my ears.Stable now, I crawled towards Randy, laying my head on his chest. I stroked his hard penis to completion, watching with silent pleasure as the creamy liquid pulsed out of him, across his head, and down my hand. It hadn’t taken long to finish him – he always came the quickest after eating me; it must be his biggest turn on. I fell asleep to the gentle beat of his heart, his softening cock still in hand.

—–Author’s Note—–

Hey all, I know I keep apologizing for writing short stories, but it looks like short stories are my thing (for now).  I hope you enjoy this story; if you do, plesae comment, rank, and follow (or any combination thereof).  I apologize for the long wait between stories, I have just started back at college and moved house.  —SPK