The Polite Thing To Do

This is a true story on how I give blowjobs.To put some context, the guy I’m giving a blow job to, his turn on spots are his neck his thighs and when he is kissed passionately.I could tease you like crazy. It would be so simple.Wearing nothing but my red and black bra, I lie on top of you kissing your neck and nibbling your earlobe as my hands are on your chest. I work my way to your lips kissing you softly at first, you put your hands on my ass and pull me closer. I let out a whimper as you grab my ass tightly, you slap my ass making me moan out. You slap my ass again but oh, so much harder, making me yelp out.

I go back to kissing your neck. I move down your body kissing your chest working my way to your jeans. Giving a little smile, I run my hands up and down your thighs, kissing your cock through the jeans. I slowly start to unbutton your jeans, kissing your exposed skin with every unbutton.I pull down your jeans, your thick cock jumping up and proud. I keep kissing around your cock until you let out a frustrated moan. I kiss the tip of your cock my tongue flicking over the top. I wrap my lips around the head of your cock sucking softly at first. I take you deeper, moaning as I do, sending vibrations around your cock.You put your hands on my head and grab my hair tight. I take another inch in my throat and gently play with your balls with my hands. You push my head down further until my nose is in your pubes your cock hits the back of my throat. I whimper as I struggle to breath doing my best not to gag on your cock.You pull my head up and I take a gulp of fresh air, my lips covered in spit, running down my chin on to my tits. While I catch my breath, I start to lick your balls.

I gently start to suck on your balls stroking your cock at the same time. Kissing my way back to your cock, I look up at you as I take your cock once more in my mouth. You start to moan out and I know you’re close to cumming.I straddle your waist rubbing your cock against my pussy but not putting it in just yet. I only let the tip of your cock in my tight pussy making you moan out. You can’t take much more of this and flip me over so you’re on top of me with my legs over your shoulder. In one motion, you ram your cock in my tight pussy making me yelp out. You fuck me hard and fast!I soon start moaning as your balls slap against me. I warn you that I’m not on protection but you’re too far gone. You pull my bra down exposing my tits. I start to play with them squeezing my nipples, you let out a low growl and move my hands away. You suck on my nipples and bite down on them making me cum around your cock.

You keep pounding me harder and faster I beg you to cum, with one final thrust you cum deep in me letting out a moan. After you’ve finished cumming, you pull your cock out of my pussy. You sit on my chest and feed me your cock so I can lick it clean for you. After all, that’s only the polite thing to do.Hey guys so, just to let you know this is my first ever story. I would love to know how I could improve so leave a message in the comments! And yes, this is how I give a blow job.