The After Math Part Two: Right and Wrong Decisions

One decision can change her life for the better or for the worse I looked in the mirror again to make sure I looked good enough for the interview. Lexi had come over and done my hair. She had done a great job. I decided to wear one of my black dresses. The plunging neckline was just enough to show a good amount of cleavage without being too over the top. It stopped just above my thighs, with a simple cross of my legs it revealed just enough of my thighs. I was planning to use all that I could to make sure I got the job. I was tired of driving around town, and a stable job and a new apartment would give me a foothold when I wanted to talk to Timothy. As I looked at myself in the full-length mirror, admiring how my boots looked, there was a knock on the door.

I grabbed my coat and pulled it around me. I didn’t want everyone to see me like this, especially after what happened with Leon. “Ready?” Chris said as I opened the door. “Yes,” I replied turning and locking the door. I couldn’t wait to leave this place. There had been two robberies in the area since I moved in. Timothy would never allow the kids to visit me here. Chris opened the passenger door of his car and closed it as I got in. “Thank you again,” I said as he got in. “No problem,” he smiled at me as we started driving. “You could have given me directions, and I would have driven there myself,” I said looking over at him. “It’s no problem, it’s my day off, and I have to go there to pick up my bonus check,” Chris shrugged. I nodded as I looked at the area. I had driven in this area before while on my rideshare. I saw the big sign of the distribution center. Chris pulled into the gate. A large man in a white security uniform stopped the car as we got close. “Hey Chris,” the man said. “Thought you were off?” “Yeah,” Chris nodded. “Picking up my check, and the lady here has an interview.” “Okay,” the man nodded. We rolled forward, and Chris parked his car behind the building. “Employees are supposed to park in the back,” Chris said. “Got it.” I nodded as I went to open the door. “Wait, you were seriously going to leave me?” Chris said as he smiled at me.

“I thought you were coming in?” I smiled back. “I am, but you need to do something first,” Chris grinned as he looked down at his crotch. “You’re serious?” I said folding my arms. “Leon told us about your little problem,” Chris said with a toothy grin. “Forget it,” I shook my head. “I will go in and…” “And what?” Chris said staring at the building. It was large with trucks parked all around it. “Where is the entrance? Which office do you go into? Who is doing the interview? Which department?” I let go of the handle of the door. “Fuck you,” I shouted at him. “Your mouth is saying that but your eyes, they are saying something else,” Chris said. He was right of course. My thoughts were to leave the car, but the other side of me wanted to suck him dry. I had turned into something I couldn’t recognize anymore. Even after the night with Leon, I wanted to fuck all five of them. “Well,” Chris said as he pulled down his zipper and held his hard dick. “And I get the interview, no other demands?” I said trying to make a reason in my head for doing what he wanted even though I would have done it without the interview. “Sure,” Chris nodded. I pulled my hair back and out of the way as I leaned forward. The moment the head of his dick entered my mouth all of the negative thoughts rushed out of my mind. All I wanted to do was suck him dry. “Holy shit girl,” Chris said as he leaned back. “You going to town on that dick.” He wasn’t wrong. I bounced my head faster, making sure I got all of his dick in my mouth.

I licked the tip as I looked up at him, his eyes told it all. I was sure his wife never sucked his dick anymore. I made sure I made loud, sloppy noises as I sucked him down to the bottom and all the way back up. “Damn,” Chris said. I knew he was going to cum. He didn’t last as long as I thought. Another disappointment, I thought to myself. Just as he started to cum, I pulled my mouth away from his cock. “What the hell?” Chris yelled as his cum landed on his lap. “You said you wanted me to suck it,” I shrugged at him. “You said nothing about swallowing.” “Bitch!” Chris said as he tried to clean himself. “I got to meet the wife and the kids in a few minutes.” “Should have thought about that before, now you going to keep your word or…” “Go inside that door,” Chris said as he pointed to one of the side doors, “Ask for Mitchell. Now get the fuck out.” I smiled as I got out the car. I knew Chris would get over it. I am sure he would tell the others, and hopefully, that put any thoughts of them trying to make me out to be their private slut out of their minds. When I walked into the building, the atmosphere was static. Everyone seemed to be keeping to themselves. I stepped forward to what looked like the main desk.

“Hello,” the man behind the desk said. “I am here for an interview with Mitchell?” I replied. “Yes,” the man said as he looked down at a sheet of paper. “Fill these out and sit right over there, and someone will be with you shortly.” Shortly turned into nearly an hour. I thought they might have forgotten about me until a lady walked up to me. She apologized for the long wait. I followed her down many hallways each of them with people in small cubicles or offices. I entered a small office and was directed to wait for Mitchell. I sighed as the lady left the office. Hopefully, I wouldn’t be waiting for too long. My hopes were dashed after I looked up at the clock and saw that I had been waiting for half an hour. I was near to walking out and finding my way home when a man came dashing into the office. “I am so sorry,” he said as he took a seat across from me. He looked over at my papers. “Well,” he said as he sat back in his chair. “Looks, like you have some experience.” I nodded as I looked at him. He was handsome, not in the usual attractive way but in the movie star handsome.

He reminded me of the actor that played Doctor Strange in those comic book movies. I pulled myself back from staring at this attractive specimen in front of me. “Yes,” I replied as I told him about my past experiences. He nodded at me as I talked. It wasn’t until I had stopped talking that I noticed he was staring at my cleavage. I smiled as I gently coughed letting him know I had stopped talking. “Sorry,” he said as he brought his eyes up to meet mine. “It happens,” I shrugged. Which was the truth, my girls had that effect on most men, especially when I wore things that made them noticeable. I leaned forward pushing them against the table. It had the desired effect as Mitchell began to shift in his chair. “Well,” Mitchell coughed as he tried to keep his calm. “I will pass the information over to Kendall,” he said as he stood up. I noticed a slight bulge in his pants as he walked past me. I shifted in my seat as I prepared for the next victim.

“Okay, girls,” I said as I pushed my boobs up. “Hi,” a voice said from behind me. “Hi,” I said turning around quickly. It wasn’t a man but a tall, thin lady. “I am Kendall,” she said as she offered her hand. “I will be showing you around and getting the rest of your information.” “Of course,” I said with slight disappointment in my voice. Kendall was harsh. She didn’t let up with the questions. Even though Mitchell had approved of my application, it seemed Kendall would be my direct supervisor. After another hour I left the building with a full-time job, but not close to the wage I wanted, but it was four hours of work. I would still need to do some of the rideshare but not as much.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ After three months I had finally convinced my ex-husband to sit down and talk with me about our children. I sat nervously in the coffee shop that was close to his workplace. It had been a long journey to get here. My job was a pain. Kendall, my supervisor, had been a pain in my side since day one. She did everything in her power to make sure I never got to speak or see Mitchell. She knew if I talked or saw him that I could use my assets to get a better wage or possibly move to another area. Other women made it clear what they thought of me. Most of them thought I was just there to get a paycheck while others thought I wouldn’t last as long as I had. The men, on the other hand, saw me as a pair of big tits and a fat ass. It wasn’t my fault I was built like this, and as much money as I was putting away to get a better apartment, I thought I would have started losing weight from not eating as much. “Hello,” a voice startled me. “Timothy,” I smiled as he sat across from me, “Harrison,” I said with a bit of reluctance. “Don’t worry,” Harrison said as he sat at the table.

“I am only here for both of your benefits. As I told Tim, I am not choosing sides.” Harrison had been our family friend and lawyer. I nodded as he set his briefcase down. “First,” Harrison said as he looked at both of us. “It’s good that you two have decided to meet and talk, most don’t even try to talk it out before they are in court.” “We don’t want to go to court,” Timothy stated. I nodded. “We can settle this between us.” “Good,” Harrison nodded. What followed for the next half hour was legal talk. There was some disagreement between Timothy and me, but in the end, we agreed that he would not leave the state without written consent from me. I would not have the children over to my apartment until I found a better and safer environment. Also, I was always to have someone else there. Timothy still did not trust me. I agreed to it because he had the right to not trust me after what I had done. I held my breath as Timothy picked up his phone. I asked him if I could hear my girls. “Hi Daddy,” I heard Sarah say as his sister put the phone near them. “Hi sweetie, I am here with your mom, you ready to say hi?” Timothy asked. There was no answer. I nodded that it was okay. “Can you wave to her for me?” he asked. “Okay, thank you.” Timothy turned the phone around so I could see my girls. Sarah and Sandra, my two twins. I waved silently at them, and they waved back.

I blew them a kiss, but they didn’t respond. “It’s okay,” I nodded. “Thank you for the wave. I love you both.” “Daddy?” Sarah said. Timothy turned the phone back around, and I burst into tears. I had hurt them. Something I promised I never would do. I got up and left the coffee shop. Tears flowed from my eyes like a flood. “Breathe,” a voice said from behind me. I looked at Harrison. “I’m a monster,” I said as I cried into his shoulders. “They are six years old, they don’t understand,” Harrison said. “Jacob still wants to see his mom.” I pulled away and nodded. Timothy joined us. “You okay?” he asked. “Yeah,” I said wiping my eyes. “Thank you.” “You have a right to see them. I will try…” Timothy said. “No, when they are ready, not before.” I nodded. “Okay,” Timothy said as he turned to Harrison. “Can we have a minute?” “Sure,” Harrison said as he stepped away. Timothy and I walked a few feet away from the coffee shop. “I have to know,” Timothy said. “Why?” I asked.

I nodded I was expecting this question. The truth was I didn’t know, there was no clear cut answer. Timothy was a great man. He had been a great husband. He had always provided for the children and me. The sex was what it was, after so many years of being with someone it was bound to get routine. I knew saying I didn’t know wasn’t what he wanted or needed. “Truth is, it was me,” I shrugged. “I didn’t like the idea of being married anymore. I wanted more and… ” I said looking away from him. He knew I was lying. “I saw the opportunity, so I took it.” Timothy stared at me. Even though he knew I was lying through my teeth, he nodded. “Thank you.” “It wasn’t you,” I said which was the truth. “I am thinking of dating someone,” Timothy said. Those words hit me in the stomach hard. “Anyone, I know?” I asked. “Never mind, none of my business. Does she make you happy?” “Yes,” Timothy nodded. “Good,” I said as I offered my hand. “Good luck.” “You too,” he said as we shook hands. I watched him get into his car and drive away. “Need a drink?” Harrison asked. “I wish,” I said. “I’ll buy,” Harrison offered. “Absolutely,” I nodded.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ After what seemed like four drinks Harrison dropped the question. The real reason why I had done what I did. I looked over the table at him. “Truth is, I was horny, I didn’t feel like sleeping with Timothy, and after hearing how he had been fucking his wife, I wanted to know how it would feel.” “That simple?” Harrison asked. “Yup,” I nodded. “Knowing what you know now, would you do it again?” Harrison asked. I had wondered about this question. It had come up in my mind countless times. Some would say it was Karma that had got me the awful apartment, the lousy job, the horrendous boss as well as living below paycheck to paycheck. Some would even laugh and point and say it was what I deserved for fucking another man. Others would say it is what it is and there was no point looking back and wondering about the what-ifs, and that’s where I was with the whole situation.

I had done it, I could look back and say what if or I wish, but it wouldn’t change a thing in the present. “Yes,” I shrugged. I tipped the drink back. “I can’t change the past, so why think about it?” “Good girl,” Harrison as he smiled. Harrison had been a friend of one of Timothy’s friends. Somehow he had always been there for us when all the other friends faded away. I stared over at the table at him. He was a handsome man. I smiled as I remembered some of the things Timothy had said about him when we first met him. “What?” Harrison asked. “Nothing,” I said shaking my head. “Spit it out,” Harrison smiled back at me. “A good girl never spits,” I said shaking my head. “See that’s the kind of thoughts that got you in this predicament,” Harrison said as he pulled my drink away. “Think you have had enough.” “Fine,” I said. I told him everything that Timothy had said. “Well,” Harrison said as he sat back in his chair.

“Don’t hold it against him. It was just…” I stopped myself. I was no longer married to him, why was I making excuses for him. “He was an asshole.” “And a racist, I am sure he didn’t like the idea of you sleeping with a black man,” Harrison smiled back. I nodded. Harrison was the first black man I had thought of sleeping with, and If he weren’t married to a good woman, I would probably try to pursue him. “I think we should stop,” I nodded putting my drink down. “I agree,” Harrison nodded. It was obvious he was thinking of the same thing. We paid our tab and walked out into the cold air. “Can’t believe we spent that long in there,” I said as the day had turned into night. “You good to drive?” Harrison asked. “I better not,” I nodded. “You?” “Same,” he nodded. “We can share a cab?” “Sounds good,” I nodded. Harrison got out of the cab first as he looked around. “Will you be okay?” he said as he looked at the guys hanging out at the base of my steps. “Yeah,” I nodded, “They are harmless. Thanks anyway.” “Okay, I can walk you up,” he said with a smile.

“You and I both know that will be a bad idea,” I smiled back at him. “You’re right if you need anything and I mean anything just give me a call,” Harrison said as he gave me a card. “You got a better job offer?” I smiled as I looked at it. “I might have something give me a call, and I will see what I can do,” Harrison said as he got back in the cab. I watched it drive away then took a deep sigh. I walked toward the steps. Chris had gotten over our adventure in his car. “Goodnight guys.” I smiled as I climbed the stairs. “Another brother down huh?” Dru asked. “No, not him, he is married, and I respect his wife,” I said looking down at them as I got to the top. “I am sure if anything did happen it would last longer than,” I left it at that as I looked at Chris and Leon. “Oh damn,” Tony said laughing at the two guys. The others joined in laughing. I was sure there would be a lot of back and forth for the rest of the night. I entered my apartment. I didn’t know how I was going to get any sleep. I was beyond horny. It took all of me not to invite one of them inside or all of them. I never had this problem before. It was like some switch had been turned on inside of me. I was constantly horny. Another cold shower, I said to myself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  Kendall was a bitch as usual. I looked at the schedule that was pinned up on the employee message board. I had hoped that I was going to have Saturday off so that I could see my son. I had already put in too many requests to get things settled with Timothy. I looked at my phone as it chirped it was Jacob he had sent me a picture of him skateboarding with friends. I smiled as I remembered the first time I bought him a skateboard he fell and scraped his knee’s. Since that time he had become much better. See you Saturday? the text under the picture read. I have new moves I want to show you.

I sighed as I looked at the schedule and typed back: I will try my hardest. I will let you know as soon as I can.I put the phone back in my pocket and walked towards Kendall’s office. I gently knocked on the door even though it was open. “It’s open,” Kendall said in her usual aggravated voice. “Hello,” I said as I walked inside. “Not another request I hope,” Kendall said as she looked up from her computer. “You only come in here with that look when you want to request a day off or a half day. What is it now?” I sighed and sat in the chair across from her. “You’ve got to be kidding me?” Kendall shook her head and sat back in her chair. “It’s just that…” I started to say. Kendall took off her thin-framed glasses and tossed them on the table. She was an elderly lady maybe in her fifties. Her hair was long and thin, black with signs of gray. She held up her hand. “If this is going to be another one of your sob stories.” I shook my head at her.

She couldn’t understand what was going on in my life. “I know that look,” Kendall said leaning forward. “You think I am doing this just to you, that I have it out for you right?” “It crossed my mind,” I replied. “I have twenty-two people that I have to make a schedule for, twenty-two people with their own life problems, if I made my schedule around everyone’s problems, including my own, there would be no one working,” Kendall sighed. “I have my problems also or do you think everything is rosy for everyone, except you?” I shook my head, “Of course not, I am not naive. It’s just that…” “It just what? You have to see your son? I have three people that are going through a divorce. They don’t come in here every week. Deal with it. Your schedule remains the same. If you call in sick or don’t show up, I will put you on the report, seeing as you are still in the probation period that could mean that you will lose your job.” “Fine,” I said as I stood up. I understood her predicament, but it didn’t make my situation any better. I sent a text to Timothy explaining my situation and asked him if I could meet Jacob later in the day.

The reply wasn’t what I wanted to hear. He was planning on taking the children to meet his new girl. I was disappointed, but I had to make it right by Jacob. I knew he wanted a new skateboard. Maybe if I got it for him, it would smooth things over. I sent another text to Timothy and asked if he would mind if I ordered it and sent it to his place. Timothy sent a text: You can’t smooth things over with gifts. He will understand, he is stronger than you think, explain it to him, and we can schedule another date.I nodded knowing that he was right. I would have to call Jacob later. Maybe I could see him on one of my other days off. Kendall passed my work area and looked at me. I didn’t look back. “Mitchell wants to see you,” she said. My heart jumped, this was good news. I smiled and got up from my seat, walking down the halls. I made sure no one was looking when I unbuttoned a few of the buttons from the top of my shirt. “Okay girls, let’s go to work,” I said to myself. Mitchell was sitting at his desk as I approached the door. “Come in, close the door behind you,” he said in a firm voice. I sat down and moved the chair forward. “How are things going?” Mitchell asked as he looked at me. “Good, I think I am handling the workload better than the first few days,” I said leaning forward.

“Yes,” Mitchell nodded. “Kendall tells me you are excelling at your job, but it is the other things that have me concerned.” “Oh,” I replied. He was still staring at me. “We do try and accommodate for everyone’s personal life. We try to maintain work, life balance, but sometimes it doesn’t happen that way.” “I understand,” I nodded. “Do you?” Mitchell said this time with a stern voice. This situation was not going the way I had planned it in my head. “You have been here just over two months and have put more requests for days off, time off, half days, than most of our other employee’s that have been here for years. “Yes, but…” I started to say. “You are going through a tough time. We understand that, but that isn’t our problem, it is yours. If you can’t balance what it is going on in your personal life, maybe you shouldn’t have applied for the position. We have part-time work in our warehouse, which will be suited for your needs.” “No,” I said shaking my head. I knew that would mean working night shifts at a much lesser pay rate than I was getting at the time. “Then, I don’t want another one of these complaint forms coming across my desk, is that clear?” Mitchell said staring at my eyes. “Yes,” I nodded. “That will be all,” Mitchell said as he dismissed me.

“Oh, and button up your shirt, this is a business, not a strip club.” I felt wounded. The pain in my chest stung hard. I walked back to my work desk, buttoning back my shirt and feeling like I was the office joke. I sat down at my desk and buried myself in my work. I ignored the slight chatter around me. “Hey!” a voice yelled at me. I looked up to see Marge one of the other ladies that worked in my department. “Wow, you were deep in thought weren’t you?” she asked. “Yeah,” I shrugged. “I heard that you want Saturday off, is that true?” she asked as she came around the small division and into my work area. “Yeah, but she won’t give it to me,” I whispered back as I nodded over at Kendall’s office. “I was supposed to do a double today, but something has come up, if you work my next shift, you can have my Saturday,” Marge said with wide eyes. “Absolutely,” I said nodding my head. I would work for the next three days straight if it meant that I could see Jacob. “Good, I will smooth it over with the ice queen.” Marge winked at me. My heart raced as I watched Marge walk into Kendall’s office, there seemed to a bit of back and forth arguing but in the end Marge came up with two thumbs up. She walked to the back and clocked out.

Kendall looked over at me and shook her head. She closed her office door something she hardly ever did. “Oh well,” I shrugged. I brought up Marge’s to do list on my computer. “Holy shit!” I said looking over at her task list. “No wonder she didn’t want to stay.” The department messenger popped up: Complete all of it before you leave.That was probably the arguing. Marge had fallen behind on her tasks, Kendall must have told her to complete all of it, or she was going to be put on the report. That bitch Marge knew how bad I wanted Saturday off and put it all on me. I must have had a huge sticker on my head that read SUCKER. Now I was stuck with a workload that would take me most of the day plus finishing my own. The only good thing was that I now had Saturday off. I watched as many of the others left. Most of them stared and smiled at me as they walked past my work station. Marge had pulled a fast one. Not only was she behind but most of her completed work needed to be redone. I was way behind schedule. I walked over to the vending machine and got a drink and a sugary snack, something told me it was going to be a long day that might work itself into a late night. The only good thing was that there was a night crew so that I wouldn’t get locked in. Kendall met me at my work area as I got back. “I know,” I said as I brushed past her. “Finish it all.” Kendall shook her head. “You don’t know when to quit do you?” she asked as I sat at my desk. “Apparently not.” I shook my head as I returned to my tasks. “Marge has been on report twice,” Kendall stated.

“Today was a test to see if she would finally step up or I could let her go, but you stepped in the way. As long as you decided to work her shift, that tied my hands, and she knew it.” “She had a family problem,” I shrugged. “That’s what she told you?” Kendall smiled while folding her arms. “Marge is single, no kids, no husband, her only family is in another state, somewhere. She used you.” “I told you I needed Saturday off, if that means I have to stay here to midnight, then I will stay till midnight,” I said looking back at her. “I have put my son through enough as it is,” I said returning my gaze to the screen. “How old is he?” Kendall asked. “Fourteen,” I smiled. “Nice age,” Kendall nodded. “Let me fill you in on something. I have six children the youngest is twenty-two, I have done some horrible things to all of them, left one in the park, forgot one in the mall, even forgot two birthday’s.” She bent over and came close to me. “They will always forgive their mother as long as she loves them,” Kendall whispered. She patted me on the back. “Have a good night.” Those words stuck with me.

I loved my children. I might have done something horrid, but I loved them. Moreover, no one could tell me different. My fingers felt like they were on fire, my back felt as stiff as a board. I looked over at the list again. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” I yelled. I had only done half of what was needed. I looked at the time. “Shit!” I shook my head. I leaned back in the chair staring at the screen willing it to complete the rest of the tasks by itself. Don’t give up now, I said to myself and leaned forward. “Maybe this will help,” a voice said from behind me. I turned around, then looked back at my computer. “No thanks,” I said as I continued my work. “I shouldn’t have come on so strong,” Mitchell said making his way into my booth. “Do I look like a stripper?” I said back to him. I knew he was my superior, but that comment stung especially coming from him. “No,” Mitchell said shaking his head. He put down the energy drink on the table. “I should have worded it differently, and if you want to go to human resources I will completely understand, and I will not deny what I said.” “Doesn’t help that you said it,” I looked back at him. I snapped the energy drink from the table. I was thirsty and needed the pick me up. Why did he have to look so handsome? “Let me make it up to you,” Mitchell said as he looked at my task list. “I will take from there down,” he said as he pointed to a set of worksheets. “Meet me in my office when you get done with the rest,” he patted me on the shoulders. The touch sent shivers down my spine.

No, I told myself as thoughts of making out with my boss came into my head. It didn’t take too long for me to finish what I had to do. When I looked at the list most of it was gone. How did he do it so fast? I asked myself. I got my belongings then walked towards his office. It was late, and most of the rest of the staff was gone. The night crew was not due in for another three hours. I knocked on the door. “Come in,” Mitchell said. I closed the door behind me. “Thank you.” I nodded as I sat down. “No problem,” Mitchell said as he stared up from his computer. “It was quite refreshing, most of my work can be tedious, and well I haven’t done some of those sheets in years.” “Well, you did them faster than I could have,” I smiled. “Years of practice,” Mitchell laughed. “I put your I.D. number on all of the sheets, so Kendall will not know that I did them, as well as putting a time delay on their appearance on the board. Needless to say, you have to stay a bit longer, or your punch out record will show you left before they went in.” “Of course,” I nodded. There was a moment of silence, which I took as both of us didn’t know what to say. “I am sorry, I yelled back at you earlier,” I said breaking the silence. “You had a right to,” Mitchell said as he walked around the desk. “I had no right to call you a stripper or state the way you were acting. Although I was growing tired of the complaints.”

“It won’t happen again. I will keep my problems at home,” I nodded staring up at him as he sat on the edge of the desk. “Mind me asking?” he said as he looked down at me. I knew he wasn’t looking at me but at my chest. Some of the buttons had come undone as I worked. I gave him the short version leaving out the sordid details of my betrayal. “Well,” he said as he shuffled. “You don’t seem the cheating type.” “Thanks,” I said not knowing how to take his comment. “I cheated on my wife,” he replied, but he was smiling. “She was how do you say cold in bed, not wanting to try new things and the opportunity presented itself, and I took it. Of course, it cost me my marriage, and I haven’t seen my daughter in months, but it was worth it.” “How?” I asked looking at him. “Everything turned out for the best though she is married to a man that loves her. My daughter has a greater relationship with him than she ever had with me; I worked more hours climbing the ladder than I ever did as a father.  Also, for me at the moment I have no commitments other than my job,” Mitchell said it like it was the best thing that happened to him. “But don’t you miss her?” I asked. “Your daughter?” “Now and then,” he nodded.

“I see her on the holidays, and we go out, we spend time with each other. I plan on taking her to see the barrier reef next summer. Children are resilient, she knows she can pick up the phone, and I will be there, no matter what, but she also knows that we will never be that normal family ever again.” I sat back and looked at him. It was the second time someone had told me that. Maybe I was putting too much on myself. Sure the twins hated me right now, but will they eventually understand and forgive me? I looked back up at him, and he was staring at my chest again. “Do you want me to button up again?” I said. Shit, I am flirting with my boss. I thought to myself. “I thought maybe you should unbutton some more,” Mitchell replied. Damn, he was brave. I could bring him up on harassment or worse. However, he knew I wouldn’t. He also knew that my hands would find their way to my buttons and begin to unbutton them. I undid two of them revealing the long line of cleavage. “Damn they are huge,” Mitchell said staring down at them. I could see the bulge in his pants increasing. I smiled up at him and then looked at his pants. “Want to see what you have done?” he asked. I nodded. I couldn’t stop myself. Mitchell stood up and pulled his pants down to his ankles. It was impressive, not that I hadn’t seen more significant, but seeing as how Leon and Chris had let me down in the size department it was nice to see something that was bigger than average. I fell to my knees and devoured his whole length in one swoop.

“Holy shit!” Mitchell exclaimed as I slowly snaked his cock out of my mouth. I looked up at him as I took it back into my mouth just as slowly. He immediately leaned back onto the desk. I had him, and he knew it. “Want me to continue?” I smiled holding his dick in my hand. “Of course,” he moaned. I took him into my mouth again, burying my face deep against his pelvis. He was deep into my mouth and down my throat. I snaked it slowly out again. “Saturdays,” I said as I took it out of my mouth, before repeating the same thing. “Off.” “I can’t do that, Kendall makes the schedules,” Mitchell said looking down at me. “Well then I can’t finish,” I said pulling my head away from him. “Damn you!” he cursed at me with his cock hard as a rock and pointing at me. “You want something, I want something,” I shrugged. “Thursdays,” Mitchell said. I shook my head. “He has school,” I said as I bounced my huge boobs. “Fucking bitch,” he cursed through his teeth. “Fine!” “Your word,” I said back to him. “You have my word, I will get you Saturdays off as long as I work here,” he cursed down at me. “Now finish!” I smiled as I brought my face back to his cock. I bounced my head furiously against his dick making sure I buried it deep within my throat.

I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Mitchell grabbed my head tightly as he held my head against him. He came hard, shooting his cum directly down my throat. I swallowed all of it before pulling my head away from him. “Hope you’re happy,” he said as he looked at me. “Crossing Kendall could cost me my job.” “As you said, it will be worth it,” I smiled as I stood up. “I will trust you to clock me out at the appropriate time?” “Just leave,” Mitchell said. “I will be expecting you back in my office for a repeat performance soon.” “If you keep to your word, I will be back many times.” I winked back at him. I left feeling like I was on cloud nine. I immediately called Jacob as soon as I got home. I told him that I would be there this Saturday and that I might be getting most Saturday’s off so we could see each other. He was over the moon with excitement. I spent most of the night listening to him tell me of the new stunts he could do on his skateboard and the latest video games he had bought. I heard his father tell him it was time for bed. We said our goodbyes. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. Finally, things were going right.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~I stood in shock at the morning announcement. Frank Torsis, the warehouse manager, stood before us all announcing that Mitchell was no longer with the company. He had left the company for another opportunity. Kendall was now our department head and Ryan the man that had taken my application was now our direct supervisor. My heart sank into my chest. It felt like the whole room was spinning out of control. We went back to our work areas as he talked to Kendall and Ryan. I sat down at my chair feeling like I was going to throw up. It finally dawned on me why he had said as long as he worked for the company. That bastard knew he was leaving. That’s why he made a move on me if I had gone to human resources they couldn’t do anything because he would have been gone. I cursed him with every word I could think of and more. “My office now!” Kendall spat at me as she looked down at me. What now? I thought to myself as I followed her to what used to be Mitchell’s office. Kendall slammed the door behind me as she went around the desk to her chair. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that only a few hours ago I was on my knees in this same office. “Explain!” Kendall said as she turned the monitor around to me. It was the spreadsheets. “What’s to explain?” I said. “I stayed late and finished them.”

“Oh really?” Kendall nodded as she spun the monitor back. I hoped the bastard at least clocked me out correctly. “Your clock out time is correct, everything points to you staying late and finishing except for one thing,” Kendall said as she turned it back to me. “This spreadsheet is filled out with the old way of doing it. We haven’t used these percentages in two years. I certainly didn’t show you how to do it, and nothing in your previous experience shows that you worked for our company at that time.” Shit! I shouted in my head. “So, explain!” Kendall said as she leaned back in her chair. “I can’t,” I shook my head. I knew I could say that Mitchell helped me, but that would open up another line of questions, they could fire me for lying about clocking out with the wrong time. “That’s how we are going to play this?” Kendall said. “The only good thing going for you is that I caught it before anyone else.” Her fingers danced across the keyboard. “I will delete them from the board, and you will have to do them over again, the right way!” “Thank you,” I said. “Oh, don’t thank me,” Kendall shook her head, she was furious. “From now on I will be watching you like a hawk, one more mess up, one thing that you do is wrong; I will write you up, three of them and I will toss you out of her faster than you can blink. Now get out of my sight.” I ran out of her room and into my work area. “I need to see you,” Ryan said just as I sat down. I couldn’t catch a break. I walked to his office. I sat down, and he greeted me with a smile.

“I just wanted to introduce myself properly to everyone, and you’re the last one.” I nodded. Thankfully he seemed like a nice person. I looked around the office he had already put his personal items up. Pictures of him and his adopted kids standing with his husband adorned the walls and his desk. There was no showing the girls to him and expecting anything to happen. “I am not like Kendall,” Ryan started. “I am more lenient with requests as long as they are done promptly, and if I can accommodate, I will. If I can’t that means I can’t, so that means don’t give me puppy dog eyes or pleading,  and certainly don’t do you what you did with Mitchell by showing off the goods so to speak,” he said eyeing my chest. I nodded. We shook hands after a few more minutes, and I left knowing that Saturdays was almost definitely off the table. Seeing as I was the last one due to my audience with Kendall enough of the others had put in their requests for Saturdays and Sundays. I was left with Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was good that Ryan liked a set schedule instead of the mayhem that Kendall worked with, knowing what days off I would always have was more comfortable to work around. I walked into the bathroom and sat in the stall, wondering how I was going to break the news to Jacob. “Cow-tits? You in here?” a voice said. It was Marge. “You bitch!” I said exiting the stall.

“I should snap you in half.” Marge hit the play button on her phone. I could hear myself talking to Mitchell about our deal. I stopped dead in my tracks. “That’s right fatty!” Marge smiled. “Back up, or I hit post.” I could see she was on the companies social site. I took a few steps back. I looked at Marge with her perfect figure. She was the typical high school cheerleader that grew up and never gained a pound. She stood there with her tight dress wrapped around her petite figure and high heels with the perfect amount of makeup. “You taped us?” I snarled at her. “No, you fat cow, he taped you,” Marge laughed. “Who do you think he cheated on his wife with?” “You?” I shook my head. “Better than someone that can’t stop shoveling food down their throat like his fat wife and now a fat cock sucker,” she smiled. “You know what’s funny? Minutes before you entered his office he was balls deep inside of me.” I couldn’t believe it. “No,” I shook my head. “Oh yeah,” Marge smiled “and not the front, no the back; he loved it His fat wife never let him fuck her there, but I did, and he did it just before he shoved his dick down your fat throat!” “You bitch!” I said as I ran towards her. “Watch it,” she said as she shoved her phone forward.

“This will go on every social site. I bet your son would eventually find it, seeing as how kids love to search the internet these days.” “What do you want,” I said retreating. “I don’t know yet,” Marge smiled. “But from now on, if I say jump, I want you to jump,” she laughed as she walked out of the bathroom. I stood still rooted to the floor. I had dug myself into another corner.