Somebody Had To Take The Babysitter Home

She needed to keep her job, he needed something else.Mike’s night was falling apart.“But honey, this is supposed to be a romantic evening with,” he struggled to phrase it with finesse, “an intimate ending. How are we supposed to do that if you end up falling asleep before I get back home? Can’t we just call her a cab?”His wife, Cindy, sighed in response. “Sweetie, someone needs to bring Megan home, and I’ve had too much wine, so it’s going to have to be you,” she explained as she looked at him with a face depicting the annoyance of telling a child not to make a mess.

“We’re not going to spend more money tonight by getting her a cab, and we’re not going to force her to use her own money, so you’re going to have to drive her home. That’s that.”That, meant that he was going to be the one to drive their babysitter, Megan, home. The girl’s no good teenage boyfriend decided that it was more important to get wasted with his buddies rather than pick up his girlfriend like he promised. As a result of the other teen’s inconsiderate behavior, Mike was left with the task of returning Megan to her house.Realizing that it did in fact make the most sense for him to be the one to take Megan home, even if it did cost him a night of sex, Mike gave in.“Alright, honey. I’ll take Megan home.”A thin-lipped grin appeared on Cindy’s face, the kind of smile that you give when you take pleasure in winning an argument. She gave Mike a peck on the cheek.“Thanks, dear. I’m going to check on Robbie before heading to our room and getting… comfortable.”

Mike knew what comfortable meant for his wife; it meant passing out on the bed in lingerie after having too much wine. Since someone needed to drive them home from their anniversary dinner, he had forgone having anything to drink earlier in the hopes of making Cindy happy and increasing the likelihood of them having sex when they got home and made sure that their son, Robbie, was asleep. But now, that was no longer looking like an option.“I’ll see you then,” he said with a fake sound of anticipation.“Oh, and before I forget, can you tell Megan that we won’t be needing her anymore after tonight? Robbie really doesn’t need a babysitter anymore. I’m sure a few hours after school, or during special occasions will be fine for him.”“But, honey, isn’t that something we should do together, at a better time?” Mike knew there was no good time to tell someone they were losing their job, but it would still be easier doing it with someone else by his side to share the bad news.“Mike,” Cindy said matter of factly as she placed her hands on his shoulders.

“You are much better at breaking bad news than I am, plus I’ve had a bit much to drink and you’re completely sober. If we wait till later, we’re just going to have to keep paying for something we don’t need.” Without waiting for her husband to reply, she spoke again. “Now go on. The sooner you get Megan home, the sooner you can get back to this.” She ran her hands along her body from her breasts to her legs.His wife’s long black hair, coffee-colored skin, and voluptuous physique, along with the form fitting black dress and stiletto-heels that she was wearing made the command impossible not to follow. With a deep breath and a long sigh, Mike gave in. “Ok, I’ll tell her tonight. I’ll be right back.”“Ok, honey. I’ll see you in a few minutes,” and with that Cindy went up the stairs, stumbling several times before making it to the top.I’m not getting anything tonight, am I? Mike deduced.“Megan? Come on, sweetie. I’m gonna drive you home.”Mike heard a reply from the dining room. “Coming, Mr. Wilks. I just need to pack up my homework.”

Like always, Mike had to suck in a deep breath when he saw Megan walk out of the dining room into the hallway. Megan was seventeen-years-old with a petite figure measuring 5-feet and short, golden blonde hair that stopped just at her shoulders. Her eyes were a magnificent blue, her skin so soft looking, and her smile so sweet and innocent that it almost made him feel bad about being attracted to her, almost. While her breasts were still small, A cups Mike guessed, her ass, small as it was, still looked tight and amazing thanks to the figure-hugging clothes that she routinely wore.In addition to her natural beauty, Megan had a habit of wearing clothing that managed to be cute, but still sexy at the same time, and that night was no exception. Megan was wearing a light pink long-sleeved shirt, with a white collar and cuffs. The twist, however was that the shirt looked to be several sizes too small for her, causing the material to rise over her stomach when she needed to stretch for any reason, such as reaching down to pick up her knapsack, and she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, as her small, but erect nipples managed to make themselves seen through the thin material of the shirt.Besides the shirt, Megan was also wearing a red skirt with light pink hearts printed all over it.

It would be innocent enough, had the skirt not stopped just above the curves of her ass. As she bent over to pick up her knapsack, Mike had a full view of the pink panties she was wearing beneath it. Rounding out her outfit was a sparkling pink headband, short white socks, and a pair of black ballet flats. The outfit would have been sexy on any teenage girl, but Megan’s innocent look and demeanor mixed perfectly with the outfit.Mike had to put his hands in his pockets to hide a growing erection, and was thankful when Megan finished rummaging around in her bag for something and stood up straight, hiding the view of her panties. As soon as she looked at him and smiled, the erection kept growing.“Thanks for taking me home tonight, Mr. Wilks. My boyfriend can be such a butt head.”Another interesting aspect of Megan was how she didn’t full-on swear, but would still use terms like butt-head to insult others. It was yet another one of the things that made her so cute.“It’s no problem at all, Megan,” he lied. “Come on, let’s get you home.”

The two left the house and walked over to Mike’s two-door black Mercedes. He worked for an aerospace company in Virginia and was doing pretty well for himself. The car certainly reflected his success, as did the expensive black suit he was wearing, minus a tie. Mike was thirty-one years-old and had black, shaggy-suave style hair, and thanks to his time in the military, he kept himself in shape, but didn’t overdo it on the weights. All in all, things were pretty good for Mike, save for the current situation involving his wife and his babysitter.As Megan sat down and began buckling herself up, Mike noticed that her already short skirt had ridden up her legs a bit and left even more of her smooth legs became exposed. He was thankful that it was dark and he was sitting down, because if not, his erection would definitely be visible by now. As they drove towards Megan’s house, Mike couldn’t help but keep stealing quick glances over at her, particularly at her amazing legs and her skirt, wondering just what was hidden underneath.

Does she shave all of it off? Does she sculpt it into something, or does she let it grow out naturally? Would I even care what it looked it? Mike thought to himself before finally forcing the thoughts from his head in order to focus on the road and let his erection calm down before Megan would open the car door and allow the car’s lights to reveal what he had been fighting to contain since their journey began. Thankfully, after about ten minutes, they pulled up to Megan’s house and he managed to calm himself down. It was almost 11:00pm and there were no lights on inside the house as Mike killed the engine of his car.“Thanks again for taking me home, Mr. Wilks. I really appreciate it.”“It was nothing at all, Megan.” As she turned to get her bag from the back seat, Mike interjected. “Uh, Megan, before you go, I have something I need to tell you.” Here goes nothing.“What is it, Mr. Wilks.” Megan had no idea what was coming and continued to smile her usual sweet smile. This is not going to be pretty, Mike thought, as dread filled his body.

“Cindy and I have been talking, and we…“ he struggled to choke out the last part, “we think that Robbie is okay to be on his own now without a babysitter.”The smile vanished quickly from Megan’s face. “But, Mr. Wilks,” she began to plead, “can’t you keep me on for just a few more months? I really need to save up money for college, and you are the only family that I work for. I’ve looked after Robbie for years.”“I’m sorry, Megan, I really am, but Mrs. Wilks is adamant that Robbie is old enough now to be on his own for just a few hours a day after school.” Mike felt a crushing feeling consume him as Megan’s usually sweet, angelic face looked like she was being told a family member had passed away. “We can still use you for long trips when we’re away, and I’ll even talk to Cindy about raising your rate. Does that help at all?”After thinking for a few seconds, Megan bit her lip and her sad-looking face began to morph into a devilish smile. Rather than give him an answer, the teen reached for Mike’s pants and swiftly unbuttoned and unzipped them.

Rather than push her hands away, he was so shocked that he instantly went stiff as a board and froze in place.”Megan, Megan what are you doing?” Before he could even try to hold her hands at bay, Megan reached into his pants, bypassed his boxers and wrapped her skinny, soft fingers around his cock.“I’m just showing you one of the benefits of keeping me on as your babysitter,” Megan stated as she started gently moving her fingers along the length of his quickly hardening shaft. Mike’s body was still in a confused state of shock and pleasure, making it difficult for his brain to tell his body to put a stop to what was happening as Megan’s hand caressed his cock. She continued to gently stroke him until his cock reached its full length and then removed her hand from him to admire his fully shaft as it pointed to the roof of the car. Woah! It’s got to be almost eight-inches, Megan thought to herself, but made sure that her surprise didn’t register on his face.Mike looked down at his erect cock, then over at Megan, who was smiling sweetly.

The sheer eroticism of that innocent look on her face made it impossible for him to get his erection to go away, something a large part of him didn’t want anyway. Her right hand returned to his cock and began stroking it. He had imagined things like this involving Megan in the past, even several minutes ago, but he had never received any indication from Megan that she would actually do something like this; no winks, devious smiles, suggestive comments, nothing.Finally, Mike was able to snap himself back to reality. “Do you really think that giving me a handjob is going to make me keep you on for a job that I don’t need anymore?” He asked.The teen just kept smiling and shook her head. “Not with just a handjob.” She adjusted herself so that her torso more comfortably faced his and settled her hand around the base of his cock. Mike watched with absolute disbelief as Megan slowly lowered her mouth towards his dick. He groaned loudly as his cock began to slowly be engulfed by the girl’s warm, wet mouth. Her lips slid down his cock as her tongue gently slid down the sensitive underside of his shaft. Her head eventually made it all the way down until her lips replaced her hand at the base of his cock. She had managed to push so much of the shaft into her small mouth that the head of Mike’s cock had found itself buried in the teen’s throat.

Mike bucked his hips involuntarily as Megan began swallowing while she had his entire cock inside his mouth, causing her to choke a little. As she swallowed, he could feel her throat constrict around the tip of his dick, giving him one of the best sensations he had ever felt in his life. After a few seconds, she gradually began moving her head back up, revealing Mike’s saliva coated cock. A popping sound escaped Megan’s mouth as the tip exited her mouth. She looked up at him for a second before kissing the tip of the head. She started licking her way up and down the hard shaft, and after licking all of her saliva from earlier off of it, she put the tip back into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, giving special attention to the slit at the top. Megan always prided herself on her oral abilities, and she could see that her boss approved of her technique.Moans filled the car as Mike stared at Megan and admired the girl’s talent. His wife rarely ever gave him head anymore, except for special occasions. Still, even during special occasions, Cindy only ever used oral sex as a means to get him hard and would always move on too quickly.

He missed the days back in college when she would do the same thing as Megan was now: pleasuring him in a public place, like a car, or in the college library. Suffice it to say, Mike also hadn’t cum in Cindy’s mouth for a long time as well, something in particular he missed. He purged the thought of his wife from his mind and went back to fully enjoying the moment.Megan released his cock and swirled her tongue as she licked at its head to collect the pre-cum escaping from its tip. She looked up at Mike as she went back to moving her mouth up and down his dick. She was pleased to see his chest moving up and down as he tried to catch his breath. Her left hand began to jerk the base of his cock, while her right hand slid into her panties and began to massage her clit. Megan’s head continued to move up and down, gradually rising in speed, until she had reached a good bob, not too fast, but not slow, as she wanted to reach a balance between pleasure and keeping Mike from cumming too fast.Without interrupting her rhythm, Megan managed to pull up her shirt and expose her breasts, but it was pointless as Mike was completely fixated on watching her head bob up and down his cock. All throughout, her eyes stayed locked on his, both as a means of driving him wild, and to look for any signs that she was doing anything that he didn’t like. Meanwhile, one hand returned to the base of his cock, while the other one returned to her panties.Mike continued to moan out loud as Megan pleasured him.

He had to fight the urge to close his eyes and let his head roll back, so that he could enjoy every second of watching her bob her head up and down on his cock. He also had to fight the involuntary urge to thrust his hips forward in an attempt to push his shaft further into her mouth, otherwise he might accidentally cause her to hit her head on the steering wheel. Instead, Mike busied himself by running his fingers through Megan’s silky-smooth hair, gently massaging her scalp.Much too soon, Mike felt the end coming, but rather than utter a warning to Megan, he kept silent. He wanted to cum in the teen’s mouth, and by keeping quiet, she wouldn’t have the chance to remove her mouth from his dick if she wasn’t the type to swallow. Mike could feel his whole body tighten and let out an involuntary grunt as his cock swelled and sent a blast of hot cum into Megan’s mouth. Luckily, her eyes didn’t go wide and she didn’t pull herself away from him in disgust at having cum in her mouth. Instead, the teen just moaned and started pushing her head down as far as she could.Megan felt the first wave of cum hit the back of her throat as she closed her eyes tighter and shoved Mike’s cock as far as she could down her throat.

The second wave came and she started swallowing, causing her throat to constrict around his cock. Not expecting another wave of cum to erupt, as her boyfriend had only ever managed one or two, Megan began to remove Mike’s cock just as a third blast arrived in her mouth. The third spurt remained in her mouth as she removed the cock from her mouth and let herself sit back in her seat and open her eyes. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, showing Mike the small pool of cum on it. She giggled and closed her mouth before closing her eyes and swallowing it with an audible slow moan. Once again, her eyes opened and her tongue came out, this time with no cum remaining on it. It was one of the most beautiful sights Mike had ever witnessed.“Okay,” Mike said as he fought to reclaim his breath. “Okay, Megan. We’ll keep you on a little while longer. I’ll tell Cindy that if we keep you on, I’ll be able to take her out more often, she’ll like that. If that’s not enough, I’ll figure something out.” Just as Megan was about to cheer, he held up a hand.

“But, I expect more than just blowjobs to make up for me keeping you on. If…” He began to move his fingers up her left thigh and under her skirt. “You know what I mean.”Megan’s smile broadened at the implication. Clearly, she was looking forward to making sure she kept her job. “Of course, Mr. Wilks. My parents both tend to work pretty late, so you could drive me home and come into my house for a little while.”The scenario was extremely risky, but Mike didn’t care; the prospect of having sex with an attractive seventeen-year-old schoolgirl was too much to ignore for the sake of logic.“I think we have a deal, Megan. Now go on in, if your parents saw the lights pulling into the driveway, they’re going to wonder what’s going on.”

“Okay, Mr. Wilks. I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon,” she said cheerily as she pulled her shirt back down, got her knapsack, left the car and skipped up to front door before going inside and disappearing behind it.Mike drove home with a big smile on his face as he anticipated what would happen tomorrow, particularly given that his wife was having a girl’s night out, and his son was going to be having a sleepover with friends. The thought stayed with him until he got home and entered his bedroom. Predictably, Cindy was passed out on their bed wearing a see-through black teddy with a black bra and panties beneath them. Not wanting to disturb her, her kissed her on the cheek and headed to the guest room for the night.While he felt bad about cheating on his wife, the allure of sex with a seventeen-year-old girl was far more powerful than the desire to remain faithful to his wife. The thought comforted Mike as he closed his eyes and went to sleep.