Size Matters

My girlfriend judges a competition to see who has the biggest dick, but things get out of handFirst story, I hope you enjoy!It started like any Saturday night.The guys came over to watch the game and my girlfriend (soon to be fiancé), Emma, catered the event. There was always plenty of beer and snacks; of course, Emma was looking mighty tasty herself. I don’t know if she dressed up for these occasions on purpose but this night, in particular, she had gone over the top – she was wearing a tight black dress that seemed casual yet sexy at the same time. It accentuated the movements of her already curvaceous body. I couldn’t help but stop by the kitchen multiple times during the first half of the game to grope her through the dress. I could tell from the get-go that she was ready for our usual Saturday night fuck already.Eventually, halftime came around and the guys and I started talking. It was the typical crowd: James who was a lanky redhead, Jeremiah who was a stocky black man, and Seth who was a fairly small man compared to the rest of us – me being a solidly built 6’2”.

Our conversation began about the game but it eventually took a sexual turn when a particularly attractive sports commentator came on the screen.“I bet it takes a big cock to keep that one satisfied,” said Jeremiah.“Oh, yeah? What makes you say that?” I replied.“Well, have you seen that ass?! I’d say her boyfriend has to be at least seven inches just to get in between those cheeks.”“I could take care of her nice and good, mark my words,” said Seth while almost biting his lip.I could sense a bit of hesitation in his voice as if he doubted his words. But just as I was about to say something myself, James spoke up, “You really think so, big guy?” The sarcasm in his voice was very evident, “No offence, but usually the bigger the car, the bigger the engine, if you catch my drift,” he said with a wink.“Fuck you! I bet my package is twice the size of yours, you ginger bastard!”We all had a good laugh and quieted down quickly as Emma walked into the room. “More beers for you guys,” she said as she set down another six pack on the coffee table. We all mumbled our thanks as she walked back into the kitchen. I could smell that the wings were almost done and knew she would be back soon.James couldn’t help himself.

“If you really think that, Seth, then back those words up.” Jeremiah and I chuckled as Seth went red in the face. This was obviously not the time nor the place to have a cock competition and James knew it; he was just trying to rile up Seth.“I bet you would like that, wouldn’t ya. Seeing my dick, ya queer. And besides, I have more respect than to pull a stunt like that when Emma is around.”I felt the sudden urge to contribute to the derision, “Oh, she wouldn’t even notice if you whipped it out.” James and Jeremiah burst out in laughter as I let out a chuckle myself – now Seth was beet red.“What wouldn’t I notice?” said Emma jokingly as she walked back into the room.“Nothing, babe. You can just set the wings next to the T.V.; there isn’t much room on the table.” She obliged and strutted her long legs in between us all. The open space next to the T.V. was over the arm of the couch that James was on and instead of reaching over it, she put both of her knees on the cushion and leaned over to gently set the platter down. This movement revealed, not only to me, just how revealing her dress really was. My girlfriend’s full ass peeked ever so flirtatiously under the edge of her black dress at all of our staring faces.

She looked back at me and we all quickly looked away. “Want me to take some of the bottles?” Without a response, she came off the couch and bent over to pick up our empties, this time facing the couch that Jeremiah and I sat on, giving us a front-row seat to the cleavage that created quite a spectacle over her low-cut dress. She managed to grab all of the bottles with her small hand (especially for her height) and strutted back into the kitchen.I couldn’t help but have the feeling that every single one of us watched her ass until the kitchen door closed. But the halftime show was beginning and our attention was diverted to the screen.“If you don’t think it’s such a big deal, then why don’t I just whip it out,” Seth said, half under his breath.Jeremiah seemed irritated and finally replied, “Yes, why don’t you just reveal what you’ve been hiding from the world so long.”He was obviously being sarcastic but Seth had had enough of our antics. Without further hesitation, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Despite all of our protests, he continued to stand up and pull down his pants.“See!” At that exact moment, I heard the kitchen door creak open again as I realized that Emma had forgotten one more bottle on the table.

Seth had little time to react as she strolled toward his exposed penis without any thought. He did his best to hide but it was too late.“What the fuck?” Emma said in disbelief. She turned her head away and blocked the vision of Seth’s dick with her hand. “Is this what you guys do when the game isn’t on?!”“It isn’t what it looks like,” Seth tried to save himself. “They were making fun of me, saying my… thing wasn’t big enough. But it is! As you can see…“Measure it! I’m telling you, if you measure it you’ll see!”Emma looked at me for some backup but I just shrugged. “Well, none of us will do it, and Seth won’t shut up until he finds out truly how small he is.” The guys giggled but Emma just scoffed. “Honey, there is a ruler on the desk.”She rolled her eyes but obeyed. By the time she got back, Seth was wide-eyed and hard as a rock! Emma hesitated as she put her legs together and dropped down to her knees in front of Seth’s naked cock.“You don’t have to touch it, Em, just hold it close enough to get a measurement.”Her lithe hands kept a safe distance with the ruler as she looked closely. “Only five and quarter inches,” she said reluctantly.“Only!?!” Seth cried out. We died laughing; even Emma couldn’t resist a giggle.

“Well, let’s see what you got, if you are so quick to judge!”Jeremiah looked at me as if it was my decision. I just shrugged. I looked at Emma as she shook her head vigorously. But it was too late. Jeremiah already was down to his boxers which betrayed a large bulge. I eyed Emma to detect her emotions: a mixture of disbelief yet intrigue. I was one of the only men she had ever been with, certainly the only one whose cock she was familiar with, and definitely, there had been no black men in her past.Jeremiah stood there with his hands on his hips, cock dangling, with a look of pride on his face. He knew that his penis was larger than Seth’s, although that wasn’t saying much. Emma, knowing what everyone was expecting of her as the de facto judge of this competition, didn’t even get back to her feet but shuffled on her knees over to Jeremiah’s dark cock.As she brought the ruler close to his skin, he intervened, “This isn’t fair. Seth had a raging hard-on, but clearly I’m not as easily aroused as him.” He made a quick sidelong glance at me before he looked Emma in the eyes as if expecting something. This time she did not look to me for confirmation, only returning Jeremiah’s gaze with her mouth slightly agape.She inched forward on her knees and, without moving the ruler, raised her right hand to his slightly erect cock.

He shuddered slightly as her skin met his, and I could see from my vantage point as her buttocks tightened under her tight black dress – she was clearly agitated sexually by the situation.Emma slowly worked Jeremiah’s black cock as it started to grow. It came to full salute right in front of her face as she stared down its shaft. Its girth was too much for her small hand to fully grasp, despite her best efforts, and her movements became more fluid as she worked from tip to balls. Jeremiah closed his eyes and titled his head back while I thought I heard Emma groan ever so softly; the two were clearly enjoying themselves.“Well?” Seth interrupted. He was anxious to hear the result, though all of us, especially Emma, could see that Jeremiah was much larger.She shook her head as if in a fog and her right hand shot back down to her side. “Right,” she muttered. “Um, seven inches even.”Jeremiah seemed to be proud of himself. “See?” he said, “I’ve got the bigger cock.” And he looked not only to Seth but also James and I as if he had won.“Whoa, whoa, whoa.

She still has to measure both of us to have the full verdict.” James was clearly eager for his turn as he played with his crotch. But I was next in the circle as Emma scooted over to my position.For the first time in this strange turn of events, she smiled as she looked me in the eye and winked. She took the liberty to undo my belt and pants – Emma knew something that they didn’t. My cock flopped out and everyone could already see that I at least had Seth beat. She didn’t need any encouragement from me as he opened wide and fully engulfed my half-hard penis with her mouth. It was moist and warm as if she had been anticipating something. She worked the tip for a good while before choking down all the way to my balls. Emma gagged a few times and knew it was time as she smiled at me once again with teary eyes.

Seth, Jeremiah, and James all awaited eagerly as Emma brought the ruler up to my cock. She grabbed the tip to lift it upright and read the number aloud, “Seven and three quarters.” Seth was disappointed, but Jeremiah was even more so; he must’ve figured he could get the best of me in front of my girlfriend. I did my best to hide my pride, but I could feel my face burning with excitement. I couldn’t believe my girl, my Em, was measuring my friends’ cocks and I was winning!“Alright, alright, enough fooling around. It’s time to reveal the REAL winner,” James said confidently. We all rolled our eyes as James met Emma halfway in the middle of the living room. His thin, gangly body was almost shivering with excitement.Emma went to help James unzip his pants as if she couldn’t wait any longer but held back and gave me a quick, reserved look. James did the rest of the work and thrust his pants and underwear down in one movement.“Wow…” Emma whispered under her breath. I was amazed and almost concerned to hear her say that, but our silence supported her reaction. James was barely hard and already was clearly bigger than Seth and Jeremiah. Maybe it was my ego, but I still thought I had a chance.

Emma had to shake her head clear again as she remembered the task that had been given to her. She went to bring the ruler to James’ cock but he pushed it away. “Nuh-uh, fair is fair. You helped the other guys.”She looked at me in disbelief, but he had a point. Her ass and tits were enough to get Seth going. She’d worked Jeremiah’s black cock eagerly and took little time to start bobbing on my hard-on – she had no choice but to continue what she had started.Emma took one quick look into James’ giddy eyes before looking the beast head-on and set about her work as if it was her duty. She did her best to fit her mouth around the bulbous head and managed to work it down her throat about three-quarters of the way before gagging. As her mouth worked James’ cock it began to grow and grow until she could only fit half. And then a quarter. Any hope I had of winning this competition had been shattered as she brought his penis to full mast.She had to set down the ruler in order to use both hands on James. His breathing got quicker and sharper as she worked the head faster and faster. Perhaps to make me feel better or to prove something of her own, she attempted to choke down as much as she could but to no avail.

Every time she got about halfway down James’ shaft, she would gag. Emma now had tears streaming down her cheeks from the natural reflex and it began to smear her carefully done makeup.James’ groaning was drowned out by the slopping noises of Emma’s deed. She seemed to forget entirely about the competition as she focused on the task at hand. Seth, Jeremiah, and I had been caught up in the voyeuristic pleasure of the scene before I came to my wits. I was watching my girlfriend, soon to be fiancé, pleasure a monster of a cock in my own living room. I had to do something for my sake and hers, and the sake of this stupid competition.“Em… Emma!”She probably had his cock six inches into her mouth when she looked sidelong into my eyes. But by then it was too late. James let out a couple short grunts as Emma’s cheeks bulged more than before. She pulled away as fast as she could which only made things messier.

Cum spilled out her mouth as she coughed but more spurted out of his cock onto her face. One stringy glob landed on her forehead and another over her eye so that she had to squint. Emma tried to angle it away downward and away from her face but James continued to blow his load onto the belly and lap of her dress. Her hand, still on his cock, finally seemed to embrace the moment and work out the last bits of cum. He shuddered as his balls were emptied onto her protruding breasts. She looked down as a bead of cum dribbled between her cleavage and down her dress.We all looked at her in disbelief, and I think that she too could feel the tension. As if to distract from what had just happened, she picked up the ruler and measured James’ throbbing, dripping cock.“Nine and a quarter.” The ruler dropped with a sharp crack as she stood up for the first time and quickly stormed out of the room.We all stood in silence as the final buzzer of the game sounded on the T.V.