Nozomi Episode 4 “The Birthday Boy”

Nozomi is the center of attention at Darren’s Birthday party, for more reasons than oneIt’s Darren’s birthday and his birthday week couldn’t have started off any better. His week started with the sexy handjob he got from Nozomi (read in episode 3) and now today is the day of his house party. His parents are allowing him to invite some friends over, eat some food off of the grill, listen to some music, and have some drinks. He is happy to see his friends but he is especially looking forward to Nozomi showing up. Nozomi will be a little late because she has to work but promises to be right over after her shift is over.The party’s going good, everyone is having fun, but Darren can’t keep focus because he keeps checking for a call or text from Nozomi saying she’s on her way. Soon he hopes…Nozomi is finally off of work, and is out of the shower, standing in her closet, wearing only her towel, looking for something nice to wear to the party.

She goes through some things before she settles on a bright red sundress. She slips the dress on and checks herself out in the mirror. It looks so sexy on her. It’s thin, loose, and stops about mid-thigh, showing off that sexy body. The top is cut low, showing sexy cleavage. It’s a winner. She decides it’s what she’s going to wear. She texts Darren and lets him know she’s on the way.She gets to the party late, but she makes it before it’s over. There’s still some of Darren’s family and friends still around and all of the guys’ eyes are on Nozomi for good reason. She’s easily the sexiest woman there. Even Darren’s dad, Rodney, is struck by her sexiness. And Nozomi thinks Rodney is really handsome himself.Everyone is eating, drinking, talking, laughing, having a good time. Nozomi is the center of attention as she dances to the music. Rodney is watching like a hawk. He’s enjoying watching Nozomi dance in that red dress that keeps flying up in the back at times, exposing some of her ass and matching red panties. Nozomi sees that he’s looking, and makes sure he can get good peeks. He has to hold his beer over his lap to hide his erection from his wife and the others.Later on, there are only a few guests left, some family members and friends of Darren’s. Everyone’s in the backyard, talking about everything from politics, sports, and pop culture.

By now, everyone has a buzz going on from all the beers and liquor shots going around.Nozomi goes inside to get a beer from the refrigerator for her and Darren. She walks in the kitchen and from where Rodney is cleaning the grill he has a clear view of the fridge.Nozomi notices the way Rodney is looking at her ever since she got there and she thinks he is attractive also, so she had been talking nice and flirting back with Rodney whenever they cross paths with each other during the party when neither Darren or Darren’s mom, Tina, is around. She also notices that Rodney will be the only person to have a clear view of her from the grill and she knows he is watching. So she opens the fridge and bends low into the fridge to make her dress rise in the back while she takes her time to get two beers.She is right. Rodney definitely notices and gets extra horny for Nozomi.She goes back to Darren with the beers and they drink and socialize around the party for a little while. Nozomi says, “I have a birthday present for you.”Darren asks, “What is it?”Nozomi answers, “I Can’t show you in front of everyone. I’ll show you after everyone leaves.”Darren says, “Show me now. I don’t want to wait.”Nozomi replies,

“Okay. I’ll meet you in your bedroom. Just wait a few minutes before you come inside. Don’t make it so obvious.”Darren says, “Okay.”Nozomi asks, “Which one is your room?”Darren says, “Up the stairs, last door on the left.”Nozomi goes to Darren’s room and waits for him.Darren waits a few minutes and heads upstairs to his room. He gets inside and Nozomi instructs him to lock the door and take a seat on the bed. He sits down and then in front of him Nozomi turns around with her back facing him and starts slowly dancing like a stripper, teasing with her dress, lifting up slowly, exposing her red panties and fat ass as she dances.Darren gets even harder and starts rubbing both ass cheeks as Nozomi slow dances, moving her ass around in a sexy circle. She puts her ass in his lap and starts grinding it against his hard dick. Then she gets on her knees between his legs, unbuckles his belt and pulls his pants down. She smiles at his hard dick that she can see sticking up in his boxers. She reaches and takes his dick out, slipping it through the hole in his boxers.

She starts slow stroking it with her hand, from the base to the head, just like the handjob she gave him earlier in the week at her house. She brings his dick closer to her face and places a juicy kiss on the head with her thick and juicy lips. After a few more kisses on his dick, she begins giving the head some sucks. Good sucks. Sucks that are so tight, her cheeks go all the way in.After teasing the head. She starts really sucking his dick, going up and down, slowly, making eye contact, sucking and slurping with no hands, not holding back on any saliva. She starts humming the happy birthday song while she’s sucking. Before she even finishes the song, Darren lets go of a monster load right inside of Nozomi’s mouth.Darren’s kind of disappointed in himself. He wanted to last a lot longer than this, but with her sucking dick that good, it was the best he could do. Nozomi swallows the entire cumshot. Nozomi says, “Happy birthday.”Darren replies, “That was the best gift ever.”Nozomi says, “We better get back downstairs before someone notices we’re both gone.”They rejoin the party and nobody notices a thing…or so they thought…Rodney who had been hawking Nozomi the entire party notices she was gone, and that Darren followed shortly after. He is horny just thinking about what could have been possibly going on between the two of them alone together.

His son never brought over a woman that was as sexy as Nozomi so he wondered if their friendship was sexual at all but the possibility that it could be had him so horny imagining what could be going on.After a few more hours, everyone is gone. The only people left are Darren, Nozomi, Darren’s cousin Lisa, Darren’s Mom Tina, and Rodney.Darren is drunk as shit, barely able to talk straight. Tina’s had enough too and goes upstairs to get in bed. Lisa had way too much to drink and she is asleep on the couch. Nozomi and Rodney are kinda drunk too, but they’re the only ones that are still functional.Nozomi and Rodney are having their own conversation on the sofa. They really hit it off when they find out they graduated from the same college.Basically alone on the sofa with Nozomi is a tease to him but it is turning him on. He is turned on from her thick sexy thighs that are showing from her dress. She knows he is looking and discreetly makes sure she has enough showing for his viewing pleasure. Rodney is watching her sexy lips when she talks, thinking about how good her mouth must feel. Of course, not knowing she just slurped up Darren for about a minute and a half upstairs a few hours ago.

Out of nowhere, Darren throws up on the floor and they decide its time to put Rodney in the bed. Nozomi volunteers to walk him upstairs to his room while Rodney cleans the mess. Nozomi gets Darren to his bedroom and gets him out of his shirt. Rodney comes in as Nozomi puts him in his bed, making sure she lays him on his side in case he throws up again. Darren is completely passed out at this point.Rodney stares at Nozomi’s ass as she’s bent over in that sexy dress. He’s so horny now, he’s making a move… He comes up close behind her. Rodney asks, “He okay?”Nozomi answers, “Yea just drunk as hell.”Rodney says, “Good.”Rodney puts his hands on the sides of Nozomi’s waist from behind, pressing himself up against her big booty. Nozomi asks, “What are you doing?”One of his hands works its way down to her thigh. Rodney says, “You look so sexy tonight, you smell so good.” He starts dry humping slowly on her.Nozomi says, “Okay, thank you, Mr. Clark, but you’re drunk.” His hand goes up her dress now and he squeezes her ass cheek.Rodney says, “You been flirting with me all night.”Nozomi replies, “I was being nice, Mr. Clark. You’re drunk, and Darren right here, your wife’s in the next room.”

She reaches back and tries to move his hand off of her ass cheek. Rodney grabs her arm, pins it to her back and bends her over on the bed. Her face buried in the sheets, near where Darren is laying passed out.Rodney says, “We just have to be quiet. I want you right now.”Nozomi says, “Mr. Clark.”Rodney moves her panties to the side, pulls his pants down just enough to slip his dick out and slowly enters himself into Nozomi from behind. He lets out a deep exhale, not expecting it to feel that good.Nozomi tries to get free from his grip but Rodney has her pinned. She says to herself, fuck it. She wanted to fuck him anyway but she didn’t want it to get in the way of her friendship with Darren.Rodney thrusts another pump into Nozomi from behind. Then he peeks over to see if Darren is still passed out…And Darren is wasted, and completely out.It’s been almost about eight months since Nozomi had good sex, so she just closes her eyes, and relaxes. another slow pump, followed by one more. The view for Rodney looking down is beautiful.

Rodney gives two more slow pumps, trying to be careful not to wake up Darren. He continues five more slow, quiet pumps. All that can be heard is Nozomi’s juicy pussy and both of their heavy breathing.Like father, like son, Rodney can’t hold on for any longer. He takes one last pump and creampies Nozomi in her pussy. He slides it all the way in just for good measure.Later on, as Nozomi is driving to the nearest drug store to get a plan B pill, she thinks to herself about how long it’s been since she’d been creampied like that, that deep, and she has to think back a couple of years. She smiles to herself, missing how good a deep creampie felt. At that moment, she knew she would want to see Rodney again.THE END