New Beginnings Part Two: Human Nature

Adrian finds he has to save Solaria from the humans“B,” Bill said as we sat in the utility vehicle. They were parked just outside the food court of the mall. Things had gotten back to normal. Well as usual as they could be with a giant alien spacecraft sitting in our backyard.  The mall was busier than it had ever been. Chuck, the realtor, had told them that he had rented out or sold more houses and apartments in these few days than in his whole career, seeing as he took over his family business straight out of high school that was saying something. “Nah, A tops,” Adrian replied. The two of them were playing their favorite game, guessing the cup sizes of the women that walked out of the exit.

There wasn’t much to do for security around here now that the military had set up small substations all over town. Crime had dropped to an all-time low. Everyone liked their presence except for a few individuals. “So, you are coming tonight, right?” Bill looked over at Adrian. Their boss Angela had it in her head to celebrate her birthday inside the mall. They had opened a new restaurant, and with the out of towners shopping and buying as well as needing to eat, the restaurant had become an enormous success. “Thinking about it,” Adrian shrugged. “D” as he pointed to a lady who came out with her cell phone in one hand and four bags in the other. “C,” Bill shook his head. “Push up, I bet you,” he smiled.

“Come on it will be the first time Cindy will be coming out of the house, she has been asking about you.” Adrian shrugged. His mind was elsewhere, mainly on Solaria back at his house. After what happened two nights ago, things had got interesting. Mostly Solaria kept asking about sex and procreation. He couldn’t wait to show her more. “I’ll think about it,” Adrian said. Bill nodded his head. He knew better than to push the subject. “Where are you guys?” Angela said over the radio. “Food court,” Bill replied. “I need one of you to come over to the pro shop,” Angela sighed. “They think one of the local kids stole something.” “I am on my way,” Bill replied. Adrian nodded to him as he exited the vehicle and got into the other. With whirling orange lights and a low siren, Bill took off to the pro shop. Adrian began thinking about going home. Solaria would have dinner cooked and ready for him.

She had told him many times that he didn’t have to work, it seemed she could easily make money appear or pay bills online. Adrian thought there had to be a way to get caught, but Solaria tried to explain how she did it and why the currency system around the world wasn’t needed, Adrian found it hard to believe. He had to find a way to get her out of the house. She had been asking to get out and see people and talk with others. Adrian knew if she did her strange reactions to questions as well as people would cause people to get wary of her and ask more questions.  There was also Gail. Today she had come by the office and began asking questions. Questions that made it seem she was getting close to the truth. Gail had always been a sharp person. She saw things that no one else could. She was noticing a pattern, and Adrian knew it was only a matter of time before she would figure everything out. “Adrian? You better head over here,” Bill said over the radio. As Adrian drove closer, he could see a large group of people. He honked his horn.

The large crowd thinned enough for him to push through. What he saw alarmed him. Three soldiers stood with their guns drawn on three of the teenagers Adrian encountered the night of the crash. “Sorry,” one of the teens said. “He crashed his car through one of our checkpoints,” the soldier said. Bill was trying to defuse the situation, and the crowd was harassing the soldiers. “Quiet!” Adrian roared at the top of his lungs. Everybody went silent. “Get up,” Adrian said to the kids. “All of you, go!” Adrian pointed to the crowd. “It’s over!” “They…” one of the soldiers began to say. “They are teenagers that stole small items, from a no-name mall, in the middle of nowhere. They have enough adrenaline coursing through their bodies to fuel a football team, and you are pointing a gun at them,” Adrian whispered to the soldier. The soldier nodded. “Sorry, it’s been…” “Get over here,” Adrian yanked one of the teens closer. “Where are the items?” “In the trunk,” the teen pointed. One of the soldiers opened the trunk. Adrian and Bill walked over and picked the items out. “A tent and two sleeping bags,” Bill shook his head. “You crashed through a military checkpoint because of a tent and two sleeping bags?” Adrian said shaking his head.

“Is this worth shooting two kids for?” Bill said throwing the stolen items to the floor. “No,” the soldiers said shaking their heads. “Get out of here, before I call your parents,” Adrian barked. The two teens ran off. “What about the car?” Bill asked. “Have it towed,” Adrian shook his head. The front of the car was nearly torn off. Adrian sat and watched as the military officer in charge of the two soldiers tore into them. He almost felt bad for them. It seemed everyone was on edge. They still hadn’t gotten into the ship; the international deadline was running out. The President was having a hard time convincing the other leaders not to interfere. There were even threats of retaliation if any other countries tried to enter U.S. grounds. “They will never get into my ship,” Solaria said as Adrian wondered what would happen if they got inside. “Nothing on this planet can pierce the hull, not even one of their nuclear weapons.”

Adrian stifled a laugh. “But asteroids brought it down?” “They were made up an ore material that can’t be found in this system,” Solaria replied. “Sorry,” the officer said he turned to Adrian and Bill. The officer and the two soldiers left the office.  Adrian looked over at Bill, and they both laughed. It was nearing the end of their shift. Angela told them she had hired new security to work the night shift. Adrian waved at Bill as he got into his car. When he got out of the parking lot, he was immediately greeted with flashing lights. He quickly pulled over. “Yes Gail,” Adrian said as the officer came up to his window. “Heard about the commotion at the mall,” Gail said as she bent over to look inside. “I am sure you did,” Adrian replied. “Surprised you didn’t call your savior to come bail you out,” Gail looked at him. “Will you drop it,” Adrian shook his head. “Ticket me for something or let me go, I have had a bad day. I want to go home and relax.” “Is it at your home?” Gail asked. “I could ask for a search warrant.” “On what grounds?” Adrian asked.

“With everything going on do you think I need a reason? One whisper, one rumor of little green men sighted going into your development, and I would have all the soldiers going house to house,” Gail smiled. “I can transfer out of the house until they are gone,” Solaria said. “They won’t find anything.” “Go ahead,” Adrian said daring Gail. “There is an officer now. Hey!” Adrian began to shout out. “Nothing,” Gail said quickly shaking her head at the military officer. “You have always been bad at bluffing,” Adrian said as he started the car. “Now if that’s all?” Gail stood up. Adrian drove away. He knew Gail wouldn’t stop, she had a bone, and she wasn’t going to let go. Luckily, he took care of the situation outside the pro shop himself, if Solaria had helped there would be knocking down his door and searching everything. “I won’t help, unless you ask me to from now on,” Solaria said. “That would be a good idea,” Adrian replied. “Do we need to do something about Gail?” Solaria asked. Something in her voice sounded sinister. Could she mean that she wanted to harm Gail? “No,” Adrian said.

“Any attempt to change her mind will only make her dig in more. We need a distraction.” “For who?” Solaria asked. “The whole town,” Adrian shrugged. Everyone was on eggshells. The town felt like it was ready to explode at any moment. “I have an idea,” Solaria said. “I will see you when you return.” Adrian didn’t like the way she said that. How could she distract the whole town? Unless she was going to make the ship disappear, that was what she was going to do. “Shit!” Adrian said as he stepped on the gas. ******************* “Solaria,” Adrian yelled as he got into the house. “I am here,” Solaria said as she came out from the bedroom.

Solaria stood before him as he walked closer to her. “You can’t make the ship disappear. They will still look for it and ….” “You are worrying too much,” Solaria said as she took him by the hand. She led him to the living room. They sat on the couch. “Watch.” Adrian watched the television. As usual, they were showing the spacecraft on the news. They were talking about an international incident if the U.S. didn’t hand over information about the craft. Suddenly a bright light shone down on the ship. “What is that?” one of the news anchors asked. “It’s another ship, identical to the one below,” a reporter on the ground said. “People of Earth, we have come for our damaged craft, and it’s dead occupants,” a loud booming voice said. Adrian watched as Solaria’s eyes flashed bright colors. The voice came from the screen, but he knew it was Solaria that was saying them. “Our craft was doing surveillance of your sun when it encountered difficulties. We are sorry for the harm it has caused your planet,” the voice said as the ship below began to groan loudly. Slowly it lifted into the air. “We will be leaving your system soon.” “This is a scene from a sci-fi movie,” the reporter on the ground said. “The crashed alien craft has lifted into the air, and now is hovering above us.” In the blink of an eye, both vessels shot into the sky. Then there was silence. Everyone stood around the large crater that once held the spacecraft. Adrian stared at Solaria. “You made it disappear?” he laughed.

“They will think it is gone,” Solaria said nodding her head. Adrian looked back at the television. Sure, enough they were talking about the dead occupants of the ship and that maybe the reason no one came out. “Where is it?” Adrian asked. “In Orbit,” Solaria replied. “It is still repairing, but now it is camouflaged and orbiting the planet.”“Genius,” Adrian nodded. He was sure the military would stick around for another day or two, but after that, there will be no need. “What about the other ship?” “I believe you call them images or holograms?” Solaria said. “Absolutely perfect,” Adrian said. “I am glad, I could make you happy,” Solaria said her eyes were blinking like they had many times before. “Yes,” Adrian nodded as he relaxed back in the couch. “As happy as last night?” Solaria asked. Adrian stopped and looked at her. “That is a different kind of happy,” he wanted to try and explain the difference between the two. “I have been studying many things about the actions you call sex,” Solaria said. “Your internet is filled with information about this subject, including many videos, cartoons, comics, animation, and pictures.” “Yes, that’s what the internet was made for… sex,” Adrian smiled.

“I found something the most interesting, which I would like your help with,” Solaria said. “Okay, what is it?” Adrian asked. “Oral sex, or blow job, head, going down, head job, face fucking….” Solaria began to say before Adrian held up his hand to stop her. “Yes, I know the many names for it, what is the question?” Adrian asked. “In the videos and pictures, I do not understand why you as a male would want to put your penis into the mouth of another with so many teeth,” Solaria said. “With as sharp as they are and with the pounds of pressure they can exert, it wouldn’t take much to bite it off,” Solaria said. “On the other hand, the male just has to insert his tongue and fingers into her….” “Yes!” Adrian said interrupting her again. “It seems the male is at a higher risk of being seriously hurt, or killed,” Solaria said. Adrian sat back. How could he explain this one? “From a male’s point of view, it feels good, and most of the time the two involved have built up a relationship, so he trusts her not to, well not to, well he trusts her a lot.”

“From a woman’s point of view?” Solaria asked. “I don’t think she wants to commit murder. It would be hard to say that she didn’t do it with that much blood?” Adrian said. Solaria stopped moving for a few moments. Adrian knew this pose. She was thinking and processing the information. “Not enough information,” she said after a few seconds. “I need to find out for myself.” Adrian shook his head. “You mean?” As he said that her skin began to shimmer again like it did last night, when it stopped, he was faced with one of his favorite actors. She had been in many of his sci-fi movies. Her pale skin and short blonde hair stood out. As much as her tight figure. “Is this good?” Solaria asked. “Even the voice,” Adrian marveled. Solaria moved so that she was kneeling between his legs. “May I?” the actress said. Adrian nodded. There were many times he wondered how her face would look between his legs.

Throughout her career, Adrian had seen her in a lot of tight fitting clothing. Nothing too revealing. She had come close once, but to the dismay of many of her fans the scene was cut short, all they got was her bare back and shoulders. Now Solaria had her image and her voice. With a zip of his pants, her hands were wrapped around his dick. Slowly her head lowered over his dick, her mouth opened to take him inside. He felt her lips slide down the sides. With a low moan, Adrian watched as Solaria took his dick into her mouth. Slowly she began to bob her head up and down. Adrian knew that the figure in front of him was just an image, that the actual person was an alien robot, but it didn’t stop him from enjoying the experience. Solaria’s vision of one of his favorite actors took the full length of his dick all the way down, then slowly snaked it back out of her mouth. “Is this the right way of doing it?” Solaria asked. “Yes,” Adrian nodded quickly. “Should I go faster or slower?” Solaria asked as she used both her hands to continuously apply moving pressure to his hard cock. “Doesn’t matter,” Adrian smiled back. Solaria nodded before putting her mouth back around his dick. This time she began to go faster. Her head bobbed up and down faster, then slower, alternating between the two speeds. “Fuck,” Adrian moaned loud as he felt the oncoming pressure. “I’m going to cum.” “What should I…” Solaria began to say, on pure instinct, Adrian pushed her head back down on his dick and held it down as he came in her mouth. He let her go as he stopped. With a loud clang, Solaria’s robot body collapsed to the floor. “Shit!”

Adrian said as he moved close to her side. He went to touch her but remembered how cold her body had been the last time. “Solaria?” Adrian said moving backward as he remembered how fast she shot upward. No sooner than he moved her body shot upward. “I forgot I am sorry,” Adrian said. Solaria’s purple eyes stared at him as he talked. “There is nothing to apologize for,” she said as she stood up. “My body shutting down is a reaction to the rich liquid that you inject into it if it did me harm I wouldn’t allow you to inject me.” Adrian smiled with a nod. “That makes sense,” Adrian liked her straightforward logic. “What does it feel like for you then?” Solaria sat back on the couch. She stared at him as he sat next to her. “For humans, it would be too intense of a feeling,” she said. “I have done much research on your bodies need for sex, drugs, and actions that cause what some call an adrenaline rush, none of those feelings compare to the moment of my body shutting down and restarting. “I have begun to understand the human need for such feelings.”

“Yes, we do crave the need to get away from our normal day to day feelings and emotions. Some people get addicted to the momentary feelings that drugs provide, also get addicted to sex,” Adrian laughed. “Not you?” Solaria asked. “I wouldn’t say I am above such feelings or needs,” Adrian shook his head. “I do like the feeling of being slightly drunk from alcohol. Sex is always a great feeling.” “So, you drink often and have a lot of sex?” Solaria asked. “Is that why Gail had a hard time given it up?” Adrian sat back he had to think about his response. “What Gail and I had was great for a while. Humans are, let me start over. Some humans can be stuck in the past, not able to let certain things go and move on, even though they think it is good for the whole it isn’t. However, we all have our own opinion on what is right and what is wrong.” “Her father?” Solaria responded. “Exactly,” Adrian nodded. “It was in Gail’s interest to keep her father happy. Hence she had to break up our relationship.” “But she didn’t want to give up the sex, even though she didn’t love you,” Solaria said. Adrian nodded. “Some couples or should I say humans have sex with others just for the feeling, not because of love, or compassion.” “Fucking,” Solaria said. Adrian smiled. “Correct.” “Well, what about us?” Solaria replied. “Is it just fucking or is there more?” Adrian cursed himself he had put himself in a corner. He wasn’t sure how to answer it. “I don’t know.” He replied as he looked at the alien robot hybrid before him. He cared about her more than he should, he knew the moment her ship was repaired she would be gone. “I feel the same way,” Solaria said. “I do not feel like leaving you, especially with the mess I have created.”

“Well there is your answer,” Adrian smiled. “It is time for your dinner,” Solaria said abruptly. She stood up and walked towards the kitchen. “I can make my own…” Adrian began to say, but he knew she would not listen. He shook his head and headed for the bathroom. While he was in the shower, he began to think about the dinner and how Solaria wanted to go out. An idea formed in his head. Now that the craft was out of the picture he wondered if it would be safe to take her out on a date. “Solaria?” he said as he walked out to the living room. “Do you still want to go out?” Solaria looked at him. “Yes,” she replied. “Can you do an image of someone that doesn’t exist?” Adrian asked. Solaria stood still for a moment. She was processing again. Adrian stood in silence. “I can take parts of many of your models and actors and blend them until I come up with my own image.” “Good, do that,” Adrian said. “There is a dinner tonight, and I think it will be a good opportunity for you to see humans interacting with each other.”

Solaria nodded. She walked towards the computer room. Adrian went to the bedroom to get ready. Now all he needed was a story to explain who she was and what was their relationship.  “Ready,” Adrian said as he came out of the bedroom. He dressed in his good black pants and a dark blue buttoned shirt. The door to the computer room was closed. “A few minutes,” Solaria replied. “It must be throughout the universe, no matter the species,” Adrian laughed. “Must be millions of alien males just standing around waiting for their females to get ready.” Adrian stood in the living room for what seemed like an hour. “Solaria? Are you okay?” “Coming,” she replied. “Holy crap!” Adrian said as he looked at Solaria’s chosen image. “Is it unappealing?” Solaria said, in what seemed like the sexiest voice Adrian had ever heard. “I had to find a voice and a walk, as well as a run just in case I had to run. I also picked out a way of eating, and my dominant side is my right even though I thought it might be okay to be left-handed.” “Stop,” Adrian interrupted. He knew it was his fault he said no one that existed. Solaria had taken him literally. He was sure no one on the planet walked, talked or acted like Solaria.

“You don’t like it,” Solaria said, the human face looked upset as she looked down upon herself. “No, I love it,” Adrian said staring at the tall woman that stood before him. She had dark maroon hair that fell in waves down past her shoulders, lightly tanned skin, emerald eyes, and soft lips. Her figure was perfectly curvy, not too thin and not too thick. “Those,” Adrian said as he pointed at her chest. “What? I thought you liked them big?” Solaria stared down at her massive chest. “No human woman could carry them,” Adrian shook his head. They weren’t just big they were gargantuan, they stuck out way past her body and almost came down to her waist. “They would fall forward immediately and would need help getting back up.” “I like them,” Solaria stared back at him in defiance. “I can change the hair color?” “The hair is fine, everything else is fine,” Adrian replied staring at the immense size of her chest. “They need to be a lot smaller,” Adrian couldn’t believe he said that he had always said there was no such thing as too big.

“If we were staying home and it was just me then they are great.” “You do like them,” Solaria smiled. “Then they stay.” Adrian sighed. He knew this was a losing battle. Maybe he could convince people that she was a boob model or an escort or something along those lines.  The moment she began to walk, and they had a natural bounce to them which made his dick hard. He knew it was going to be a long night. They walked towards the door. Adrian held the door for her. He smiled as she had a hard time getting through the door with her vast chest size. “I told you they are too big you won’t be able to get through any doors or into the car.” Solaria shot him a glance. Her emerald eyes turned a bright purple. “Okay,” Adrian said as he held the door. Solaria gave it a few more tries before looking down at her chest. They began to shrink in size. “Smaller,” Adrian said as he looked at them. “Just a bit more,” he said as they got within range of being believable. “Good.” “I hate them,” Solaria said as she walked out the door. “They are still bigger than most females on the planet,” Adrian sighed. “Most,” Solaria shot back as she got into the car. “Okay,” Adrian said. “There may be one or two that have bigger, but they are fake, and the biggest real ones fall down to the woman’s knees do you want that?” Solaria folded her arms over her chest. “I see you gave your image a personality also,” Adrian smiled. Solaria smiled back. “Do you like it?” “Yes,” Adrian said as he started the car. ***************

Over the course of the drive, the two of them came up with a backstory that suited Solaria’s new personality and image. Her name was Robin, and she was a fitness instructor. She traveled a lot which meant that she didn’t have much time for dating, that is how they met, via an online dating service. When they pulled into the parking lot, Robin stepped out of the car and was immediately gawked at by two passing men. One of which walked into a parked car. “Told you,” Adrian smiled. “They are perfectly sized.” “Fine,” Solaria smiled back as Adrian wrapped his arms around her. Many other men and teenaged boys stared and gawked at Robin as she walked. Most of them thought she was a high-priced hooker or an escort. The way she walked and the tight maroon dress that was skin tight around her chest, stomach, and ass. Her thigh high boots were also a sight to see. “Is it usual for men to act like this?” Robin whispered. “Yes,” Adrian smiled as he nodded at a couple walking by as they entered the mall. The woman slapped the man. “Even though they have someone?” Robin asked.

“Especially when they have someone,” Adrian replied. “I have noticed some of the women are looking at me differently,” Robin said as her head turned. “Jealousy, envy, as well as disgust,” Adrian shrugged. “That is also normal.” “Humans are strange. No wonder there a lot of hatred on your planet,” Robin shook her head. “I told you,” Adrian nodded as they neared the restaurant. “No one is willing to let things go, let people be the way they want to be, or act the way they want to, everybody has a say and an opinion and they let that opinion take over their whole lives, as well as dictate who their friends are and who are their enemies.” “Your planet will never get to a state like ours and many others,” Robin said as she smiled at the man at the door. She began talking through his mind. “It might, but not for many generations,” Adrian responded. “Adrian!” Angela shouted as they got to the large room that had been cornered off for her birthday. “Angela,” Adrian said as he greeted his boss. “This is my date, Robin.” “Hi,” Robin said as she greeted the host. Gail sat at one of the tables.

Her eyes pierced through Adrian. Adrian waved back. “I think you know everyone,” Angela said as they all sat. Adrian introduced Robin to everyone. Bill shot Adrian a glance and motioned him to meet at the bar. “Excuse me,” Adrian said as he got up. “You’re an asshole!” Bill said as he held up his drink. “What? Why?” Adrian smiled. “Don’t!” Bill shook his head. “You bring the sexiest woman to the party, and you didn’t tell me? You’re an asshole.” “I didn’t think she would come,” Adrian said as he looked at Robin talking to the other people. They were talking with their minds making sure any story they told one person, the other would know about it instantly. “I knew she was close to the town because of some high roller was paying her to keep him in shape, but I thought she would be flying back home tonight.” “You met her online?” Bill said staring back at Robin. “Yes,” Adrian nodded. “And she decided to date a mall cop, that has a side job at a grocery store?” Bill asked. “Yes,” Adrian shrugged. “Gail is going to have a field day with this,” Bill smiled as he walked back to the table. “Speaking of the devil,” Adrian said as Gail approached. “Coincidence?” Gail said. “What conspiracy are you cooking up now?” Adrian sighed.

“I just think it is a huge coincidence that our alien spacecraft coincidently gets taken away moments after I talk to you, then tonight you bring her to this dinner,” Gail said as she sipped on her drink. “Here,” Adrian said handing over his phone. “Check it. You will see we have been talking for months, not days. Long before all of this happened.” “An alien spacecraft that flew here from who knows where,” Gail said pushing the phone back to him. “If they can build that, I am sure making up an online profile with all the bells and whistles would be a cinch. I am sure if anyone looked into her status as well as papers he or she would find everything he or she needs even a baby picture.” “Do you wear a little tin foil hat when you go to bed?” Adrian shook his head as he joined the rest of them. “Tinfoil?” Robin asked telepathically. “I will explain later,” Adrian replied as he smiled at her. The rest of the dinner went splendidly except for Gail who said she had to leave early.

Robin drank and ate like a normal human being. She explained to Adrian that she devised a way to immediate transfer or teleport the food and liquid from her mouth to the garbage dump a few miles away. The act of chewing and swallowing was something she picked up from watching others. Adrian began to notice more people were starting to leave after getting a phone call or text. He excused himself as he went to the bathroom. He took a detour and went to one of the windows. The cars for all the people in the mall were still parked outside, but he could see no one, not the valet people or the kids riding the skateboards. “They are on to us,” Robin said. “Gail!” Adrian snarled. “She didn’t fall for the story.” “They can’t prove it,” Robin said. “Fuck!” Adrian shook his head. “What?” Robin asked. “A car,” Adrian shook his head. “She probably had someone looking at my place for the past few days. Magically you come out of the house, with no way of how you got there. You didn’t come in your own car.” “Sorry,” Robin apologized. “Two more have left, Angela is looking at me scared.”

“I am on my way back,” Adrian said. Adrian smiled as he sat down. There were two members of the council, Bill and his wife. Angela looked at the rest of them. “I think we should call it a night,” Angela said as she stood up. “Yes, we should,” Adrian replied. “Can you stay and…” Angela began but couldn’t find a reason. “Make sure everyone has left?” Adrian asked. He didn’t want to tip Bill off. He knew Angela must have already been told to leave Robin and me behind. “Yes,” Angela nodded her head. “I’m sorry,” she whispered in his ear as they hugged. “You’re fine,” Adrian whispered back. Now it was just the two of them. “Go to the bathroom, then go to your ship,” Adrian smiled. “I can’t leave you behind,” Robin said. “This is a human problem,” Adrian nodded. “Go.” Robin smiled and nodded. “Solaria?” Adrian said as he stood up. “If I don’t see you again, it was very nice meeting you. I hope your kind revisit us. Hopefully, we would have matured by then.” “It was nice meeting you too,” Solaria said as she turned and walked away.

Adrian took a deep breath. Then walked out of the empty mall. He didn’t make it to the pavement before they were on him. They ordered him to fall to the ground. Adrian smiled as he was stood up with his hands and feet cuffed. “Where is she?” one of the military officers asked. Adrian stared up at the stars. “Oh, you know, somewhere up there,” he laughed as he was carried away. He laughed louder as he passed a furious Gail. “Nice try, but we are smarter than that.” The doors to the car slammed shut, and Adrian was still laughing.