My Yearly Physical!

You can always hope it happens.I work a job where a yearly physical is required. It’s a real pain in the ass. I go to the local occupational health clinic that the company contracts with. Once there I sit in the waiting room for hours until I’m taken back and ran through the drill of vitals, urine test, and eye test. After the nurse gets done with their part, I’m shown into an exam room and told to strip to just my socks.There is one of those cheapo hospital gowns for me to put on.

Then I get to sit there uncomfortably until a doctor comes in to perform the physical. Well, usually it’s just a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant, no doctor bothers to really work in the clinic. I also think they must hire the ugliest women to do this job. Trust me as a red-blooded male, none would get your cock to twitch, let alone get hard.Well, this year’s trip started no different than the last ten years’ worth of trips other than I walked in thirty minutes before they were closing. I signed in, the receptionist handed me the forms to fill out and was told to have a seat. I was the last person to sign in and I still had to wait an hour to be called back by a nurse.I heard my name called from around the corner by the entry door to the back.

I walked around there and came face to face with this cute little redhead nurse. I’d say she was about five three and had the cutest face. She had on purple nursing scrubs and was filling them out very nicely. She was an unexpected bright spot this year. By far and away the best-looking nurse I’d ever seen there in the ten years of going.“Hi, I’m Becky. I’ll be taking care of you today,” she said to me.“I’m Will,” I replied to her.We went through all the normal routine the nurses have to do before they hand us off to the doctor but Becky seemed to keep brushing up against me as she did my vitals. I’m not saying I minded one bit, it gave me several opportunities to peak down the V-neck of her scrubs. She had a nice set of full breasts that ended in a cream-colored bra.The problem I was having, she was also making me hard with all the brushing up against me. Then throw in the nice looks down her top, well, let’s just say my excitement was building to an uncomfortable size. I really needed a few minutes alone to settle things down before she had the doc come in.

The last thing I wanted was for one of the old frumpy female doctors to walk in with me having a hard-on.Becky finished and said, “The PA will be in shortly. Please remove all of your clothes except your socks and put the gown on laying behind you.”As Becky exited, I stood up and started getting undressed. I got to my jeans and slid them down over a very noticeable bulge in my crotch. Then came my underwear leaving me standing there with about a three quarters erect cock. This was the last thing I needed right now. I was hoping it would go down as I slid the gown on but no, it stayed there. Damn it, Becky had an effect on me alright.I was just thinking whether or not I had time to quickly work out my problem when there was a knock at the door. I looked at the door and sighed, then said, “Yes?”With that, the door swung open and I just about fucking died on the spot.  A woman in a satin blue blouse and a leather skirt that hugged her like a second skin came through the door. As my eyes went further down her legs, I saw black stockings with a bow pattern in them and a seam up the back ending at a pair five-inch black heels. Raising my head back up and I looked into one of the most beautiful faces I had ever seen. She had the face of an angel. Big hazel eyes, a small nose and big full lips with a natural rosy color to them.

All this was framed by her auburn colored hair hanging just to her shoulders.  If she was the PA, I was going to die for sure.My mind told me what I was looking at was beautiful but my cock suddenly decided what I was looking at was very worthy of getting even more excited over. I quickly slapped my hands into my lap holding down the rise in my gown, pushing hard on my stiff cock and hoping like hell she hadn’t noticed yet.She turned towards the counter and laid the clipboard she was holding down before turning back to me. “Hi, I’m Ann. I’ll be doing your physical today. Sorry for my casual attire but I was a last-minute fill in this afternoon. This is not my normal thing,” she said.I could’ve cared less if this wasn’t her normal thing or not.

She had to be the sexiest woman in my history of coming here and I had a long history of coming here. Yet, my problem now was trying to hide my fully erect cock. I was pressing my hands in my lap as hard as I could trying to get my cock to relax. It just wasn’t happening to my dismay.I finally choked out, “I’m Will, it’s nice to me you Ann.”She casually looked down at my hands in my lap, they were white knuckled from me pressing down on my cock and said, “You must think it’s really nice to me?”Well, with those words I thought to myself, ‘Just fucking shoot me know!’ She just gave me this little smile like she knew what I was thinking.Without causing me any more discomfort she picked up a stethoscope and said, “Well, let’s get this over with.”With that, she went through the normal checks of my lungs, ears, eyes and it was all going well until she had me stand up. She wanted me to hold my arms out to my side. This meant I had to turn loose of my gown. I did and no sooner had I raised my arms and my stiff cock slid right out of the opening in the gown. Here I am, standing there with my arms outstretched to my sides and my cock swinging in the breeze.I have to say, Ann handled really well. She made sure not to touch it as she went through all of the range of motions parts of the exam but we finally came to the hernia check.

She told me to turn my head to the left and cough when she said. I felt her slip her hand down around my balls and squeeze with her fingers. She told me to cough and I did and she moved her hand to the other side and again told me to cough and I did.Finally, she said, “No hernias but we should really do something about this guy!”With that, she wrapped her hand around my now fully erect cock and slid it down the length of it. All I could do was moan as she stroked me a few more times before saying, “Hop on the table and leave your legs tangling.” With her still holding my cock, I backed up to the exam table slid up on it leaving my legs tangling as instructed.With her free hand, she flipped the gown wide open leaving me totally exposed to here. Holding my cock in her right hand and using her left, she started fondling my balls as she slowly stroked me.“I hope you don’t mind me saying so but you have a really nice cock and set of balls,” she said as she looked into my eyes never missing a stroke. “I’ll stop if you want me too.”I just shook my head no, not trusting myself to speak.Looking at me she said, “Good, I hate seeing a good stiff cock go to waste!”With that, she leaned forward and slid her lips over my shaft. She licked at my head and ran her tongue all around the helmet before working more of my cock deeper into her mouth. She pulled back, licking along the shaft before plunging her mouth back down on me, pulling me deeper until I felt the tip of my cock touch her throat.

She kept working my cock, licking my shaft, working me in and out of her mouth but never let me slip into her throat.I had given up any pretense of being embarrassed and laid back on the table enjoying this woman’s actions. I had my hands locked on the edges as she pushed me towards a climax, I could feel building. My only sounds where the moans of ecstasy she brought me.As I laid there, I suddenly felt a tongue licking my balls. I started to push up to see what was going on when Ann pushed me back down with a hand on my chest. Without removing my cock from her mouth, she just shook her head no slightly. It was then, I felt that tongue pulling my balls into a warm wet mouth. One at first but before long had both of them, sucking them greedily.So here I laid on an exam table with my doctor sucking my cock and who only knew was sucking my balls. I thought I was in heaven and couldn’t see it getting any better but I was wrong. I felt a pair of hands push my legs further apart and that’s when I felt a finger rub across my asshole.

I had never had a woman touch me like that. That finger kept toying with my puckered opening as Ann continued to work my cock.This was almost more than I could stand. A mouth swallowing my cock, one sucking my balls and somebodies finger toying with my asshole. I could feel my orgasm building. It was at this moment that Ann took me all the way down her throat. I could feel my cock push against her as she swallowed me until her lips were wrapped around the base of my cock. Then the mouth sucking my balls pulled them deeper into their mouth and then the finger that had been toying my asshole pushed its way deep into me.I let out a huge moan and thrust my hips up at Ann as I started unloading my seed into her throat. She swallowed and swallowed but couldn’t get it all down. I felt it running around her lips and down my cock until I finally just fell back spent. Ann let my cock slip from her mouth, then I felt my balls slip from the mouth that had been sucking them and after a quick upward push to force it deeper, the finger was pulled from me as well. I just laid there unable to lift my head yet.That’s when I heard Ann say, “You were right Becky, he needed some attention badly.”

“I thought you’d enjoy him,” I heard Becky reply.I finally lifted myself up on my elbows just in time to see Becky run a finger across Ann’s chin and collect a huge glob of cum. She slipped it in her mouth sucking on her finger. I just stared in disbelief at them and they both just smiled sweetly at me before turning to the door.As Ann went through it, she said, “You can get dressed and come on out to the receptionist for your medical card,” and walked on out the door with Becky following.