Miss Gives a Lesson

If you please me, I’ll teach you how to please him.He was leaned back in the low-backed armchair, one hand wrapped around his drink and the other fisted in Miss’s long hair.  His dress shirt was partially unbuttoned, revealing a hint of his muscular chest.  She was on her knees before him and had his slacks open and his boxers pulled down just enough, bobbing her mouth up and down on his shaft as he guided her with his firm grip. She took him deep into her throat, not gagging at all as she had when he had first started teaching her.  She had been an eager student and he was proud of her improvement.

He pulled her off of him slightly and she swirled her tongue around and sucked on his head the way she knew he liked.  He tightened his grip and she knew that he was ready, and that meant he was going to thrust deeply again.  She took a deep breath and opened her mouth and throat to accommodate him as he shoved her down until her nose was pressed against his pubic bone.”Drink it all down,” he commanded in his low, rumbling voice. “I don’t want any mess on my pants.”She followed his instructions as his thigh muscles clenched and his cock twitched in her mouth.  Hot jets of cum spurted down her throat.  Stream after stream of his hot seed.  She had a little trouble taking it all, but she was determined not to disappoint him and was able to comply with his demand.When he was finished, he pulled her mouth off of him and she licked him clean, making sure she got every drop from him.  He released her hair and she remained kneeling, eyes down, hands in her lap.  He took a sip of his drink and cupped her chin in his hand. “Look at me,” he said.

Her eyes snapped up to his immediately.  He noticed a small drop of his cum at the corner of her mouth and swiped it off with his thumb.  She snaked her tongue out and licked it off. “Good girl, little Miss,” he praised. Her eyes brightened and her lips curled up in a smile. “Now you may go over and please yourself with our new Pet,” he said.She took his hand that was holding her chin and pressed a kiss to his palm. “Thank you, Sir,” she said, almost reverently.

She stood and turned to face the bed.  She adjusted the straps on her lacy, black push-up bra that had fallen as she was pleasing Sir.  She smoothed her hands down her sides and over the lace thong that matched her bra.  She pulled up on each of the lace topped, thigh-high stockings. They had rolled down slightly as she was kneeling since she wasn’t wearing any garters to hold them up.Miss looked at the new Pet.  She was young, petite, and pretty.  Sir had let Miss help pick her out.  Pet was kneeling, completely naked, on the floor at the foot of the bed.  She had her head bowed down, eyes on the floor, hands in her lap as she had been instructed. Miss was pleased that Pet had followed instructions so well.  She walked over to her and stood in front of her.”Well done, Pet,” she praised. “I’m going to reward your obedience by allowing you the opportunity to pleasure me tonight.” She reached down and put two fingers under Pet’s chin and lifted her gaze up, bending down closer to her until their faces were almost touching. “If you continue to be obedient, soon I will begin teaching you how to please Sir.”Pet’s hands trembled a little and her pupils dilated, “Yes, please, Miss.  I want to please you both.

“Miss chuckled and patted her on the head, “I believe you do, Pet.”  Miss sobered a bit but still kept a smile on her face. “Pet, have you ever tasted a woman’s pussy before?”Pet’s eyes widened a bit, “No, Miss.””Perfect, I’m going to be your first,” she said. “Touch me, Pet. Get to know my body.”Pet’s hands smoothed up Miss’s legs, gliding over the silky stockings.  She massaged into the muscles on the backs of her thighs and then ran her hands around to the front.  She pushed up over the lace tops of the stocking to the bare skin and up toward Miss’s apex. Her fingers ran gently over the lace gusset of the thong and felt the warm wetness there.”Do you feel that, Pet?” she asked. “That is what happens when I take Sir deep into my throat.  I cannot help myself and my panties get soaked… Do your panties ever get soaked, Pet?” she wondered.”Yes, Miss.””When do your panties get soaked?”

“When I met Sir… and you, Miss,” she confessed.”Excellent! Let’s see if we can make you wet tonight, shall we?””Yes, please, Miss.””Move my panties to the side and stroke me,” Miss instructed.Pet did as she was told and slid her fingers over and through Miss’s slick folds.  Miss watched Pet as she stared at her pussy with fascination.  She explored with her fingers and watched as they came back glistening with wetness.”Taste it,” Miss prompted.Slowly, Pet brought her fingers to her lips.  She touched her tongue to her fingertips and tasted Miss’s flavor.  It was not unpleasant, slightly sweet, and she took her fingers into her mouth.  She pulled them out with a sucking noise and looked at Miss.”I like the taste of you, Miss,” she said.”Then have some more, Pet.  Use your tongue this time.”Pet put out her tongue and licked over Miss’s pussy lips.  She then reached her tongue into her slit and flicked it about.  Miss sighed and reached down to lay her hand on top of Pet’s head.  Pet was encouraged by Miss’s touch and moved her tongue more, instinctively nuzzling in to delve deeper.  Miss pulled Pet’s head closer and gently ground her pussy into Pet’s face.  She could feel Pet’s inexperience causing some hesitation and decided to help her.  She lifted one of her high heeled feet onto the bed, spreading herself wider and giving Pet a better view and easier access.

“You’re doing well for your first time, Pet,” she acknowledged, “but I’ll tell you how I like it so you’ll know how to best please me.”  Miss reached down and held her thong out of the way so Pet’s progress was unobstructed. “Take your tongue and find my opening and lick wide and slow all the way to my clit,” she instructed.Pet complied and Miss shivered. “Now play with my clit.  Suck it, flick it, roll it around with your tongue.” Pet eagerly followed Miss’s instructions and was rewarded by Miss’s low moan of pleasure. “Mmm…very good.  Now move your tongue back to my opening and push it inside of me.”Pet did as she was told and Miss could feel the warmth pooling in her belly.  “Yes,” she moaned, “fuck me with your tongue.”  Her hips were thrusting in tandem with Pet’s tongue.  She was a quick learner, obviously a natural, and Miss was getting higher and higher with each stroke.Pet momentarily stopped her oral ministrations to stare at Miss’s weeping cunt. “You’re so wet, Miss,” she said, an edge of awe in her voice.Miss used the hand that still held Pet’s head to tilt her back so she could look into her eyes.  “You’re doing very well,” she praised. “Would you like to make me cum, Pet?””Yes, Miss,” she breathed, “very much.””Use two of your fingers and stroke inside my cunt and use your tongue on my clit as you did before.””How will I know when you’ve cum?””Trust me, dear one,” Miss laughed, “you’ll know.”Pet followed her instructions and slid two fingers into Miss’s waiting pussy.

Her tongue was rolling and licking over her clit.  Miss’s pleasure was intensifying and she grabbed Pet’s hair and pushed her face harder to her cunt.  She was close and she stared thrusting her hips, fucking Pet’s fingers and grinding into her face.  It was becoming too much and her moans and groans encouraged Pet as she moved her tongue and fingers faster.Miss shattered in ecstasy, her juices flowing down Pet’s chin and over her breasts.  Miss looked down and met Pet’s eyes as she watched her come undone.  Waves of sensation rolled through her and she rode out her pleasure until the pique of her orgasm was over and her body was warm and loose.She pulled Pet away from her and looked at her.  Her lips were swollen and glistening from Miss’s juices, as were her chin and chest.  She was staring at her with big, blue eyes widened in surprise and awe.  She looked beautiful.”That was amazing,” Pet breathed in awe. “I would very much like to do that again.””In good time, Pet,” Miss smiled. “Now you will show Sir how much you appreciate your lessons.

Bring the other chair over and set it here.”  She pointed to a place a few feet in front of Sir.Pet hurried to do Miss’s bidding, eager to please and to find out what was next. As Pet set up the chair, Miss kneeled in front of Sir.”She is very new, but she learns quickly,” she said softly.”Yes, my little Miss.  She will do very nicely, I think.” He reached out and touched her cheek, “You’re doing an excellent job instructing her. Sit here with me, my darling”Miss felt warm all over and beamed at his praise.  She turned her head and saw that Pet had completed her task and was kneeling next to the chair she had arranged.  Miss smiled at her and turned and sat on the floor between Sir’s legs, her weight on one hip and one arm resting over his thigh.  He began to run his fingers gently through her hair.”Sit in the chair, Pet, and put your legs over the arms.  I want to see if you enjoyed our lesson tonight,” she said.Pet assumed the position as she was told and spread her legs wide.  Her pussy was gleaming with wetness.  “It looks as if you enjoyed yourself very much,” Miss acknowledged.”Oh yes, Miss.””Touch yourself and feel the how much you enjoyed it.”Pet reached down and grazed her fingers through her wet slit.  She sighed and juices dribbled from her cunt and down her ass. “Pet, have you touched yourself before?” Miss asked.Pet blushed prettily, “Yes, Miss.

But I have never felt like this before.””Show me how you touch yourself.”Pet began to rub her fingers over her nub, pressing and circling as her breath started coming in short pants and gasps.”Use both hands and do to yourself what you just did to me with your fingers.”Pet’s eyes flew open and her fingers stilled.  Miss’s eyes darkened at her hesitation, “Is there a problem?” she demanded. “Were my instructions unclear?””No!” Pet exclaimed. “No, Miss.  It’s just, I’ve never put anything inside me before.””You must trust me, dear one,” Miss soothed, though her eyes were still dark and dangerous.Pet took her two middle fingers and slowly slid them into her tight, wet cunt.  She whimpered slightly, though wether it was from pleasure or pain, none of them were sure.  She breathed deeply and started to move her fingers in and out.  She used her other hand to play with her clit and soon she was lost in her world, moaning her pleasure aloud.Miss stood and moved behind Pet’s chair.  She bent down and slid her hands over Pet’s shoulders and down to her breasts.  She squeezed and massaged them, heightening Pet’s arousal and bringing her closer to the edge of her climax.  Miss took Pet’s nipples and played with them, pulling and twisting gently as they got harder and harder.  Pet’s hands worked furiously now and her fingers squelched in and out of her dripping pussy.

Miss knew she was very close and looked up at Sir. She lowered her lips to Pet’s ear.”Pet, when I give you an instruction, do not hesitate again,” she whispered in her ear.  As she spoke, she squeezed Pet’s sensitive nipples hard between her fingers.Pet cried out from the pain but did not stop or slow her hands as the pain mixed with the pleasure.  Miss watched Sir’s eyes and, after a moment, he gave her a small nod.”Show Sir how grateful you are for your lessons, Pet,” she growled low in her ear. “Cum for him.”Pet’s body spasmed and shook as she cried out.  Her pussy clenched around her fingers again and again and her hot juices flowed down over her ass and soaked the chair.  Her toes curled and she saw lights flashing behind her eyelids.  As she came down, Miss released the pressure on her abused nipples, causing a flash of pain, and she whimpered again.  She was spent and she laid her head back on the chair.

Sir stood and came behind Miss and wrapped her in his arms.  “Were you pleased by the show this evening, Sir?” she asked.”Yes, my darling little Miss,” he said as he kissed over her shoulder and up her neck.  She bent her neck to give him better access. “You may cum when you like tonight,” he said in her ear.  That was the only forewarning he gave her that he wanted more from her tonight.  He used his arms to bend her over at the waist and she placed her hands on the back of the chair, her face hovering over Pet’s.  Sir used his knee to spread her legs. He pulled her thong to the side with one hand and guided his cock to her open cunt with the other.  He slid into her still wet pussy and put his hand on her hip to pull her into his thrusts.  She was so full and he was stroking her inner walls deliciously with each movement. She pushed her hips back to meet his thrusts and was quickly approaching her climax. Miss and Pet locked eyes and Pet reached up and kissed Miss deeply. Miss tasted herself on Pet’s lips. It sent her flying over the edge into her climax and she screamed her pleasure into Pet’s mouth.  As she came, she heard Sir’s ragged breath and grunts as he pounded into her harder.  His grunts turned into groans as he exploded inside her, pumping her full of his hot spunk.  He pulled out of her and stood, panting.”Come around here and clean me up, Pet,” he said.  Pet scurried over and licked him clean of his semen and Miss’s juices.  When she finished, he zipped his pants back up and sat back in his chair.Miss leaned down and kissed Pet’s forehead softly, “Go to the bathroom and wash up, dear one. You did well tonight.””Yes, Miss,” Pet answered, and hurried off to do Miss’s bidding.