Early Sunday Afternoon

Part of an ongoing series about Annabelle’s search.It was Sunday afternoon, and I was ready. The apartment was neat and tidy again, and my laundry was clean, damp, and bagged by the front door. When Steve left last night, I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to ask him what he would be wearing today, so I had no clear idea what I should wear. Indecision – I hate that. I settled for my burgundy cord pants, a sleeveless plaid ruffle top, and brown penny loafers.

Now, all that I needed was for Steve to call. Mmmm. Steve. I was looking forward to spending the afternoon with him, and I wanted to find out more about him. He was a puzzle. How could a hombre hermoso like that have slipped through all my sisters’ fingers? He was big, muscular, clean-shaven, smart, and polite. ¡Ah Santa Maria! What was wrong with him that I didn’t know about? Maybe he didn’t have a job? I was determined to find out.

At last, the phone! “Hello?””Hi, Anna. It’s Steve. I’m on my way.”“Oh. Okay. Do you remember how to get here?”“I think so. I just passed Four Oh Four heading north. I make a right onto Redden Street, and you’re in the second apartment building in the complex on the left. Right?””Yes, Steve. That’s correct.”“Cool. I’ll be there in about ten then.”“Okay. See you soon. Bye.”“Bye.”The ten minutes passed slowly, but I finally heard a car pull into the apartment parking lot. I walked to the window, pulled back the curtain, and watched Steve remove a green trash bag of what had to be his dirty clothes from the trunk of his green Taurus. Stepping back from the window before Steve had a chance to look up and see me, I decided to wait for him at the front door, rather than make him ring the doorbell.Big smile. “Hi, there! That didn’t take long. Come in.”Steve held his green trash bag of laundry slung over his shoulder.

“Hi, Anna. You’re looking very fine today!” I was a little bit surprised to see that he had dressed up to do his laundry, especially as he been to Mass yesterday. His yellow Oxford shirt with the long sleeves rolled up, and a button down collar went well with his dark brown business slacks and shoes. Note to self: dress up for him.As I closed the door behind him, he turned to me for direction. “Hold still for a moment.” I put my hands on either side of his head, raised up on tiptoe to him as I pulled him down to me, and gave him a big kiss. Then, “I wanted to start today off right. Now, follow me.”We walked through the living room, past the bathroom, and into the laundry room – all right, it’s a laundry niche, but it’s better than shoehorning them into the kitchen as I’ve seen elsewhere. “Here you go, Steve; have at it. It’s all yours. I did my laundry earlier.”I leaned against my dead clothes dryer to watch him start his laundry. For a guy, Steve took his laundry seriously. He took two baggies with detergent out first, put one on top of the dryer, emptied the other into the washer, selected Cold/Cold, and started the cycle. Impressed, I put the heels of my palms over the edge of the dryer and scooted my butt up on top to enjoy the show. He then methodically put just his colors in, returning the whites that fell out back to the trash bag. When all his colors were in, he carefully closed the lid to the washer, put the unopened baggie of detergent back into the now mostly empty trash bag, then turned and moved over in front of me.I couldn’t resist razzing him a bit, “Not bad. Not bad at all. I half expected you to do everything in one load on Warm.” I ran my fingertips along his hairline, then down the sides of his face. He had shaved before coming over. Then I leaned forward and kissed him on the nose.

Steve smiled broadly. “Hell, Anna, that’s only part of it. After they’re dry, I iron my shirts and slacks.”“Impressive!” I pointed at the timer beside my box of Tide. “I set the timer over there to go off ten minutes before the dryer gets done so that I can hang my blouses and pants up rather than iron them. Maybe I should have you do my laundry!””Hmmm.” Steve scrunched his brows together while stroking his chin in imitation of ‘thinking it through.’ “Well now, that sounds like an attractive proposition. Perhaps I could work you into my schedule. You realize, of course, that I would have to charge you a few small fees to cover my time and effort.”“’A few small fees’ eh? Wouldn’t that depend on what you call ‘small’? I mean, you wouldn’t try to stiff me in the exchange, would you?”Steve put his hands on my hips. “Oh, I’m sure that if you put your, ah, head to it, you could come up with suitable compensation,” Steve deadpanned.The fill cycle ended, and the soak cycle began. Steve said, “Excuse me,” moved back to the washer and opened the lid. Intrigued, I slid off the dryer, walked around behind him, and peered around down into the washer. Looked like a load of dirty clothes to me, but I guessed that checking up on the process was part of how Steve did his laundry.As the load in the washer had passed inspection, he closed the lid again, looked down and said, “Oops. It looks like I spilled some of my Cheer on the floor.”

I followed his eyes to the floor and saw the powder there. Then I remembered, “Oh. You’re okay. I think that happened when I was washing my clothes this morning. I’ll sweep it up later.”Steve turned around to face me, looked down at me all serious, put his hands back on my hips and said, “So where were we?”Looking up into his face with all the innocence I could muster, I said, “As I recall, you were trying to stiff me when doing my laundry.”Steve laughed at my lame joke, and that started me giggling, which got him laughing harder. Our laughter seemed to relax us both a bit, so I thought I would push a little and ask a more significant question.“So Steve, now that you have been able to sleep on it, tell me what you think of our oral sex yesterday,” I said, carefully looking into his chest.His response was a bit self-conscious but also revealed male pride. “In spite of my nervousness, I enjoyed it! Maybe not as much as you did, if you know what I mean, but I got off on it! Make no mistake; I was anxious at the beginning when you pulled me down off my chair. But your desire must have been contagious because as your directions became more explicit, I felt somehow that you were telling me something I wanted to do. As crazy as it may seem, I felt like I was doing something I already understood.”I reached up and picked some non-existent lint off his collar.

“Just between you and me, Steve, you were marvelous. I only had to tell you what to do, not what to stop doing.” I slid my forefinger down his shirt and tapped his chest. “You showed remarkable empathy for a girl’s passions.”Steve was gazing upwards as he relived going down on me yesterday evening. “When my mouth finally reached your pussy lips, you smelled wonderfully fresh.” He looked down at me. ”Do you put perfume or powder between your legs? Whatever it was, it was an inviting scent. You may remember that I breathed in deeply, inhaling your scent before moving down, just before my tongue found the place at the top where your lips begin?”¡Maldicion! This conversation was starting to get to me. I was getting wet again, and I had no one to blame but myself, as I had asked him to tell me what he thought. “Umm, to tell the truth, Steve, I was kinda focused on my feelings just then, so I didn’t notice. But to answer your question, no, I don’t believe in using perfume or powder or ‘feminine hygiene sprays,’ or any of the other crap that advertisers try to foist on the buying public. I did wash before Mass, so what you smelled was what a clean, fresh pussy is supposed to smell like.”

I smoothed the front of his shirt, a little bit embarrassed.However, Steve was on a roll. “Remember when you grabbed my head? I could see and feel your stomach start to flex in and out, and not in rhythm with your breathing either. And your breathing was getting faster and faster too!” Now Steve was getting excited as he remembered the last moments before my orgasm. ”And while I was sucking your clit just like you told me, all the while I was thinking of how good you tasted and smelled. You got even wetter when you climaxed! Then when you called to me, I looked into your face; you were all flushed with color, and you were smiling with contentment.” Then he looked down at me, and I saw that his face was flushed and that his eyes were glittering.This had potential, so I reached down and dragged my fingernails up the inside of Steve’s thighs. He had a hard-on that was bent at a weird angle; his cock was probably caught up in his underpants somehow.I rose up on tiptoe, and as I palmed his hard-on through his trousers with my right hand, stretched up and put my left hand behind his head, pulled his head down to me and whispered in his ear, “Yeah, but as I recall, my knees were about to give way then. Just like now.”

As I slid slowly down the front of my man, I pushed on his chest so that he leaned back against the washer, which had finished soaking, and was now chugging out a rhythm that I could feel vibrating through his body. When my knees touched the floor, I scrapped my fingernails across the bulge his hard-on made in the front of his slacks. Steve grunted and ran his fingers into my hair just above and behind my ears, then drew his hands up and away, letting my hair fall back to my shoulders from between his fingers.“Oh my, Steve! You seem to be all twisted up in there!” I looked up into his intent, flushed face with all the insincere innocence I could muster.

“It must be very uncomfortable like that. Here, let me see if I can help you out.”I used both hands to unbuckle his belt and pop the button at the top of his fly, then holding the top of his slacks with my left hand, pulled the zipper down with my right until it stopped at the bottom. I slid my hands inside the pants, under the shirt, and up until I tucked my thumbs under the elastic waistband of his boxers. Steve eased his hips forward, and I leaned towards him, pushing his pants and boxers out over his butt.His pants slid to the floor, but his boxers now hung from his cock.I looked up at Steve and again feigned innocence. “Feeling better yet?”“Oh God, yes, Anna! Much, much better!”I slowly pulled my hands back towards me, holding the elastic away from his hips, until I pulled the front of his boxers past his cock, and it popped out, just a few inches in front of my face. Steve’s cock was fully erect now, pointing up, and swollen; the head was deep red, almost purple. Now that I had freed it from his pants, built up pre-cum started oozing from the opening at the tip of it, beaded up and began rolling down, coating the underside of his cock all the way down to his sack.I leaned forward again, pushing Steve’s underpants down towards the floor, and ducked my face under his cock. I left his boxers with his slacks around his ankles, placed my hands on Steve’s knees, looked up past his cock, into his eyes, and smiled. The smell of his cock filled every breath I took.Tilting my head to the right, leaning further forward, I pressed my face into his crotch, dragging my mouth down to the huevos in his sack, smearing some of the pre-cum from the underside of his cock across my chin.

I opened my lips and sucked his left huevo into my mouth. I flicked it back and forth with my tongue, and then pulled away, stretching his sack, holding his huevo with my lips, until I let it go with a ‘pop.’Steve groaned, and I felt him place his hand on the back of my head. ¡Arrestar! I had to start managing this now. I pushed away from him, back onto my heels, out of his reach, and he groaned again, this time louder.“No, Anna, no. Don’t stop now!”I looked up at him, frowned, and said, “Who’s running this show Steve? You or me?”“You are, baby, but it’s hard to keep my hands off you.”I dragged my fingernails up the inside of Steve’s thighs, leaving tracks until I got to his sack. I listened to him gasp as I cupped his huevos in my hands and slowly milked him, gently rolling his delicate lumps between my fingers.I looked at him steadily. “Lean back against the washer, Steve, and put your arms on top of it.”

“Damn, girl! You’re tough,” but he did what I said.I smiled, leaned forward, kissed the head of his cock, tasting his pre-cum, and felt him twitch. I flicked my tongue across the tip, looked up into his eyes and asked, “Am I too tough for you?”Before he could answer, I opened my mouth and slid down his cock as far as I could, down until his cockhead bumped against the back of my mouth, making me almost gag. I never could get the hang of deepthroating a guy while kneeling at his feet. Maybe I’ll try to learn with Steve. He had a nice sized cock, not too big, about fifteen or sixteen centimeters or so, and most of it was now in my mouth. Steve groaned again. He was incredibly hard; it was like sucking on a smooth stake pressed between the roof of my mouth and the top of my tongue. He jumped a little when I squeezed his huevos a bit harder. I pulled back, and then slid my mouth down, then up and down a third time. He was still oozing salty pre-cum into my mouth, so I thought that I would repeat my trick from the laundromat, but with an extra flourish. I slowly pulled my mouth back up off his cock, and let his glans rest on my lower lip. Then I blew softly on it, and quickly pushed my mouth down his length again. Next, apply just a little tooth. Steve grunted louder now, and he started thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth.

Again, I pulled back until just my lips were pressed against the tip of his cock. I cupped his sack with my left hand, grasped the shaft and pulled up with my right. That pushed a nice drop of pre-cum out of his cock and onto my lips. Perfect! I pushed his cock up, turned my face up, and let Steve watch that bead of pre-cum drip down to my lips. I pushed the tip of my tongue between my lips, into the clear, wet drop and painted my lips with his pre-cum. Steve started moaning loudly, and I figured that I would be his porn queen today, so I put just the end of his cock back in my mouth, tightened my grip on his shaft, and flicked my tongue quickly up and down across the opening of his cockhead.¡Oh Mi Dios! Steve exploded! “FUCK!! I’m cumming!” He started spewing cum in my mouth, against the roof of my mouth, grabbed my shoulders with both hands, and held me in place while I milked him dry. Even though I held on as best as I could, I had a hard time keeping his cockhead in my mouth while he bounced around in the throes of his orgasm. One of his spurts missed my mouth and splattered on my upper lip. Now all I could smell was cum. When he finally stopped squirting, he leaned back against the still chugging washing machine, relaxed his hands, and looked down at me looking up at him. He jumped when I rubbed his cock across my upper lip to remove his missed shot.

Finally, I made a big production of swallowing.Steve was gasping for breath. “Dear God, Anna! You’re incredible!”Very steadily, “Let go of me, Steve. Let me pull your pants up.”“Oh. Yeah. Sorry. I got carried away there, baby, but that was too much for me to control.” He began breathing more steadily now, but still deeply.“Hush now. Be still. Let me pull your pants up, and we can go back to the living room. I think you’ll be wanting to sit down for a bit.” Steve helped me pull his boxers and pants back up his legs, and he held them up while I led him to the sofa in the living room where he flopped down, limp. He had a satisfied smile on his face.I climbed onto the sofa, kneeled in his lap, and put my hands on his shoulders, pinning him in place.

Lowering my face down to his, I meaningfully slicked my lips with the tip of my tongue, let my lips hover over his mouth for a moment, and then kissed him long and hard, invading his mouth with my tongue. It may not have been a snowball, but it was the next best thing. When I broke our kiss, I leaned back, sitting upright in his lap, looked at him and sighed.I slid off the sofa and stood in front of him, and when I looked down my front, I giggled. Steve looked confused. “I have to change out of these slacks! Look at the soap powder on my knees! Any woman seeing us together will know how we spent our afternoon!” I giggled again. “I think I’ll freshen up while I’m at it. You sit here and recuperate, and I’ll be right back. I can’t wait to go to your place to dry my clothes!”