Cal downsizes to a mobile home, and gets more than just a reduced mortgage paymentWhen recently widowed Cal decides to downsize by selling his suburban house and moving into a trailer park, he gets more than he expected in the rural community… Cal Tipton’s wife died suddenly at the age of forty-nine and he had already decided to stop explaining the details, at it only depressed him and whoever he was talking to. So he simply avoided the subject, by telling new people he met that he was divorced.

Three months after he was widowed, he decided that he no longer wanted to live in the big house in Northern Virginia he had shared for eighteen years with his wife, and no longer really wanted to hang out with their old friends. He didn’t quite fit as a single, and the younger women he was attracted to didn’t really fit in either. So he put his house on the market, and when it sold in the first week, he decided to put the $450k in the bank and find a much smaller place in a manufactured home community, outside of the DC metro area. The place he chose was just over the border in West Virginia, and it was a large community of about 200 homes, mostly working people, and their families. Cal had been a successful contractor, and he was mostly retired by that time, so he simply managed his investments online, and walked his dog a few times a day. His dog was a smart and good looking Cattle Dog named Robby, who got lots of admiring looks, usually from girls who thought Robby was cute. Cal sold off most of his stuff, and two of his cars, and moved a few things into a fairly new manufactured home -formerly referred to as a “trailer”- in the Moutainview Mobile Home Park.

Cal loved the fact that in the park, unlike at his old home, there were lots of neighbors out and about, and they all waved and greeted each other. He also loved that there were kids of all ages, variously walking, riding bikes, running and playing around the park. There were also lots of women of all ages, some married and raising the kids, others divorced and raising the kids and working, and a few singles. Almost all of them were younger than Cal, who was fifty. Almost as soon as he moved in, a few of these women let him know they were interested in him, and why not. He drove a new Mercedes, dressed well and was well-groomed, and it didn’t take more than a few days for everyone in the park to know he was widowed, and had enough money that he didn’t need to work. Early on, a thirty-two-year-old divorced neighbor named Shelli came over with a casserole for him, and he of course invited her in, and asked her to join him for dinner. Shelli was a bleached blonde, about five foot two, tan and fit, with still firm c-cup tits, and a nice tight ass that she showed off in a pair of tight, low cut jeans. He could tell her tits were still firm, because she came over with no bra, wearing a spaghetti strap top that clung nicely to her tits. He opened a bottle of wine, and soon after dinner, after the second bottle was opened, he found himself kissing Shelli, and fondling those nice firm titties.

She was delighted, and happy to be fondled. Within a few minutes, they adjourned to his new bedroom, where he proceeded to lick and suck at Shelli’s groomed landing strip pussy, simultaneously stroking his finger into her slick pussy for nearly a half hour before she finally grabbed his head, pulled him up, and demanded that he fuck her. Cal gently turned her over, and asked her to get on her hands and knees, so he could take her doggy style. He pounded her until she shuddered with an orgasm, and as her pussy clenched his cock, he was able to cum as well, shooting his seed deep into her cunt. Shelli had kids, and a job in the morning, so she left around 10:30, smiling and fully satisfied. And then there were the teenagers. Yes, there were some smoking hot teens in the park, many of whom got home from school around three thirty, with not much to do until a parent got home two or three hours later. One of these teens was a high schooler named Kaylee, who lived just a few trailers up the road, and she was about five foot seven, with a pair of slightly oversized librarian-style glasses.

She usually wore her dirty blond hair in loose curls to her shoulders. Kaylee was thin but with a pert little ass, and very perky little b-cup tits that looked a little too big on her thin frame. Cal had waved to Kaylee a few times, and she had smiled and waved back. One hot and sunny afternoon after school, Kaylee came over to pet his dog Robby, and he invited her in to cool off from the afternoon sun. She was as sexy as a sixteen year old could be, and as he followed her into his trailer, he noticed her ass cheeks peeking out under what appeared to be last year’s slightly too small cutoff jeans, and a short sleeve deep v-neck black cotton t-shirt that showed off both the swells of her firm tits, and the puffy nipples that topped them off. No bra was needed for support, but it might have helped conceal her nipples. He asked whether she wore that outfit to school. Kaylee giggled and said “Oh no, Mr.

Tipton, I have to wear either a skirt or shorts that reach two inches below my ass. I did a quick change when I got home.” She gave him a little pose, thrusting out her tits, and putting her hand on her hip, and pushing her tight little ass out to the side, stretching the tight cutoffs to their limit. His eyes slowly scanned up and down her hot teen body, and he licked his lips involuntarily. Pouting a bit, she asked “You like?” When he told her how sexy she was, Kaylee gave him a big smile, and reached out to give Cal a big hug. “Oh, I’m so glad you think so, Mr. Tipton,” she cooed in his ear as she hugged him, pressing her tits firmly against his chest. “The goofy guys in my school think I’m too tall and geeky.” “Well, they clearly don’t know what they are talking about, Kaylee,” he whispered right into her ear as she hugged him, “you are as hot as any girl I’ve seen since I’ve moved in here. And you can call me Cal, if you like.”

She, smiled shyly, looked down, and said softly: “I think you’re kinda hot, too!” Kaylee seemed to enjoy being close, not releasing him from the hug, and when he whispered in her ear, she sighed and began to rub herself lightly against Cal’s leg, giving Cal an obvious boner, that she seemed to like rubbing. He didn’t want to release the hug either, so as she pressed up against him, Cal reached down and grabbed a handful of her tight teen ass cheek with one hand, and reached his other hand around, and turned her head so that he could give Kaylee a kiss on her pouty little lips. She let his tongue in, and aggressively kissed back, her tongue forcing its way into Cal’s mouth as she pressed her tits against his chest. She was hot, and ready for action, and when he reached under her top to fondle her firm teen tits, she moaned with pleasure. Within moments, she leaned back, and peeled the t-shirt off, giving Cal a full view and complete access to the northward-seeking tits that stood proud on her chest. “Oh, Mr. Tipton,” the little teen cooed, “you are making me so hot.”

“I wish you’d call me, Cal,” he said, as he leaned to take a tit into his mouth as rolled the other nipple between his finger and thumb.“Mmmmmm, Cal,” she managed to moan, as she let him suck on her tits, and her hand wandered to the front of his pants. “Let’s go to my bedroom,” he said, as he took off her glasses, and led Kaylee, by the hand toward his bedroom. As she entered, he gave her hand a pull, and sort of threw her on to his bed. She landed on her back, her gorgeous tits bouncing slightly as she hit the bed, the waistband of her tight cutoff jeans stretched across her flat tummy, from one lean hip to the other. Her legs spread slightly, she obviously was inviting him to make the first move. He pulled the center snap apart, zipped down the cutoffs, and began pulling them off of her long lean legs. Kaylee helping by kicking the cutoffs to the side, as they reached her foot. Her shorts removed, he was a little surprised to see that she wore no panties, and that her lovely pubic mound was shaved as smooth as a baby’s ass, and her tight little slit was already glistening with her juices.

He quickly pulled off his own pants and underwear, before going down on the horny teen. He quickly covered the teen’s slit with his mouth, and worked his tongue inside as he slid a finger in from below. “Oh. My. God.” moaned Kaylee, as he grabbed a tight butt cheek with each hand, and pressed her honeypot against his aggressive tongue. Her pussy was now beginning to drip with sweet and slippery fluid, and he lapped up every drop as he tried to keep her from wriggling out from his grip. Cal lifted his head just enough to look up over the expanse of flat tummy, and the twin cones that rose up from her chest to say in a low throaty voice, “I love the taste of your little teen pussy, Kaylee. I could suck on your little slit for hours.” “That feels so fuckin’ awesome,” she purred, as he continued lapping at her pussy, and sliding his index finger in and out of slippery teen cunt. “None of the boys I been wit know how to do THAT,” she sighed in her teen street lingo. And as she wriggled under the twin excitement of his tongue and finger, Cal fought to hold her ass in place as he vigorously tongued her wet teenage mound. As she moaned, and began to shiver with the beginning of an orgasm, his hands reached up and firmly grasped a firm tit in each big hand. He planted his mouth firmly on her slippery pussy as she began to buck from the intense orgasm, and began to scream out in pleasure.

“Fuck me, oh my God, fuck meeee” she squealed, as he continued to hold her down with his mouth and his firm grip on her conical titties. As she bucked, a fresh burst of sweet and salty juice welled up and almost overwhelmed Cal as he tried to take every drop. As she writhed on the bed, he lifted his mouth from her pussy, spit back some of the slick juice on her pussy and spit some on his hand to lubricate his now rock hard dick, that he now had ready to insert between the engorged pink lips of her pussy. While he could tell she was certainly no virgin, by the way she had let him take her, and by the way his cock slid into her pussy without resistance, she was very tight. “Aaargh…..oh……oh…..aaaaah,” she gurgled as his big cock completely filled her teenage love socket.

He began pounding her, and pulled her legs up and placed them over his shoulders, to get farther inside her hot love tunnel. With the teenager wiggling and moving around wildly, he again reached below and took a firm hold of the firm glute muscles of her butt cheeks, to keep her impaled on his throbbing member. “I’m cumming again,” she squealed, as he could feel his cock hitting the limits of her pussy, and feeling it squeezed by the contractions of her hot cunt. At this point, Cal couldn’t hold back any further, and decided to pull out and shoot his load over her tight little tummy, rather than risk shooting into her likely fertile pussy. He did, and he shot a load across her tummy, and some on to her delicious tit cones. “That was so awesome, Mr. Tipton—er, I mean Cal,” Kaylee purred as he gently rubbed his fnger in the semen on her tummy and swirled some around the erect puffy nipples. “I’d love to do it again!” “I would, too,” said Cal, sweating from the exertion of keeping up with the sixteen year old. “But I’ll need a few minutes to recover.”

“Oh shit,” Kaylee suddenly exclaimed, sitting up, her tits bouncing forward enticinlgly. “I forgot, I was supposed to babysit after school for Ms. Lemke’s kids. “I better get over there, before they get in trouble.” “Okay, let me clean you up so you can get going then, and we can meet up again after school, Kaylee.”So Cal grabbed a damp washcloth and gently wiped her lovely tits, and then turned it to wipe her pubic mound, telling her to turn over so he could also wipe off the juices and sweat from the firm cheeks of her ass, and the hot crevice of her ass crack. Her body was so hot, his dick began to harden again as he cleaned her off. “Just don’t tell anyone about us, cuz I don’t want you or me to get in trouble,” he added as he finished his slow clean-up of her lovely tush. “Oh, I won’t Mr. Tipton– I want to keep you all for myself,” she said with a sly grin. But the way things were going, that wasn’t at all likely to happen. To link to this sex story from your site – please use the following code: Downsizing Please tell us why you think this story should be removed.