Chain Hotel: Take It All

The one night stand didn’t quite turn out the way I anticipated.

The lingerie adorning the curvaceous brunette sprawled ahead of me on the king-size bed was probably three times the hotel’s rack rate. Her matt hold-ups encircled trim thighs via a smooth, dark band. Scrap of lace for panties. Not much more material in the bra. Provocative. All black. Sheer to tease in just the right places and bought specifically because she knew the effect it would have on me.

My erection strained against the front of my dark trouser suit. She noticed. Licked full cherry lips as her eyes found mine. I watched her pinkie crawl up that graceful figure to her throat, drift up over her chin, then press between her lips to hang from the corner of her mouth. Her tongue swirled and the digit glimmered in the lamplight as it traced a slithering path to her buxom chest and circled a proud nipple beneath lace that her husband hadn’t even seen.

Her voice was breathy, the slight remaining Aussie twang the only hint of her heritage. “Do I even need to answer that?”Holding her gaze, I took a slug of bourbon, ice clinking in the quiet, throat warming in its wake. “It’s a legitimate question.”One I probably shouldn’t have asked. Should’ve just fucked her like she wanted. Like I’d planned. But something snapped inside me when she let the dress fall and I had to stifle a gasp. Call it ego, call it whatever the fuck, I just needed to play.

Everything else was suddenly secondary.Her eyes flashed. “My God, Ethan. How long have we been planning this? Rearranging schedules just to be away together for one night.” She shifted position to rest on her elbows and eased her shapely legs apart, one strappy heel pointing at my crotch. It made me twitch and swell, just like it had when she’d run that same foot up my calf and thigh in the restaurant. “We’re finally here and you ask… that?”A smile formed on my lips. Indignant looked good on her. It presaged the right kind of trouble. Despite a thundering pulse at the prospect of carte blanche with her dynamite body, I kept my tone measured. “Have you or haven’t you?”She let out an exasperated burst of air. “Of course I have! You honestly think I’d have made it to my thirties without an orgasm?”I took another mouthful and waved the glass at her panties. “Show me then.

“Her dirty grin spread like the stage curtain on opening night, dimples forming beneath lightly freckled cheeks. Dropping her shoulders on the standard issue pillow, she raised her hips, thumbs tucking into the waistband beneath the silver twin spheres of her belly piercing. I shook my head and she stopped, torso returning to the mattress. “You want me to do it like this?”I ran a hand through my inky hair. “Aha. Show me this all-encompassing, knicker-soaking orgasm of yours. One where you lose all sense of time and space. Where you can barely breathe through excitement, body clenching and unwinding in a pulsing rhythm. Totally out of control, gasping for breath, bunching the sheets in your fists, come flooding from you, drenching your underwear and the bed. Spraying me as I lie in wait with my face between your thighs.”She tilted her head. “Well I don’t think it’ll be all that.”I gave a knowing smile.

“Then you’ve never had an orgasm.”Her face said it all. “You mean…?” I nodded sagely. Selling it’s half the battle. A small voice in my head told me to back off and stick to the plan, but it was again swamped by the need to see her out of control. I roved my gaze from heels to hair and back again, drinking her beauty as she took a sharp breath at being utterly revered. “Fuck. Seriously?”Eyeing her over the lip of the glass I took a further healthy sip. “You want to feel that?””Hell yeah! Where do I sign?”Of all the people I worked with, Natalie was the one that represented true desire. Turned heads wherever she went. I’d wanted her since the first day I joined the company. She was flirty and fun and slightly ditzy – I overheard her once proudly whispering to a teammate during the Christmas staff quiz that Sierra Leone was “that mountain range in America”.She wasn’t model thin, often guilty of squeezing into clothes a shade smaller than necessary.

Insecurity over getting older, perhaps, but she pulled it off well. The subtle bulges and sumptuous arcs also served to accentuate her incredible rack.The cleavage alone – the part of her most had seen around the office – was a knockout, thrust front and centre by the push-up bras and plunging necklines she favoured. I’d never figured if she knew she was so fucking alluring and dressed to emphasise it, or if she genuinely didn’t realise she was every man’s wet dream. The perfect little fucktoy.More than a comfortable handful, doughy and buoyant, her chest screamed ‘squeeze me’ and a whole lot more. I’d lost count of the number of times I’d jerked off to thoughts of popping those puppies out and biting her perky nipples. Sometimes I’d sneak to the toilets in the middle of the workday for a crafty wank, imagining raining spunk over their creamy surface and watching her bring them up to her lips to lick off.She’s married to a successful hotshot architect; some dude who designs shopping centres and museums for swanky clients with deep pockets, yet it appears has never sketched irrepressible want on his wife’s demeanour. More fool him. My turn.Over the months, our flirting had intensified and I’d cranked up the charm.

Piqued her interest and lured her away from matrimony during the odd late night at the office. Innocent contact as she passed some documents. More late nights, followed by a cheeky pint. Then two. Then dinner. An occasional hand brushing her thigh as we talked. Small steps. Iterative.From various drunken conversations, I’d figured what would be likely to push her buttons, and here we were. Playtime. I fixed her an intense look. “If we do this, you have to trust me. Completely.””I do.””Completely,” I reinforced. “You’re going to feel things you’re not used to feeling. All I ask is you roll with it. Let go. Give me everything and don’t stop yourself, whatever happens.”Her wide eyes found mine and she paused only fractionally, biting her lower lip and nodding fast.

“Okay.”Finishing my drink, I placed the tumbler on the desk behind me alongside the lipstick-stained glass and half-empty bottle of red, then turned to face her. Taking my time, I removed my suit jacket and draped it over the chair, unknotting my silk tie to hang loosely. Her gaze journeyed lower, gradually following each unsnapped button of the crisp white shirt before I peeled it from my shoulders and threw it in her direction with the tie.She sat up and bunched the warm material. Brought it to her chin as she eyed me. I’m not in bad shape. Lost a bit of muscle tone in recent months but still chiselled enough to make her look more than once.After I regained her full attention, I watched her eyes follow the path of my hands for the second time as I moved to unbuckle the belt and pulled. I drew it completely from the loops and as the tip slithered and fell under gravity I flicked it out to one side, making it crack and her eyes widen.The belt buckle hit the carpet at my feet and I brought my hands to the button of my trousers. Undid it. Waited.

She smiled, tossed my shirt aside and cupped her incredible tits. “Don’t stop there.”My fingers inched lower, grasping the zip and tugging it all the way south then letting go as the garment fell away leaving me bulging in just my tight white undershorts. I stepped from the outerwear, bent to remove my socks and stood before her.I watched manicured fingertips creep to her nipples and give a long pinch through the sheer fabric before scooping the flesh out. She breathed deeply. “Is that all I get? I’m aching.” Her eyes snapped to my package and stayed there as I took in the full magnificence of her chest.

Drawing my fingers to the waistband I lingered just a moment, long enough to tease, then pulled out to stretch the material. She tweaked those mountainous peaks as I lowered the elastic far enough to allow the garment to fall. My dick sprang into view, already half hard and she gasped. “Fuck.”It wasn’t the first time I’d heard that reaction from a woman’s lips, but it always made me glow inside. I pinched my nose and announced, “Mrs. Renwick, please proceed to gate sixty-nine. Your orgasm is scheduled for departure.”She giggled, flopped to her back but I noticed her eyes never left my bobbing cock as I clambered onto the bed and knelt alongside her. She hungrily reached out and enclosed me in her fingers. “Fuck,” she said again as she squeezed and I swelled.”Show me how much you want to come like never before.”Nat rolled onto her stomach and supported herself on her elbows, lips inches from my shaft.

She opened her mouth and crept her face forward until it was within striking distance, then snaked out her tongue and lashed my tip. It bobbed and rose in appreciation as she swirled her tongue around the bulbous, circumcised head. I grew to full hardness, flecks of amber in her brown eyes twinkling in the lamplight.I marvelled at the way her lithe body swept away from me, that cute butt wriggling in the sheer lingerie, her mouth about to engulf my shaft.Perfect.Almost.”One more thing,” I stated, and she paused. Tore her eyes away from my flared cockhead. “This is on my terms.”Her consent came in the form of taking me into her mouth and slowly pulling back until I audibly popped from her, leaving a good third of it shiny. “Okay.

“I nodded, pleased I’d read the signals right. “Good girl. More.”She took a little over half on the second stroke, one hand gripping the base of my length and wanking when she let her cerise oval slither to the head.”So good, Nat. I bet you can take more. Let me help.” She relinquished her grip, arm returning to the bed as I swept back the locks of hair that had fallen across her cheeks and placed my hands there, bringing her lips to my sizable tip. “Deep breath.”Natalie did and I pressed the flange of my cock into her mouth, splitting her sexy lips wide. But I didn’t stop where she had. Kept pushing and pushing, inch after inch disappearing until I watched her cheeks blow out as she coughed and hammered her fist into my thigh.I pulled her off. A good ninety percent of my shaft was coated in saliva as she drew lungfuls of oxygen alongside it. “Good girl. You look so beautiful with my cock in your throat.”

I bunched one hand into her hair and yanked back to tip her chin up. “But a dirty girl like you can take it all, I know you can. Hold on and open up.”The fact she barely hesitated spoke volumes. She shuffled her elbows forward a fraction, warm hands holding my thighs, eyes registering a delirious combination of lust and fear. She scarcely had time to take a deep breath before I was pulling her forward.My steel disappeared quickly to where it had before but I carried on despite the gagging and the excitement of her throat clamping the head. “Tongue out, that’s it. Take me.” I gritted my teeth and blew out.

“Fuck, you’re good.”From the handbag on the desk, her phone trilled. She tensed. Her feet flipped up from the bed, heels kicking her bum as she squirmed in my firm grasp. I didn’t stop pulling until her nose was buried in my pubes and her nails felt like they would draw blood from my thighs. Only then did I release my grip and she yanked backwards, a thick cobweb of saliva connecting us as she spluttered, eyes watering.”I should-” she heaved, “-should get that.”Trailing my hands through her long hair, I leaned forward to trace the curvature of her back all the way to her peachy behind framed by the high arc of her panties. Everything was curves with this girl. I rubbed both succulent globes, raised my hands and brought them back down, fast and simultaneously.

The smack rang out, echoing from the room a moment before her cry did likewise and her phone fell silent as if shocked into submission. I slithered one hand into her crack and reached down between her parted thighs beneath the material. My fingers came away wet and I chuckled.”Look what we have here?” I brought my glistening fingertips in front of her gaze. “The dirty girl likes having her face fucked.” I traced her mouth, smearing pussy juice like lip-gloss. “Know what that makes you?”Nat looked up at me, so enticing with her makeup streaked and lipstick smeared, still catching her breath. “A dirty bitch?” she managed.I nodded. “Whose?” I played the dripping end of my cock over her cheek, depositing a bubble of pre-come and spit there before slapping her face once with my length.”Yours.”I smiled. “Look at me.”Her gaze rose, fluttering those eyelashes as I inched away on my knees and crooked my finger. She followed, slithering forward on her stomach and elbows, not breaking eye contact the entire way.Stepping back from the bed I narrowly missed the belt buckle and bent to retrieve it. Brought it to her eyeline and loved her wide-eyed reaction. I folded the leather, close enough that I’m sure she could smell it.

“Tongue out.” She shook her head and I gave a tight-lipped smile. “Oh dear. And you were doing so well.”Before she could react I raised my hand above my head and swung a vicious arc with the belt towards her arse. The leather bit into her flesh with a resounding CRACK and she yelped.I returned the leather to her eyeline and dangled it as she whimpered. I’m sure she was desperate to rub the red welt that began to form. The fact she didn’t and instead looked up at me without extending her tongue made my cock swell.Leaving the belt limp gave Nat a reminder of what insubordination brought, and also a chance to change her mind. She didn’t so I swished it from her field of vision and held it aloft as she dipped her head and her arse cheeks twitched and clenched in anticipation.

I waited.Her ringtone punctuated the silence and her gaze slid up to me. “I really should get that.”Stepping away, I fetched the vibrating device, David Home illuminated on its display. I brought it to her ear and swished the leather belt fast to mark her flawless butt with a solid strike that I knew would smart. She screamed and rocked side to side on the bed as I hit Answer.”Hi, honey,” she squeaked, body squirming. “No, fine. Just dropped my bag trying to get the phone.” She listened. “Sure… yeah… not much. Jump in the shower, get some beauty sleep before the conference. You know me.”I traced the belt over her bum and pressed my dick into her mouth, jabbing a savage thrust into her throat. She coughed and slurped as I pulled out, barely regaining her composure in time. “Sorry, darling. Wine went down the wrong way.”

She glared at me. “Sure… aha.” I swatted her bum with the belt a handful of times. Not hard, just enough to make her breathe heavily and bite her lip. “Yes. Have a great night and speak tomorrow… Love you too.”Swishing the belt high, I let a brutal strike snap her butt a moment before I ended the call and tossed the phone onto the bed. Nat thrashed her hair amid a piercing scream then whimpered, rolling her hips before slowly raising her eyes to mine.I let the sting abate. “Tongue. Out.” Nat obeyed this time and I trailed the folded end of the belt across her tongue. “Good girl. Maybe you need a reminder of your ownership here?

So you don’t disappoint me again. Next time hubby might hear more.”I stepped from the bed to the desk. Picked up the corkscrew borrowed from reception and laid the belt out. Measuring two handspans from the buckle I punctured a hole in the leather and widened it by twisting the tool. A couple of centimetres further along I made a second hole then paced to the bed and secured the belt around her delicate neck.Pulling the end to test it caused Nat to moan. I lifted the strap. “Leash tight enough, my sexy pet?”The smudged eyeliner and dark mascara framed the perfect coffee rings of her eyes as she chewed her lower lip again, swallowed and shook her head. My heart thumped. Cock received a surge of blood. Reaching for her neck, shivering as I brushed the exposed skin, I adjusted the buckle tighter to the first hole I’d made. It gripped when the pin latched and I registered the flash in her eyes as I tugged.

“Better?”She looked up at me and nodded.”Then roll over.”I yanked the end of the belt and stepped right to keep pace as she spun onto her back. Her hair flowed over the end of the mattress and she gazed up at me, cocoa irises registering nothing but want. I reached and kneaded her breasts amid her sighs. Fuck, they were perfect. Effortlessly soft pillows of flesh capped with hardening tips that I tweaked and pinched, making her moan.Drawing my fingertips up over her collarbone, I cupped her chin and tipped her head back off the bed a little further, her neck muscles taut. Pulling the belt straight as a reminder and positioning my cockhead in front of her mouth, I pushed to part her lips, then drove fully inside her in one motion. She spluttered as I took her breath away.

From my vantage point I could see the extent to which I filled her; throat bulging beneath the leather choker as I invaded. I don’t think I’d ever seen anything so arousing.I gritted my teeth and sucked in air. “Good fucking girl. Dirty slut.”Her arms flailed, fists pummelling the back of my thighs and I momentarily yanked out, before jamming myself in fully again. A dark need unfurled inside me and I let it fuel my actions. Started fucking her face, drawing out until only the head remained captured then slammed back into her throat. Her gargling splutters and coughs drove me, frothy saliva drizzling across her cheeks to catch in her hair before hitting the patterned carpet.I pulled out when my orgasm threatened to surface. Sliding my spit-soaked cock forward over her cheek, I left a glimmering trail as she coughed. Releasing the belt and straddling her face, my shaved sac drew level with her shiny lips and I reached for her tits again, squeezing while her tongue lashed my balls.Nat treated me to an eager tongue bath, swirling her lips and mouth all over my tightly drawn bollocks.

She took them both in her hot mouth and released them with a pop. Such a showgirl.Her nipples hardened between my fingertips and I pulled upward, letting go and watching the flesh undulate. Grabbing her full tits again and squeezing, I angled my hips up and forward, presenting my arse to her. She was a fast learner and I felt her circle the ring of muscle after only the briefest hesitation. Her tongue fluttered as she rimmed me, and I gasped, my cock bobbing with the surge of blood through my body.My hands traced along her sleek form, first inwards to brush her piercing, then out to her hips, fingertips sliding beneath the elastic of her underwear, dragging insistently away from her dripping centre. She wiggled her bum and drew up her legs vertically so I could slide the garment from her heels.

Returning to lie prone again, her tongue picked up its dance over my dark knot.Her pussy was utterly devoid of hair, plump mons plunging between the strips of porcelain thigh above the hold-ups. I brought the lace panties to my nostrils and inhaled deeply, heavenly scent washing through me. Fuck, she smelled better than I’d ever imagined, the crotch sticky with her juices.Depositing the knickers on her midriff, a drifted my fingertips over her impossibly smooth pudenda between legs that she parted dutifully. I rubbed her slit, smearing wetness onto my fingers and grazing her prominent clitoris on the upstroke, the resulting hot breathy sighs tickling my arsehole.I curled my fingers and slithered them barely inside, her body tightening at the invasion. Her tongue was all kinds of wonderful but I needed more. “You want my fingers?” I felt her nod. “Then show me what a real dirty slut does.”Her dainty hands found my butt and teased my cheeks apart, her tongue swirling before pressing against me. The tip entered and I drew in a breath. “Fuck yes.” I rewarded her with another half inch of my fingers in her sopping gash, the new angle opening me up further for her invading tongue. She took advantage, probing deeper as I pressed down against her face.

“That’s it, you greedy slut. Tongue fuck my arse.”Natalie’s enthusiasm kicked into high gear and I groaned, curling my fingers further inside her sugary snatch to draw the digits in and out with a rough rhythm. Breathy sighs preceded her exquisite probing tongue, fingertips digging into my flesh.As she lapped and swirled my darkness, my orgasm surged and I pulled away just in time to ride the exquisite edge, letting my body drift. I extended two fingers within her slippery folds, nudging her clit with my palm, hearing her gasp.When my cock dipped a fraction, I placed it against her tantalising mouth again and felt her open up for me.

Fucking just the tip past her wet lips, I listened to her suck and pop the head in and out until I was raging hard once more.I shoved my cock in her mouth, pulling up on her pussy at the same time. Squeezed, palm clamping her clit on the outside, fingers pressing up on the inside, using the leverage to thrust my cock deep into her restricted throat.Spit flew past my balls as she coughed and gagged but I didn’t let up. Massaged her pussy in my palm, crooking my fingers against the front wall as I dug my hand in and pulled her entire body onto my cock via her drenched channel. Struggling for air and spluttering the most delightful sounds I’d ever heard, she took everything I gave. To her credit she didn’t throw up, even when I pulled my bubble-strewn dick out and listened to her laboured inhalations bounce around the room.Looking down, her tear-stained face was a delight and my heart thumped. “Fuck, Nat, you look so hot with your make-up running.

A sexy, spoiled slut.”She reached for her tits, cupping them, massaging the heaving flesh as she dragged in huge lungfuls of oxygen. Looking up at me, demure yet with fire behind her eyes, she drew her left hand up to the strap of the leather circling her neck and pulled it tight, her wedding ring glinting. “Again.”A twisted snarl crossed my face and I renewed my attack on her pussy. With my fingers crooked a few inches against her front wall, I located the mottled surface of my target and pressed upward. Locking my wrist, I tugged my forearm repeatedly to stimulate the area. Her mouth fell open, breath hot against my aligned prick, and I slammed directly into her throat, balls crushed to her nose, cutting off her air supply.Nat snorted and choked, fingers twisting each nipple in turn as I crammed my girth inside her. She groaned and coughed against me, the vibrations making me swell and my scalp tingle. I’d never felt anything like it. Her hips writhed on the bed as I continued to pull her up and into me until she froze and I feared she’d passed out.Yanking my cock and fingers from her, she gasped. I slapped her cunt with a resounding, wet splat that rang around the hotel room and she yelped, hissing, “Yesss.”

I did it again, catching her enflamed clit with my fingertips and rubbing it between my knuckles. Her body bucked up to meet me as I massaged, then she screamed when I spanked her hard a third time.Resting my balls on her lips so she could slather them, I bent forward to cover her perspiring frame and buried my nose in her pussy. I was consumed by desire, tongue snaking and circling her sensitive button as her slick wetness overran. Nat groaned.Taking her clit between my lips I suckled and nipped it, her skyward grinds exerting the perfect pressure. My tongue alternated either side of the hood in a rhythm and she cried out before swirling her tongue over my tight sac.Fuck, I was close and had to pull up away from her searching tongue to prevent spurting all over her neck and tits. My cock dribbled a healthy dollop of pre-come onto the belt. Parting her legs further, I dove from her clit to probe her pussy, lapping the juices that trickled from her on tap. My nose pressed to her crinkled star and I breathed in her delicious musk, tinged with the sweetness of the nectar that had dribbled over it.I pressed my tongue deeper inside her pussy as she crushed against me hard, her sighs deepening. Grinding my face against her wet slit, I lapped her glossy folds.

Her moans increased and I cruelly pulled away to watch her frame clutching at nothing but air.She groaned. “Stop teasing me, you fucker.””Aww,” I chided, punctuating my speech with wet kisses to her jumping centre. “Does. Natty. Want. To. Come?”She groaned again as my lips wrapped her clit and sucked it into my warm mouth. “Fuck yes!”Supporting myself on one hand, I once again curled my fingers against the spongy front wall of her pussy. With a sustained pressure, I resumed pulling up my forearm in a repeated rhythm, massaging her insides. Her entire body tensed as her juices leaked around me, moans ringing out long and loud.As the groaning died away, replaced with deep panting, the sound her pussy made was insane. Short, sharp sucks, reminiscent of water spiralling the bath plug, echoed off the sparse hotel walls.

I felt the suction selfishly trying to pull me inside, my fingers sawing and tugging at her dripping cunt.Air drew through her teeth as her body convulsed briefly and tightened. “Oh God. Coming. Yeah. Yeah.” Her words crumbled to an animalistic snarl, hand flying to my wrist and gripping it tightly as a stream of liquid gushed from her pussy to the sheets. “FUCK!”Her thighs clamped my hand as she sprayed me with a second burst of come and shrieked. Knowing her state might be short-lived, I scrambled from straddling her to kneel alongside her on the bed, desperate for a taste. Managing to extricate my fingers, I watched her rolling and writhing on the bed in ecstasy. I rounded fully to kneel at her feet, grabbed her knees and teased her legs apart against the resistance she was putting up.”Fuck, Nat, yeah. Let me drink you.”My hand found home once more as I crawled between her quivering thighs.

My middle two fingers slipped inside her spasming pussy walls and I reared up to continue the onslaught. The sucking noise began again and she cried out, hands flying either side of her body to grip the sheets. She bucked her groin up against my invasion, screaming profanity as I was treated to a further squirt of come that splattered my chin and chest. I managed to catch some of the next on my tongue and hungrily swallowed.It was like nothing I’d ever tasted. So sweet and wet, as if a silk scarf was gliding down my throat. My stomach somersaulted and all I knew was the desire for more. And more. With my thumb, I massaged her shiny clit in rough circles then opened my hand flat, dropped my face over her pussy and drove my fingers in and out rapidly to the symphony of her cries and the astonishing squelches.My tongue and lips managed to hold onto her clit just long enough for her to freeze again and her body jerked like she’d been shot. A fresh jet of come burst from inside her and coated my lips as I opened my mouth and drank from the brief fountain before her body collapsed and wriggled against the bedding. She grappled between her legs and tore my hand away by the wrist, gasping.

I watched her in the throes of orgasmic bliss, my cock raging at the sight of the joy on her face. I felt a surge of my own happiness and grabbed my dick, pumping the thick shaft. The orgasm welled from within and I aimed my tip at her distended, soaked slit, roaring as I unleashed streams of white-hot come over her hairless pussy.Pearly drops splattered against her milky skin, peppering her abdomen before rolling across her drenched pussy lips under gravity’s pull. I watched, body shaking, mesmerised as her hips rocked, arms swishing up and down making a snow angel on the starched sheets.Glimmers of exhilaration formed and went, her brow creasing and smoothing as whatever explosions continued inside her body took their toll. I squeezed the end of my cock, depositing the last of my seed right on top of her proud clit and watched it slither south. Such a beautiful mess.The sheets between her thighs by my knees were soaked.

I could still taste her essence, waves of her scent emanating from the come trapped in my fledgling stubble. I licked my lips. Fuck, she was delicious.My cock gradually deflated and I remained content to just watch. The only parts of her that moved for a long while were her chest, the rise and fall slowing with each minute that passed, and her twitching mouth as pleasure raced the network of nerves and impulses inside her body.Eventually, she lifted her head from where it was hung over the edge of the bed and slid forward to prop herself on weak elbows, eyes finding mine. We shared a smile and I nodded slowly.”Now you’ve had an orgasm.”Natalie regarded her cum-spattered skin and giggled. “And don’t I know it.” She sat up, the belt buckle clinking, and ran her hand through tangled locks. “Jesus, that was mind-blowing. Thank you.””My pleasure. And I mean that.”She giggled and regarded her belly. “I can see your pleasure.””And I can see yours.” I patted the bed sheets and she reached down.Her hand flew to her mouth, wet.

“Oh my God. Did I really do that?””Every drop.””Jee-sus.” She stroked the sheets again.”I caught some of it.”She giggled. “Did you like it?”I flashed her a grin. “Absolutely.”Her finger trailed from the sheets to her pussy and she scooped a little of my come onto a fingertip, bringing it to her tongue. “Mmmm.” She returned for more, fed a finger to me, then took the rest for herself.It was so erotic to watch her clean herself up. When done, she flopped back to the bed. I crawled alongside her, and propped myself on one elbow, smoothing some strands of hair away from her face and wiping the streaked make-up from her cheeks. It felt chivalrous and right.As I idly traced figure eights on her stomach, she reached to stroke my chin. “Would you do that again sometime, Ethan?” I dipped my head and kissed her fingers as she continued. “Nobody’s ever made me feel like that. You took me… took me to places I didn’t know existed.

“I paused. Saw something brimming in her eyes; an excitement I’d never seen in any woman, let alone someone else’s wife drunk with lust for me. Pandora’s wet box was well and truly open.I’d vowed she was going to be a one-time conquest. A fuck-and-run project. But everything changed when I saw her lingerie-clad body. I knew the risks of course – being the first to bring a woman to such an orgasm always carries the prospect of emotional attachment forming. But she was somehow different from the others. Magnetic. Alluring. Dangerous and sexy as fuck. A deadly combination.As a rule, I steered clear of complicated.

Complicated had a habit of getting messy. Granted, there were worse people to have worship me. She was truly gorgeous, but her husband was influential. Probably knew men who could make people disappear for minor business infractions. God knows the sort of company he could buy for people who screwed with his wife.I looked away, opened my mouth to speak but didn’t get any further. In a show of strength I didn’t realise she had, she rolled on top of me and pinned me to the bed, swishing her hair over my torso and nuzzling my skin. She flung her hair back and set me a fiery gaze as she ran her tongue up my chest and swirled it around my nipple. When her teeth came into play, I shivered.

She brought my fist up and wrapped it around the end of the belt, pulling my arm out to tighten the leather noose. Then tighter. Her tongue continued to my throat, up and across my cheek until I felt her hot breath in my ear. She nibbled my lobe, all heat and promise, whispering, “My turn. Let me show you how real dirty girls like to fuck.