Birthday surprise for my hubby.

A treat for hubby… but with a twist at the end.Mark and I have been married for a few years now and we have always been very sexually active with each other and willing to try new things. On the whole, we have been faithful to each other but we both have been known to indulge in some “heavy petting” with other partners, usually when a bit drunk. For me it’s never gone beyond the odd hand job. I don’t think Mark minds that much as it always makes me as horny and wet as hell and I have to fuck as soon as I get alone with himI work about a forty-five-minute drive from home and one day I was driving home when that last cup of coffee at the office began to build up pressure in my bladder and I desperately needed to pee. So, I pulled in at a roadside cafe en route to use the facilities. I went into the ladies toilets and took the first available cubicle and sat down to relieve myself with a sigh. Heaven.Whilst sitting there and finally relaxing, I took stock of my surroundings. It was a normal cubicle but right next to me was a patch of wall covered in duct tape.

On closer inspection I could see that the tape was holding a bung in place that filled a hole about two inches in diameter. I soon figured out that this hole must go through to the men’s toilets on the other side of this partition and could only mean that this was a gloryhole that had been hastily filled by the management.This discovery was starting to get me aroused. I started imagining all the throbbing cocks that had been pushed through this hole with the expectation of some stranger sucking them off. I tried to picture what it must be like to have a throbbing cock in my mouth and not have to have any interaction with its owner. It was such a dirty and slutty image and it gave me an idea.First, do I open up the hole now? No, I decided. Save that treat for later. However, I couldn’t leave the cubicle until I had taken care of another pressing need. By now, the effect of my daydream meant that my pussy was throbbing and wet and desperately needed attention. My pussy lips were fully swollen and flapping open and my clit felt like a hard, pulsating bullet.

I set to work running a finger up and down my sopping slit. God, how I wish I had my vibrator with me! I dipped a couple of fingers into my hole and gathered up my juices to spread them over my clit. When I want to cum quick, my clit is the way to go and it didn’t take much rubbing before the waves of orgasm washed over me.While washing my hands a woman came out of the next cubicle and did the same. She looked across at me and said “Sometimes I also can’t wait until I get home. You go, girl!” I blushed and beat a hasty retreat.It was Mark’s birthday in a few days and I had been wondering what to give him as a treat. Now Mark is a vintage car enthusiast and likes to renovate old cars in his spare time. That night, I went online to the website of the local vintage car club publication that Mark reads and I posted an ad in the “personal” section of the classified ads.”Gloryhole. ** Cafe, Thursday 29th, 7pm”.

One week to go.I was sure Mark would read it as he had pointed out similarly teasing ads in the mag before.I was so excited and Thursday couldn’t come soon enough. When I left for work on Thursday morning, I told Mark I would be working late so don’t expect me back before 8pm.Concentrating was hard all day but finally, I set off for Mark’s treat.I got to the cafe early so as to get the right cubicle and slowly peeled back the duct tape and pulled out the plug. A quick peep through the hole confirmed the gents toilets on the other side. All I had to do now was wait for Mark to show up.At bang on 7pm, I heard a shuffling on the other side of the wall. My heart was pounding. Was it Mark? No. A large black cock and balls appeared through the hole. I was both disappointed that it wasn’t Mark but highly aroused at the sight of such a monster. What should I do? Well, it throbbed and bobbed inches from my face as if saying “please suck me!” and it seemed like there was only one thing to do. I dipped my head forward and took the bulbous helmet into my mouth and held it there throbbing and jerking between my lips. This was sending impossible messages to my pussy and I thought my clit would explode.I flicked my tongue around the bellend in my mouth causing it to throb and twitch even more.

I dipped further forward, taking more of that length into my mouth and started to move my head backwards and forwards. I took the hairy balls into my hand as I bobbed up and down and rolled them in my palm. The twitching in my mouth became more pronounced and I knew the cock was about to explode. I wanted to see it and feel it. Two more flicks of the tongue and felt the head in my mouth swell, the shaft harden and the first hot slug of thick cum hit the back of my throat. I pulled it out of my mouth and watched more spurts shoot from its slit as they fell onto my chin and blouse.The black cock withdrew and I sat back on the toilet seat and looked at the gobs of cum on my blouse. I decided it would be best to take my top off for when Mark showed up and I might as well take my skirt and pants off too as I needed to give some attention to my soaking cunt.It wasn’t long before another cock appeared at the gloryhole. I was disappointed again as it was too small to be Mark’s. But I’m not one to waste an opportunity and quickly grabbed it with one hand and the balls with the other.

I began wanking this cock in the hope that it would cum quickly so I could get around to Mark. I was working that cock hard with my hands and it started to produce a few dribbles of precum so I knew it was close. Not wishing to waste it, I dipped forward and licked the drops from the tip just as it exploded a huge gob of cum that hit me right between the eyes. I quickly stuffed it into my mouth to catch the rest which continued to fill my mouth and I found it hard to swallow fast enough. A small cock packing a lot of cum!I sat back again once the now flaccid cock withdrew and I waited, fiddling with my pussy. A few minutes passed, but then another cock came through the hole. One look told me it was Mark’s. I’d know it anywhere and I quickly set to work on it.I took Mark’s cock in my mouth and sucked it and flicked my tongue around it, especially that bit on the back of his cock where the foreskin attaches: that spot always drives him wild. I gave him the full treatment with all the techniques he loves. Sucking, flicking, nibbling.

I rolled his balls around in my hand, inflicting just a hint of pain. Then I realised that I too needed some attention and I was naked now too. I let go of Mark’s gorgeous cock, stood up, turned around and bent forward. I then reversed my sopping snatch towards his throbbing cock. This seemed so slutty, sucking off two strangers and then letting my husband think he was fucking a stranger through a toilet wall.My cunt was so wet that I slipped easily over his cock making me feel stretched and full. I proceeded to bounce my ass off the wall as I thrust onto him bringing my much-needed orgasm closer and closer. Then I felt Mark’s cock twitch inside me (God, how I love that feeling) and I knew he was about to cum. As the hot cum filled my cunt, it was enough to send me over the edge to a crashing orgasm that left me limp and quivering as I fell to the floor, my legs unable to support me.When I came to my senses, Mark’s now limp cock had withdrawn leaving me with his hot cum leaking from my slit.Job done, I quickly dressed and left the cubicle before another punter could tempt me to stay.

I drove home in a daze, satisfied that I had given Mark a birthday present to remember.When I got home, Mark was nowhere to be seen. I went outside and found him in the garage with his mate, a pensioner called Ted, who worked with him on old cars. I gave Mark a kiss, wondering if he could taste the cum on my lips.”Have you just got here, Ted?” I asked.”No, Di. Mark and I have been working on this car all afternoon without a break. Could you do us a sandwich please?”A sudden roaring in my ears, my legs felt like jelly. “Are you alright, Di? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” was all I heard Mark say.