At The Laundromat

Anna rewards her saviorOne good deed deserves another.ᴉMierda! I thought. “Thank you,” I said. I didn’t have an extra $150 to get my clothes dryer fixed, so I paid the serviceman and walked him to the door.

At least my washer still worked. I had Thursday morning off so after I showered, I pulled my hair back, put on shorts and a baggy sweatshirt, and did the laundry that had been building up. I popped each load in a trash bag and then drove down to the Laundromat. Even if I would have to use their dryers until next month, I was not going to look like one of the campesinos who can’t speak English, pushing a shopping basket piled high with laundry. With my light skin and long face, I looked more Anglo than Latina, and I wasn’t going to spoil the impression.

Actually, it wasn’t bad. There were a couple of Madres folding their now dried family laundry over on the tables, and three guys who looked uncomfortable in a Laundromat. I loaded up a couple of dryers, sat down on a bench, opened up ‘The Killing Dance’, and tried to radiate disinterest.

A couple of minutes later a real skuzzball walks in and starts trying to sell some stuff that fell of the back of a truck. Although he got no takers, he didn’t leave. I figured he was trying to stay off the streets and out of sight. He kept eyeing me after the Madres left, and I started to worry when one of the dudes got done and left.

ᴉAhorrado! In walked a Norse god with his laundry! Even better, I knew I had seen him at Mass – even if he had never seen me. He had to be at least two hundred pounds of muscle and six feet tall. Mi Dios! He was a cutie! I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers! I felt myself flushing and squirmed a bit. I tried to go back to reading.

The Viking had started up his first load when the other two dudes finished bagging their clothes, grabbed their stuff, and headed out the door. As they left, I saw something flutter to the floor, as did Viking and Skuzzball. One of the guys had dropped a $20! Skuzzball started to go for it, but Viking was faster. He stepped on the bill, and shouted “Yo! Dudes!” at the guys who had just left, but the door had already closed. I could see that Skuzzball was ready to claim the money, so I got up, opened the Laundromat door and called out to the guys who had almost gotten to the corner.

“Hey guys! Did either of you two drop a Twenty?”

Dude two puts his hands in his pockets, looks up and says, “Yeah! You have it?”

“No. It’s in here.”

I held the door open for the guys. After a few “Thank yous,” and “Welcomes”, they left, with me sitting on the bench by the dryers and Viking and Skuzzball standing by the washers. While Viking started his second load, Skuzzball was giving me nasty looks – as if I was at fault for him not getting the $20. Viking saw him.

“The lady did something to you Dude?”


“Then why are you giving her the bad eye? Matter of fact, why are you in here? Are you washing your clothes or drying them?”

“Just chillin, that’s all.”

“Maybe you should chill somewhere else, or should I call the cops?”

“Hey, fuck you asshole! I got a right to be here. Same as you.”

Viking pulled out his cell phone and said “Not if you aren’t doing laundry, you don’t. Maybe I should call the cops. Wait while I tell them about you selling hot stuff.”

“Hey, chill out M’man. I’m leavin.”

“Yeah. OK.” Viking watched the door close, and then turned to me. “Everything OK with you Miss?”

ᴉOh Mi Dios! A polite, gallant sexy hunk of a man! I can take a lot of this!

“Yeah, now he’s gone. Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome. And thank you for running after the guy who dropped the twenty.”

“No problem. You were busy keeping Skuzzball from taking it.”

“It wasn’t his. Not to change the subject or anything, but I notice you’re reading ‘The Killing Dance’. Do you like Hamilton’s take on mystery?”

Oooh, nice. He reads too. I like this. Big, clean shaven and he filled out his polo shirt and jeans completely. Big muscular forearms.

“She’s OK. I like detective novels, and she gives the story a sexy twist.”“Sexy twist, eh?”

“Yeah,” I said, looking straight at him, “the heroine sleeps with the guy who saves her from a very dangerous situation.”

“I’ll bet the heroine wasn’t as cute as you,” Viking says with a big mile.

“Maybe, maybe not. Her savior wasn’t like you though.”

“No? How’s that?”

“He’s a vampire.” Big smile. “Vampires don’t smell as good as humans do.”“How do you know? Can you tell how I smell from there?”

“Come over here and I’ll know for sure.”

Viking sat down beside me, and he did smell good. Just a hint of aftershave; he must have showered this morning. I noticed how tight his pants were. MMMmmm.

“You smell very nice, Miss …”

“Annabelle. Call me Anna. Thank you.” I placed my palm against his chest, looked up into his face. ”And what’s your name?”

“Steve. Steven Lawson.” He stroked my cheek. “Your skin is very soft.”

I let my hand stroke down his chest and abdomen and felt a nice hard-on when my fingertips stroked across his lap.

“But you seem very hard!”

Steve closed his eyes and grunted. “Ngrnth. That’s because a sexy lady is stroking my body, Anna.” He opened his eyes and looked into mine. “But you knew that, didn’t you?”

“Maybe.” I watched his eyes get wide as I unbuttoned the top button of his jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down. I slipped my right hand inside his jeans and stroked him through his boxers, running my fingers gently over the length of his cock, gently stroking my thumb over the tip. He was circumcised! I knew then that I had to have him.

I leaned up to his ear and whispered, “Come stand over by the folding tables with your back towards the street.”

Without waiting for his answer, I stood up and walked over to the folding table. Steve followed. I turned around to him and said, “I’m going to make you cum right here at the table. Right here while people are walking past outside. What do you think about that?”

Steve didn’t say anything at all, but he did finish unzipping his jeans for me. Smart boy too.

I knelt slowly, dragging my nails down the front of his pants, and felt the cool of the linoleum floor on my knees. I looked into Steve’s crotch, gently pulled his hard-on out of his boxers, and slowly slid my lips down over his cock head. I had him in my mouth, and felt his hardness against my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I smiled to myself when he jumped as I flicked my tongue across his glans. As I circled the base of his cock with my left hand, I felt his cock pulse in my mouth.

ᴉMaldición! This Anglo was clean and his musky scent smelled great! And he wasn’t shaved – I like my men to have hair. I slid my mouth down as far as I was able, and as I drew back, feeling the bumps and ridges of the veins of his erection with my lips, I milked his sack with my right hand.

I let his cock slide out of my mouth, and slowly rubbed the tip across my lips. I drew my mouth back a bit and as I stroked up with my right hand a big drop of precum formed at the opening. Steve was going to love this! I looked into his eyes and slowly dragged my tongue across the top of his cock, drawing the pre-cum into a string from his penis to my lips.

I felt him tense and heard him suck in his breath, so I quickly pushed my mouth back down his cock as far as I could go and scraped my nails down his sack. As I did, I began to feel his cock twitch, and then he was holding my head with his right hand and squirting cum in my mouth. Steve even tasted OK. Thick, salty and not too bitter. He had cum so quickly that I knew someone hadn’t been sucked off for a while! If I could get him to last for ten minutes of hard fucking, this one was a keeper.

I stood up and leaned into his chest while I zipped up his jeans. He had a death grip on the edge of the folding table. I stood on my toes, kissed him on his mouth so that he tasted his cum, and said, “Why don’t you go sit on the bench while you get your breath back?”

Steve sat down hard on the bench and watched me take my clothes out of the dryers and stuff them into the trash bags.

As I finished, he said, “I’d like to see you again.”

I said, “Give me your phone number Steve, and I’ll call you.”

He still had his wits about him. He pulled out his wallet, found a card and gave it to me. “Here. You can call me at work or on my cell. Anytime.”

Big smile. “Thanks! I’ll give you a call soon. Bye.”     Copyright © Copyright 2018 SilverGlazeTo link to this sex story from your site – please use the following code:At The Laundromat Please tell us why you think this story should be removed.Reason