After Dinner Snack

Oral sex is a two way streetPart of an ongoing series about Annabelle’s search.”You know, Anna, you’re very trusting to have me up in your apartment the second time we met.”

“I’m too trusting, am I?” I leaned toward him to pour his coffee. “Let’s think about that. What do I know about you? You dress well. You are clean-shaven. You’re polite and honest. You’re not married, and I’ve seen you off and on at Mass for what, six months?” I walked to my seat, poured my coffee, put the carafe into the coffee maker, and sat down.

Steve’s eyes opened wide. “Thanks, but how do you know all that?”

I pushed the sugar bowl towards him. “Steve, I’m looking at you right now. You left your buds at the foosball competition at the bar, shaved, showered, and drove over to St. Mike’s so that you could attend Mass and still have enough time to clean your apartment so that you wouldn’t be embarrassed when I saw it tomorrow. Am I right?”

“Well, yeah. What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing, Steve, there’s nothing at all wrong with that.” I smiled into his puzzlement and leaned back in my chair. “That’s my point. I can trust you. Drink your coffee.”

We drank our coffees, I drank mine while cleaning up the dinner dishes, almost spilling some on my blouse, my beautiful Viking nursing his along quite slowly, carefully raising and lowering the cup to his lips as if it were boiling hot, a stiffly mechanical process that suggested his nervousness more than his control. Once I had put the dinner dishes away, I poured myself another half cup and sat back down at the dinner table with him. Finally, Steve put down his now empty cup of coffee. He seemed to have made up his mind about something.

Steve started speaking into his coffee cup. “You know, Anna, you have been very nice to me. I mean, you’ve just fed me dinner, you’ve offered to let me use your clothes dryer, and were something special at the Laundromat.” He looked up hopefully at me. “Is there anything I can do to repay your kindness?”

“It’s sweet of you to offer, Steve.” It was my turn to look away, down into my coffee cup, seeking answers there. He seemed sincere, and I wanted him very much. I also had a feeling that he needed to be wanted. I looked up and thought I saw anxious anticipation in the way he scrunched his eyebrows. For all his manliness, Steve seemed to be a Pajiso. If I was right, this could be an opportunity that might not come again for a long time – if ever. Sácate el dedo del culo, Anna!

“Of course there is. But I’m not asking for anything. Oh wait, that’s not true! I’ll be wanting to use your clothes dryer tomorrow!”

Steve grinned at my little joke and when I smiled back at him said, “Oh Hell, Annabelle, you know what I mean; you haven’t even been to my apartment, or let me buy you dinner, let alone use my clothes dryer!”

“Ah, I see.” I leaned forward and locked eyes with Steve. “Are you asking me if I’d like you to be ‘special’ to me like I was to you at Suds City?”

Steve’s face flushed red. He suddenly looked trapped. ¡Mierda! Had I pushed too hard too fast? Most guys would be coming around the table by now, reaching for me! ¡Verga! What’s with him? I KNOW he’s not queer! Steve looked from side to side as he leaned back in his chair, away from me. He looked up at the ceiling, then finally back at me.

Steve licked his lips nervously, blurted out “Anna, I’ve never eaten a woman out,” and then resumed studying the inside of his coffee cup.

‘Eat her out.’ So gross! Who came up with that stupid expression? I had a lot to learn about my Viking, and he had a lot to learn about me. If oral sex was not going to be a one-way street for us, from me to him, I was going to have to lead him in this dance. But before I could do that, I had to get him out of his corner and stop being defensive. Guys love drama, so I pushed my chair back, walked around the table, knelt at his feet, took his hands in mine, and said: “Did you enjoy our oral sex at Suds City?”

“Oh God yes! You were magic with your fingernails and tongue!” However, he said it to his coffee cup.

‘Fingernails and tongue’? Funny, I could have sworn that he came in my mouth. Men are so weird. No importa. He saw it his way. I saw it mine.

“Steve, look at me. Wouldn’t you like to make me feel as good as you felt then?” I reached out and stroked his arm, then stretched up, touched his cheek, and turned his head to look at me. As we looked into each other’s eyes, Steve seemed to regain some composure, so I tried to look anxious and hopeful at the same time.

He looked down at me, smiled, then frowned, and said, “Anna, I really don’t know what to do, and I’m scared as Hell that I’ll make a mess of things.”

“Steve, would it be Okay with you if I showed you how to please me with your mouth? With your fingers, tongue, and mouth on my body? You’re not too proud to let your girl tell you what I like, are you?” I thought briefly about batting my eyelashes, then cast the thought aside.

Steve, embarrassed again, but now getting excited, slid his hand out from under mine, reached out, stroked my cheek, and then ran his fingers over my scalp and into my hair. I nuzzled my face into his forearm and took a deep breath. Clean men smell good. If I could get him going, this could be very, very pleasant.

Then I heard Steve say, “Tell me what to do, Anna.”

“Come down off the chair to me.” I looked up at him, smiled and pulled firmly on his wrists until he slid off the chair and knelt in front of me. I placed his hands on each side of my face. “Kiss me, Steve. Kiss my lips. Kiss my eyes. Kiss my face. Kiss me.”

He pulled me toward him as I leaned toward him, and I tasted his lips, and he kissed my eyebrows and eyes and stroked my ears. His breath felt warm on my skin when he kissed down my neck and throat.

Enough! I pulled back and away. Steve opened his eyes, questioning. As he opened his mouth to speak, I put my finger on his lips. I pulled his hands away from me and placed them on his thighs, and then I cupped his face in my hands.

“Steve, most women are shy about their bodies. I am. I worry about what you like about my body. Tell me I’m beautiful, show me which parts you like best, tell me anything, but make me want you enough to let you down between my legs.”

My Viking reached out to me and pressed me to his chest. He ran his fingers up my neck, over my scalp, into my hair drawing it upwards while he lowered his face into it. Rubbing my hair across his face, “Nice,” he said approvingly. “Very nice indeed.”

“That’s good Steve! Wonderful.” As I pulled back, he let my hair slowly fall out of his hands. I put my hands behind my head, lacing my fingers together. “Now, undress me slowly.”

His hands were shaking a bit as he reached out towards me, but one by one, he opened the buttons of my blouse. He pulled my blouse out from under the waistband of my skirt and pushed it over my shoulders. I lowered my arms and shrugged it off.

“Steve, My bra opens at the front.”

He fumbled a bit opening it, but soon my bra joined my blouse on the floor. He kneeled back to enjoy the look of his half-naked woman, so I put my hands behind my head again, lifting my breasts up to him.

“Now stop and look at what you see. Tell me what makes me special.”

“Anna, you’re even prettier without clothes than with them on.” Then he leaned forward to kiss first one breast, then the other. My nipples were hard. He closed his teeth over one and suckled, and I gasped. “You like that?” he asked, lifting his head.

“Mmm Hmmm,” and I smiled. That was enough for him — Steve lowered his head again and began kissing and licking my breasts, one after the other, sucking each of them until both nipples were slick with his saliva. I was getting all hot and bothered again, but this time I was going to be satisfied! He drew back and cupped my breasts in his hands. Then he slid his hands down my chest, past my navel toward the top of my skirt, looked back up at me and waited.

Silently, I stood up and turned away from him. I didn’t think he needed any coaching on what he should do next, and when he pulled the zipper down the back of my skirt, I smiled again. I turned back towards him slowly, and as I did, he tugged on the hem of my skirt until the waistband slipped over my hips and it slid down to the floor. I held onto the side of the dining room table as I stepped out of my skirt. Steve picked it up with my blouse and bra and handed them to me.

“Thank you, Steve,” as I draped my clothes over the back of a chair.

“Oh no Anna, thank you!”

As I turned back to face my Viking wearing only white panties and blue pumps, I opened my legs a bit. With him kneeling before me, my pussy was about a foot in front of his face. Would he notice that I was getting wet?

“Steve, women are much more verbal than men. That’s the running joke, right? Women can’t stop talking. Men don’t talk, especially while making love. I love it when men talk to me. I’m a person then, not a thing. I respond to verbal love, which means, the more you talk to me; the easier you’ll be able to get me off. So while you’re petting and stroking me and my beautiful pussy, talk to me about it.”

He put his hands over my knees, fingers on the outside, and stroked up my legs, his thumbs rubbing up against the inside of my thighs until they met at the moistness at the bottom of my panties. He stopped and looked up, waiting for guidance. I pushed my hips forward, down and into his hands.

“Can you feel how much you excite me, Steve?”

“Yes! You’re all wet.” Steve hooked his fingers into the waistband of my panties and began pulling them down. I rotated my hips to help, and he slid my panties down my legs to my ankles. As I raised one foot, Steve slipped the panties over my shoe, and then we did the same with the other. He picked up my panties, looked at the damp spot and tossed them aside. He turned back to me, ran his hands up my legs, and slid his fingers slowly into my bush until they touched my now very wet pussy lips.

“Anna, You’re beautiful. You feel beautiful.”

“Oh Steve, your fingers feel wonderful! Now taste me.”

“Taste you?”

“Lick your fingers. Pull your fingers out of my pussy, and then lick my juices off your fingers.”

My Viking slowly withdrew his fingers, now shining, glistening and wet.

“Smell your fingers, Steve. That’s me. Lick them. That’s me too.”

Hesitantly, and oh so carefully Steve brought his right hand up to his nose. He sniffed his fingers delicately as if there was some surprise waiting. He stuck his tongue out and touched the end of it with his fingers, ready to be offended. When he wasn’t, he licked his fingers. Then he brought up his left hand a stuck his index and middle fingers in his mouth. Then he removed them and looked up at me sheepishly.

“Anna, you taste sexy!”

“From where you got that I’d better taste sexy! Now touch and look at my pussy again. Gently pull the lips apart and look at her inner lips, even lick them if you want to. Gently though!”

“Yes, that’s right. Good!”

“Now, spread the top of my pussy until you find my clit. I don’t know about any other women you’ve slept with, but women have clits in all different sizes, just like you guys have different sized cocks. Whenever you touch my pussy, make sure your finger is wet. You can lick it or moisten it with my juices. Just like your cock head, it doesn’t have any juices of its own, and it’s very sensitive.”

“Slowly Steve, slowly. Approach my pussy slowly. Women, much more than men, love to be teased. The inner parts of my thighs are tender spots. Lick them, kiss them, drag your face up my thigh. Come close to my pussy, and stop. Yes! Good. Just like that! Now breathe on me. Yes! Yes! And now do my other thigh. Ugrnh! Yes! Good baby.”

“Doesn’t my stubble scratch you? Your skin is so soft, it’s like gauze.”

“Not yet, baby, it doesn’t. You must have shaved before going to Mass.”

“Now lick the crease where my leg meets my pussy. Nuzzle your face into my bush. Good Slowly, slowly! Brush your lips over my slit. No. Don’t press. I’ll let you know when to push in. Now again, Yes. Now again. Ohmygod this is good!”

My legs were getting a little rubbery, so I took a step backward to the dining room table. Steve shuffled after me on his knees.

“Oh baby, you’ve got me trapped against the table. Now’s the time to put your lips right on top of my slit. Kiss my pussy. Again. Yes! Now harder. Yes! Now use your tongue to separate my pussy lips. Can you feel me open up for you Steve? Ah! Oh yes! Now, run your tongue up and down between the lips of my pussy flesh. Spread my thighs a little more with your hands. Gently baby. Gently. You must eat this girl gently.”

“Now stick your tongue up inside me. Yes, that’s right, Nngh! That’s good baby. Your nose is bumping on my clit. Can you feel that baby? Ohmygod this is divine! You are doing so good baby. You sure you never went down on a woman before?”

“Never Anna. You’re the first.”

“Now Steve, bring your tongue up to the top of my slit and feel for my clit. Can you feel that hard bump with your tongue? Yes, that’s it! I can sure feel your tongue! Lick me quickly. Yes. Now, lick hard and press down a little.”

He dipped his face between my thighs and shook his head back and forth, a quick shake, tongue out, like when you’re being rude behind someone’s back.

“Now gently pull my pussy lips away and flick your tongue against the clit. Quickly!”

He felt my legs shudder, getting closer. Steve pressed in and sucked my clit into his mouth. I reached behind me to the table with my right arm to steady myself.

“Steve! Take two fingers. Get them wet with my juices. Make sure they’re wet. OK. Slide them inside me, slowly. Now, a little faster. Fuck me with your fingers baby!”

I was gasping now. “Suck harder. Yes. That’s it, baby, suck even harder. ¡Oh Mi Dios! ¡Excellente!”

“No! No! Don’t let go.” I grabbed Steve’s head with my left hand and held it in that right place, at the right angle. “Don’t stop now. Don’t ever stop!'”

“Harder, faster, yes, yes, yes, now, now,NOW!”

“I’m cumming! Keep sucking! Lick my clit!”

¡Oh Mi Dios! I floated. It was that pure, perfect, timeless moment when I’m airborne before gravity takes control. That moment of sudden release. Exhilarating. Exquisite. Eternal. And then it was gone, and I returned to earth.

“Steve! Help me down! Help me down on the floor with you before I fall down on top of you!’

And my big strong Viking’s hands left my pussy and reached up to hold me just under my armpits and slowly lowered me to lie down on the floor with him. But the floor was cold, so I snuggled into my man, away from the cold, drawing warmth and strength from the big male body that smelled so good. And Steve held me close to him, away from the cold floor, and I wondered how I had gotten so lucky.

“Anna? Wake up, Anna.”

“Huh? What?”

“You’ve been dozing – and that’s cool. But I still have to get back to my place and start cleaning.”

“Why? What’s the time? Was I asleep long?”

“It’s Okay. Everything’s Okay. You were only dozing for a few minutes. However, it is almost eight o’clock, and I have a lot to do before you come over tomorrow.”

I rolled off Steve, and my fat ass made a splat sound on the cold dining room floor. Way to go Annabelle. Impressing the guests again. I struggled to my feet, a little shaky, as I seldom wake up in a man’s arms wearing only shoes. I found my blouse and pulled it over my arms, which helped a little with the chill, but probably accentuated my nakedness.

Meanwhile, Steve straightened his rumpled clothing. Then, “May I use your bathroom to wash my face?”

“Sure. Through that door, first door on the left.”

“Thanks. I’ll be right back.”

And he was, but by then I had pulled on my skirt and buttoned my blouse, so I looked at least a little less of a slut as we walked to the front door of my apartment. We kissed tenderly, with future expectations. I unlocked and opened the door, and Steve stepped out into the hallway, turned back towards me.

“Tomorrow then?”

“Yes, Steve. Tomorrow.”