Starting Work At A New Company With Kelly, Part 3

Kelly fulfills fantasies with women and huge cocks at work and at another company orgyOola was the black woman whose tits Kelly was so fascinated with at her first company orgy. Oola worked in customer support at the far end of the building from Kelly. Once in a great while, Kelly would need to go see her about something in person. One day she had heard Oola was wearing a see-through blouse. Kelly had to see her tits again so she made up some excuse to go see her.

She sat in her cubicle talking about whatever it was. She couldn’t take her eyes off of her boobs. Oola unbuttoned a couple of buttons as they talked. Kelly was nearly drooling. Oola opened her blouse and pulled one breast free. The tops were shaped like ski slopes but the bottoms were full and heavy. She was easily a DD-cup. Her black areola covered the whole end of her boob. It was topped with an erect black cherry of a nipple.Oola rolled the exposed nipple between her thumb and finger. Kelly closed in and took the huge nipple into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. Kelly reached for Oola’s hand and pulled it to her cunt. Kelly used her other hand to expose the second breast and play with its nipple. Oola had fingers in

Kelly’s cunt exploring her wet folds. Kelly reached under Oola’s skirt, found panties and slid them aside. Kelly rubbed her fingers up and down her slit waiting for that first show of moisture. It appeared quickly and Kelly’s fingers explored her slit from top to bottom. She began to finger-bang Oola with two fingers. Oola came first and quietly. Kelly came a minute later and had both of her hands clapped over her mouth to stay quiet. They held each other’s face with their hands, kissed and explored each other’s mouth with their tongues. They broke their kiss and with a wink, Kelly returned to her cubicle.It had been months since their last orgy party. It was June of 1983 and the last party was the previous October. One of the ladies had a baby and a few weeks into her leave decided she was going to stay at home and be a mom. They had a replacement hired a couple of weeks later. It was a

Monday morning in August when Kelly heard the word that there was going to be a pool party at the Johnsons’ that weekend. We had plans for the weekend. Kelly let me know that those would need to be rescheduled, period. She now understood why the gals were so excited when plans were announced for her party. Word spread quickly that Ashley, the new girl would be attending.Kelly pulled into their driveway. She didn’t recognize it as it was dark the last time she had been there. A different, yet still very cute and young valet took her car. She followed the path to the pool. Another young man directed her to the changing house and explained there were places to store her clothes and shoes. Please use the showers and there were no clothes allowed in the pool area.

Alright, thought Kelly, let’s get this party started!Kelly made her entrance. The first thing that caught her eyes was that most of the women were shaved. Kelly thought, you’re welcome! The whole pool was enclosed in a giant screened room that kept out the bugs. There was a permanent wet bar in the enclosure. It was staffed by two bartenders wearing tight little Speedo swimsuits that outlined very respectable cocks which were partially hard. Serving the naked ladies was getting to them! Kelly, drink in hand, joined her naked female coworkers chatting on the pool deck. The party was scheduled for two p.m. and everyone had arrived by two-fifteen. Apparently, they were all anxious for a party. Hors-d’oeuvres were catered in. Everyone was nibbling, giggling and drinking.Ashley was the new hire. Kelly noticed her right away because Ashley was taller than any of the other girls. She was about five-feet-seven with shoulder-length natural yellow-blonde hair. She had perfectly formed C-cup breasts with nipples that tilted upwards, legs that went on for days, and a perfect little butt. She wasn’t shaved but had very fine hair and just a small tuft of blonde hair on her pussy.

Kelly could see why they made an exception for her height. She was nearly perfect in every measure.Kelly was with Sandy and Gayle and they made their way to introduce themselves to Ashley. She had graduated from college just weeks ago and was excited about the new job. Something just clicked between her and Kelly. At one point they found themselves talking alone. Ashley whispered, “So what is the deal with a naked party?”Kelly replied, “Don’t worry about that. It’s a great way to meet people and I think by the end of the night you’re going to be very glad you came. But I do suggest drinking heavily!” she said with a laugh.

They went up to the bar and downed a pair of tequila shots, each.Drinking and nibbling had gone on for perhaps a couple of hours when Deb announced that it was time for everyone to get into the pool. Only a few gals had been in and out for short times up until then. Once in the pool, groups of girls were bobbing around and getting friendly. Ashley stuck close to Kelly and they joined up with Sandy and Gayle. Kelly started playing around with Ashley’s boobs as all the girls commented on how perfect they looked. Ashley immediately fit in with their group. She offered her tits around for each of them to feel them up. Kelly was squeezing her buns as the others played with her tits.Ashley then turned around and faced Kelly.

They both went in for a serious make-out-level kiss. Ashley was playing with Kelly’s ass as Kelly slipped a hand into Ashley’s crotch and found a wet pussy. Ashley ducked under the water and dove into Kelly’s slit and was sucking her clit. Kelly couldn’t believe how long she stayed down, but it was enough to make her cum. Ashley came up sputtering as Kelly fell backward into the water; her knees had given out during the orgasm.As Kelly tried to find right-side up, she saw Sandy dive under. When Kelly came up she helped hold Ashley upright as Sandy ate out Ashley. Sandy didn’t have the same lungs as Ashley but once she came up for air she kept it going with her fingers in Ashley’s cunt. Ashley soon came. She looked at the group and said, “Fuck, this is my kind of party!”Music started blaring and male strippers came dancing out of the changing house. Kelly quickly recognized the three guys that had triple penetrated her, mostly by their long cocks.

There were five other guys (including the bartenders and valets). One was black and the other four were white. They were all wearing tiny red Speedos and dancing around the pool deck. The gals were screaming in delight! When their second song began they all turned their backs to the girls and bent over at the waist as they removed their Speedos. Everyone got a clear view of their buttholes and ball sacks. They were all devoid of body hair.When they turned back to face the crowd their cocks were at least half-hard and the girls were whooping again. Ashley looked at Kelly and said, “Wow! This is incredible! Those cocks are huge!”Kelly said, “Wait until you feel them all the way hard.” Ashley’s eyes got big at that comment.Deb (who had also shaved her snatch) had a microphone and announced, “Okay, ladies, out of the pool for our dance contest! Shake your asses and try to win! If I tap you on the shoulder, jump back into the pool.

The last girl dancing wins!”The guys were reaching out to help girls climb out of the pool. It ended up being two or three girls dancing with each of the strippers. Kelly and Ashley were dancing with the new black guy. Ashley was a natural dancer and had all the moves. Kelly was more concerned with the guy’s cock than dancing. Kelly was pumping his cock as they hip-bumped each other. He was a full nine inches and thick. He was also circumcised. Ashley was dancing away and licking her lips as she watched his cock grow.Kelly noticed that about half of the girls had been tapped out and were in the pool. Strippers were in the pool with them and it looked like each of them had their cock in a pussy. Kelly told Ashley to go out onto the diving board and dance.

Ashley questioned it but Kelly insisted. Ashley was on the diving board putting on a hell of a show. Kelly was tapped out. She swam to the side of the pool near Ashley. “Put your fingers in your pussy”, she said. Ashley looked at her, shrugged, kept dancing and worked her hands up and down her body, finally working a hand into her crotch where she started rubbing her clit.Kelly was finger fucking the hell out of herself and said to Ashley, “Yeah! Keep doing it, baby!” Ashley was into it. She was going to cum! She had no clue that she was the only one still dancing. She finally got herself over the hump and came with a squeal and a shudder and stumbled. Her knees were weak and she stumbled again and then fell ass-first off the diving board into the pool. Everyone cheered. Kelly swam over as Ashley came up sputtering and laughing.Deb was on the microphone calling Ashley to the pool deck.

The “A-Team” of strippers were following Ashley. The fuck platform on which Kelly had been penetrated at the last party had been sitting in the corner of the pool enclosure, covered up. It was now in front of the bar and uncovered. The dancers caught Ashley from behind and lifted her up onto their shoulders. They carried her to the platform, laid her on her back and used six hands to rub in massage oil. The other girls had all climbed out of the pool to watch.Donna had the camera and was taking dozens of photos. The light-skinned black man and the Hispanic man lifted Ashley up, the black guy with the huge cock lay on his back and they lowered Ashley onto his cock. Ashley had a tight little pussy. It took her a minute to adjust and fit his cock into her.

The best she could do left about two inches of his cock out of her twat. Kelly saw the Hispanic guy kiss her and talk to her. Ashley nodded and then swallowed his cock. The light-skinned black man rubbed some lube onto her ass and worked a couple of fingers around in her butt. He mounted the platform and worked between their legs, lined up his cock and slid it slowly and all the way into her butt. He only stopped when his balls would allow no more.

All of the women cheered. Ashley looked like she was on another planet. Kelly could tell she was trying to hide some pain. The women were moving forward and rubbing the four-body fuck pile. Kelly leaned down to Ashley’s ear and told her to focus on what felt good. Her pussy was full and she was experiencing something she had probably fantasized about. She liked to suck cock and she had a wonderful cock in her mouth. “Have you ever been ass-fucked?” Ashley slightly shook her head no. “Just relax. If you relax it will feel really good. He can make you cum just by fucking your butt. Relax and enjoy it, Ashley.”Kelly stepped back and started to rub her pussy right where Ashley could watch her. Kelly was rubbing her clit faster and faster. She really wanted to cum and she wanted Ashley to see it happen.It took a couple of minutes but the look on Ashley’s face finally changed. Soon she was twitching. Ashley came but couldn’t make a sound because of the cock in her throat. Kelly saw the butt fucker scrunch up his face and he was clearly pumping out a load.

The big cock in her twat was pumping as the guy on the bottom roared out an orgasm. Kelly screamed out as she came. A couple of other women came too.A couple of minutes later the Hispanic guy held her face tight to his groin as he exploded what Kelly knew was an enormous amount of ejaculate into her mouth and throat. Ashley was gagging. A small trail of cum was leaking from one nostril. Her face was beet red. The cock finally extracted itself and a huge splash of cum fell from Ashley’s mouth. Ashley was sputtering and gasping for all she was worth.The Hispanic guy grabbed her head from behind and held it still. One by one each of the other five dancers stepped forward and sprayed their load on her face. The last one was the new black guy with the biggest cock of all. He forced his cock into her mouth. He face fucked her for a couple of minutes while her head was still being held tight.

He pulled out and dropped a couple of glops of thick cum onto her forehead.Deb had the camera now. Ashley started to rise up. Deb said, “Stay put until I say.” The butt fucker pulled out and stepped off. Deb was moving around barely a foot away from Ashley’s body, taking pictures. The guy underneath slid out and left Ashley on all fours. Ashley stayed put as Deb snapped away. Kelly’s mind was filled with memories of being in that same exact position–humiliated by being photographed with cum running from every hole, yet turned on from being so completely exposed to everyone. Kelly imagined how excited all of the men would be to see those photos of Ashley. She imagined quarts of cum being spewed on her behalf.Deb was done. Kelly stepped forward and helped Ashley from the platform. Sandy joined them and they led Ashley to the changing house. Ashley was trying to get the cum out of her eyes.

Kelly suggested that she just keep them closed until she was under the shower.Kelly had her soaped up and was rubbing her all over to remove the oil and cum. She rubbed her ass with both hands and worked a couple of fingers into her butt hole and soaped her up on the inside. Ashley groaned. Sandy was cleaning the cum from her pussy. Ashley leaned in and kissed Sandy. Kelly fucking her ass and Sandy fucking her pussy got her off and Ashley moaned as she came. Kelly dropped to her knees and sucked on Ashley’s clit. Minutes later Ashley came again. Again, Kelly was remembering how good it felt when Sandy and Gayle took care of her after her gang-fuck.They all headed out to the pool deck and Ashley couldn’t believe what she saw: sex of every variety among everyone there.

Kelly said, “You need to suck or fuck everyone here before you can leave. Have fun!” Kelly headed over to the new black guy with the biggest cock.Oola was on her knees sucking him. Kelly noticed Oola was also now shaved. Kelly lay on her back and worked her way underneath Oola. She used both hands to spread her outer lips. Oola had a tightly closed pussy. Kelly marveled at the sight of her bright pink inner slit against her black skin. She devoured her clit and explored every fold in her cunt. She thought Oola had the best-tasting cunt she had ever eaten. Oola would twitch as Kelly did something she liked. Kelly could feel a river of girl juice running from her own cunt. Oola started to grind into her face as she came and gifted Kelly with a small squirt. Oola slowly stood up after her orgasm.Kelly jumped up and grabbed the guy’s cock. She pulled him to a lounge chair, lay down on her back and pulled her feet up and crossed her ankles behind her head (a trick she could do when she was younger). The guy laughed and slid up to her and aimed his cock straight down to her waiting hole. He slowly fed his snake into her cunt. Kelly had the best view possible of his huge cock. He seemed shocked that he was able to go balls deep into her.

His face lit up and he stretched out and was basically doing pushups on her as he fucked her. Kelly bent her neck up to look at his face as he fucked.He fucked her hard for about ten minutes and Kelly had a huge orgasm. Someone was sitting on the chair below them and slid a finger into Kelly’s butt. On an upstroke, Kelly saw that it was Carol fucking her butt. Kelly was going to cum again. She whispered to her partner, “Can you cum?” He nodded yes. “Do it, baby. Pump my pussy full. I love your big cock in me. Cum with me, baby, cum with me! Oh fuck, oh fuck! Oh fuuuckkk!!!” Kelly was cumming hard.

“Take it, white girl. Take all of my cum, you little slut!” He let out a groan and Kelly felt each spurt move through his cock. He had her walls stretched to their limits. Kelly had fulfilled her desires for the party. She hooked up with Ashley. She ate Oola and got a close-up view of her pussy. The unexpected treat was fucking an even bigger cock than one from the previous party.Kelly jumped into the pool to cool off and found a couple of girls to play with. She ended up sitting on the edge of the pool as they both ate her. Kelly continued to make the rounds. She sucked some more cock, ate some more pussy. The light-skinned black guy fucked her but he didn’t cum. She finished her rounds with Deb. She and Deb got into a sixty-nine on the diving board. Deb was on top. Kelly was determined to make her cum. Deb was an expert pussy eater. Kelly wondered to herself if these parties weren’t just a way to feed Deb all the cunt she wanted. Kelly was giving it all she had. She slipped a finger into Deb’s ass. Her other hand was wiggling two fingers in her cunt.

She was nibbling her clit with her lips wrapped over her teeth. She was tugging on her clit with her teeth.Deb had stopped eating Kelly. Kelly could tell she was getting Deb close to an orgasm. Kelly was fucking her like a madman. Suddenly Deb wrapped her arms around Kelly’s legs and she started shaking and bucking her ass around. Kelly was being bounced around but staying connected to her crotch in every way she could. Deb shouted so loudly that everyone turned to watch. She kept bucking and kept shaking. She was nearly crushing Kelly’s legs. Deb continued to shout and then had a huge, huge release. Kelly nearly drowned. Deb released an incredible amount of cum on Kelly’s face and into her mouth. Deb had her ankles crossed under Kelly’s head and was still gripping her legs tightly.Deb, uncontrollably, rolled to her right and pulled Kelly off the diving board with her. They hit the water with a huge splash. They untangled from each other under the water and swam to the pool edge below the diving board. Deb pulled Kelly in for a very passionate kiss. When she finally broke the kiss, she said, “You are the most amazing woman! No one has ever made me cum that hard.

Mr. Johnson has been asking me if we could invite you and you guy over for a dinner party, emphasis on ‘party’ if you catch my drift? Does that interest you? Would your guy be okay with something like that? I just feel like I can’t deny Mr. Johnson your talents any longer.”“My guy knows everything about everything with my job. He fucks me twice as hard because of it. He already said he thought I should fuck Mr. Johnson if the opportunity ever came up. He would love nothing more than to join us.”Deb exclaimed, “Wonderful! Can you come over next Friday? I don’t think I could wait much longer!”“We’ll be there.” They kissed again and then climbed from the pool.Kelly arrived home around nine p.m. I was watching TV. She came into the house naked, pushed me down on the couch, pulled off my shorts, sucked my cock hard, jumped on top and raced to an orgasm. “Good party?” I asked. Then Kelly told me all about her sex with Deb. I fucked her harder. I was about to cum when they came in her story. Kelly lifted off me. She didn’t want me to cum. The moment passed and she lowered her cunt back down on me. Then she told me that we were invited over to the Johnsons’ Friday night. Mr. Johnson had been begging his wife for the okay to fuck my wife. Actually, I think they both want to fuck my wife and I’m just along for the ride. I rolled Kelly over and spurted what felt like a gallon of cum into her.