Business & Pleasure Sir?

A flight delay they will never forget“This is a passenger announcement for flight MCO541. Due to increased air traffic, this flight will now depart at 6:25 pm – we apologise for any convenience this may cause and invite passengers to speak with available staff at our information desk for further information.”“Shit!” cursed Lucas under his breath. His journey from San Diego had been problematic from the start. “First a broken down cab and now this…

What does a guy need to do to get a break round here!?” It was a sentence which Lucas had felt to have made continually throughout his three-week stay in California. Working as a successful architect, Lucas Hackett had expected the Thornton Tower project to be as simple as those previous in his ever-growing portfolio. A succession of issues deriving from incorrect blueprints, electrical failures and generally half-assed workers had all contrived to ensure that this was not to be the case.

“Well, if I can’t use the onboard bar, I’ll use the airport one instead!” he thought to himself. Nothing could alter his current situation, but a stiff whisky sour would certainly help to mask his displeasure at being confined to the airport.The AirBar lounge was unexpectedly quiet and as Lucas took his seat he counted just three other fellow travellers, clearly expressing the same resigned look as him.“Good afternoon, could I get you anything?” a female voice suddenly said behind him.Lucas turned round in his chair and was instantly taken aback by the pretty waitress who stood in front of him, smiling politely. As he looked up to respond, Lucas instantly took note of her perfectly toned figure, beautiful blue eyes and enchanting smile but tried to hide his instant attraction to her.“Oh…mmm…could I…mmm…sorry, could I get a whisky sour please?” asked Lucas in surprisingly broken tones. Confidence was one thing that Lucas did not lack and it was an attribute which had helped to propel him to the forefront of the architecture industry.

Yet to his great surprise, he had suddenly felt mildly timid at the innocent question the waitress had asked.   “Sure, I can get that for you now and if there’s anything else, my name is Elise so please don’t hesitate to ask,” the waitress said in a distinct Californian accent before smiling warmly at Lucas and returning back in the direction of the bar.“Elise…what a beautiful name,” thought Lucas, suddenly drifting into his own thoughts. As he watched her walking, his eyes were firmly locked on Elise’s perfectly toned and tanned legs and he was impressed at how confidently she held her stride.

“Okay, so perhaps this delay won’t be such a bad thing,” Lucas thought to himself.As Elise walked away, she felt her heart beating fast and knew that she needed to take a moment to calm down. She had watched Lucas making his way through the departure lounge. His stylish slim-fitting blue suit and white open-collar shirt hung perfectly on his broad shoulders and she could tell that the body underneath was not one to disappoint. As she had watched him sit down, she had pulled her skirt straight, flicked her hair to the side and had walked as confidently as she could towards him, hoping he would not be able to see through her false guise.Elise soon returned from the bar, placing her tray gently down on the oak table where Lucas was sat. As she picked up his drink, she noticed that his eyes were firmly locked on to hers and suddenly found herself blushing, the heat working its way through her body–a sensation which she could not remember feeling for some time. As she returned his stare, Elise reached forward to serve his drink unbeknown that Lucas’ cell-phone was on the table in front of him. From the moment she let go of the glass, Elise could see the accident happening in slow motion. The whisky glass teetered on its rim before toppling sideways, spilling its contents onto Lucas’ white shirt and lap.“Oh my god I am so sorry,”

Elise gasped as Lucas jumped up from his chair, the feeling of the icy liquid snapping him out of his almost trance-like stare. “Let me get your some towels,” she said before rushing back towards the bar. Elise soon returned, expecting to find a disgruntled Lucas waiting for her but was pleasantly surprised to find him laughing.“Okay, Elise, was it something I said?” he joked. She laughed apologetically and passed him the hand towels. As Lucas stood dabbing at his trouser legs, he knew that the flimsy paper napkins she had brought him would not soak up near enough of the whisky. “So…do you have any hand dryers here? I think I’m going to need more than a few napkins to dry these off,” said Lucas warmly.“Sure,” said Elise. “Follow me…unfortunately the hand dryers in our customer restrooms are currently out of order, but given that it’s totally my fault, you can use the employee restrooms if that helps.

The hand dryers there work fine.”Elise led Lucas across the lounge, through a small doorway and into the back area of the bar. They continued walking down a short corridor, past what Lucas believed to be the main kitchen and into a small office area housing a small desk, chair and filing cabinet. As they walked, Elise started to breathe more deeply as she felt Lucas’ presence behind her. A normally shy and innocent woman, Elise had shocked herself at how comfortable she already felt around Lucas and how much she wanted to be closer to him. She could smell the lightly spiced aftershave he was wearing and felt the instant feeling of butterflies fluttering in her stomach.As they entered the room, Elise turned to point out the restrooms on the adjacent wall to Lucas but was surprised to find that he was already undoing his shirt buttons. Her eyes lit up as she saw his bare, tanned chest for the first time and the lines of his heavily toned six-pack were clearly visible through his semi-open shirt. “Sorry Elise,” Lucas said jokingly, “I felt like I was going to sink into the floor with the weight of this!

”The next few moments took Elise by complete surprise. In an almost hypnotic state, she walked forward and started to unbutton the rest of his shirt. “Oh my God, what am I doing?” she asked herself as she continued to remove Lucas’ shirt but the intense attraction, both physically and sexually, compelled her to continue.Lucas was equally as shocked but Elise’s soft touch against his body as she unbuttoned his shirt made his hair stand up, and a familiar twinge of excitement ran down through his body. In a similar moment of impulse, he leaned forward and kissed her hard, his tongue searching and finding hers with equal intensity.

As they kissed, Elise stroked her hand down Lucas’ exposed chest, her hands then touching the top of his trouser waist and onto his belt buckle before sliding further down and taking the bulk of his now-hard cock in her hand. Lucas moaned but then moved her hand away.Elise looked back at Lucas, fearing that he was about to reject her advances but was pleasantly surprised to see him move closer to her once more before moving his hands up her legs and into her skirt. His hand closed on the top of her panties and he slowly pulled them down exposing Elise’s now-soaking pussy to the cool office air. He continued to stare into her eyes as her panties fell to the floor before moving her back towards the office desk, her ass resting gently against the beech top.

Elise whimpered softly as Lucas slowly sank to his knees, moving his head forwards and kissing her pussy lightly. The feeling was incredible. Elise’s body shook with pleasure as his kisses became more and more intense, his tongue brushing lightly against her clitoris with each passing moment. Elise gasped at the incredible feeling and her elation was heightened as she looked down seeing Lucas clearly lost in the moment, uncaring of anybody walking in and seeing them. The feeling of Elise’s juices flowing into his mouth was incredible and as he continued to kiss and lick her; he unzipped his own trousers, exposing his hard cock to the air before gripping his shaft and stroking it in rhythm with the movement of his tongue.As Elise continued to gasp, Lucas could feel his own intensity building and realised that he needed to feel the pleasure of being inside Elise. He gently ran his tongue up her pussy once more before standing and kissing her on the lips again. Elise shuddered in his hands, the feeling of her hard nipples pressed against his chest an easy tell to show her enjoyment.

As he kissed her he slowly swivelled her body around until she was facing the office desk and the open door to the bar corridor beyond. He gently pushed her back towards the desk until she was fully bent over, enslaved to Lucas. At that moment a tinge of fear at being caught went through Elise’s veins but was soon quashed by the feeling of Lucas’ hard cock entering her pussy deeply from behind. As she gasped quietly, her hand moved between her legs, her fingers expertly caressing her throbbing clitoris, heightening her ecstasy to new levels. The feeling of euphoria was almost unbearable as he continued to drive his cock deeper into her and as his waist suddenly touched her ass, she felt sure that she was about to cum.Her body shook as the feeling was too much, the heat building in her as she gasped in pleasure. As she came hard, Lucas slowly drove his cock in and out of Elise, his body banging softly against her with each stroke.

The feeling of Elise’s pussy tightening was intense and the frequency of Lucas’ strokes increased with every passing moment – his balls banging hard against her, the sound of skin on skin now dangerously loud. Within moments he knew he could hold back no more. In one swift movement, Lucas pulled his hard cock out of Elise and came, gasping in delight, streams of warm cum landing on her pussy and ass. Feeling the juices of his orgasm on her body, Elise reached back, rubbing her hand over her ass and grasping his warm cum before moving it back to her mouth and licking it from her fingers – the taste incredible.She stood up and faced him once more, eyes locked on his and before seductively squatting down and taking his cock deep into her mouth – her tongue darting over the tip, taking the rest of his cum with each stroke of her tongue. As she continued to gently suck and lick the tip of his cock, her hand moved down to her clitoris and she quickly and expertly moved her fingers over it, mixing each stroke to heighten her ecstasy.

Elise was still pleasantly surprised that Lucas’ cock was as hard as before and more so that he was once again groaning in pleasure. Hearing his moaning sent her into a spiral once more as her body tensed up and the feeling of heat fell through her body. She came hard again, her fingers soaked as her juices flowed. As she came she felt the feeling of Lucas’ cock hardening in her mouth, and a sudden jet of warmth hit the back of her throat once, twice and then a third time as they both groaned in pleasure.Elise rubbed the tip of her tongue up the shaft of Lucas’ cock, feeling him twitching and his control lost. Her mouth moved away from his cock which dropped into the cool air, glistening with her saliva and his cum. She slowly stood up and looked into his eyes before kissing him gently again.“So your flight…do you think it’ll still be delayed?” she said, a look of hope in her eyes at the prospect.“Oh, I’m sure of that,” said Lucas, smiling. “Indefinitely…”