Just for Me

So a quick play by play of my day…. I didn’t go to work, not feeling so well, but did have a telephone work meeting, and I figured after the conference call I should get up and take a shower. I know how much we enjoy that, and somehow my vibrator ended up in there. Honestly I’m feeling a bit bloated and I needed some tension release.

I tried to be a good girl. I washed my hair and as the warm soapy water rinsed off of me I knew there was going to be no turning back. I laid down on the floor. I have this small shower mirror that I like to position on the wall so I can watch myself. I started just rubbing myself, the hot water was dripping all across my body, I placed my two fingers of my left hand inside my pussy. I moved them slowly in and out. I was thinking about your voice, your stories, your smiling, and if I’m being completely honest your video.

I turn the vibrator on and run it across my clit. My legs close together, I have to consciously relax and keep them open. I can see myself in the mirror although it is foggy because it’s so hot in here. I don’t have a lot of time, but I want to cum. I wish I could feel you. I continue to finger myself and rub my clit with the vibrator. My ass tightens and lifts off of the shower floor, I again have to relax and open my legs wide. Thoughts of you rubbing me, touching me, tasting me keep me Wanting more, I  can tell I am right there, I push off the wall ever so slightly and the warm water runs right down my clit. I want to watch but I can’t, my back arches and my pussy squeezes my fingers as I cum quietly by myself.

I moan but softly, fuck I want you. I have to lay still on the floor under the water for a few minutes before I can get up. My pussy is soft and swollen. The orgasm is just what I needed to try and start my day. 100% true story!