First time meet with Online boyfriend

Hi friends, my name is Suru. I am a software engineer and working in MNC in Pune. I am a bisexual boy of 25 years age. This is my first story and if I make any mistake, please ignore. You can communicate some suggestions or your thoughts on , I would really like to know your views on this.
As part of IT company, I have many girls who are good friend of mine and due to which I was able to impress one and make her my girlfriend. We like each other and as we are open, we have sex lots of time (cant even remember how many times)
But, the thing was I am attracted to boys as well as I am bisexual. I dont know, how I started to think like this but I really wanted to try this atleast once. I used to watch gay porn and used gat chatrooms like “planet romeo” etc. I always thought of making love to another boy.
6-7 months back, my roomie went for client site visit in Brazil. So I was alone at my 2HK flat for 1.5 months. Me and my girlfriend grabbed this opportunity and take full advantage of the situation. But after 3 weeks, things changed and she had to work during late night shift so we were not spending much time together. During this time, I started watching some porn as after office, I had nothing to do as she used to be in office during evening time.
As usual I logged in to one of the gay chatroom and started to visit some profiles. I came across one profile named “Shraddha Pune”. That was a guy who was using girl’s name for his account. I checked his profile and I was very much impressed. He uploaded lots of pics with pink bra and panty, he was damm se*yy. From the profile description, I came to know that he was also bisexual and only 23 years old.
I immediately sent him a request and sent him a nice message. After Few hours, he was online and he replied back. We shared our likes, intrests, etc. I came to know that he was an electric engineering student and he sounded like really nice guy. So I decided to take the things little bit further than just CHATTING. For 3-4 days, we kept chatting (during office time as well), we become very familier with each other and we decided to meet at some cafe in PCMC area. We shared numbers and the day and time was decided.
I went to the cafe, I tried to look good by wearing good T-shirt. I really wanted to impress him as this was the first time I was meeting some guy. Basically, it was my first date with a guy 🙂 I was very nervous and very execited at the same time. He came and we sat there and started talking. He was looking equally sexy on normal cloths as well. I was really happy by seeing him, he was complete package and he was kind of CUTE. His lips were amazing, natually pink and he was clean-shave. I guess he also liked what he saw as he was completely blushing.
We spend around 45 mins in cafe and we decided to go back to my place as it was empty. The condition was that, we wont force each other if anyone is feeling unconfirtable. There was no question of me, I was not unconfirtable at all. As In my mind, he was already naked and in my lap. We took my bike and went to my place.
When we entered my place, I put some music so that our voice wont go outside of the flat. He was little bit quite for few mins. I totally understood that he was feeling little scared. He scanned the room with his cute little eyes and after some time, he was bit normal. We sat down on sofa and discussed some topics. Till this time, he was getting confirtable and relaxed. Till now, we havent even touched each other.
After some time, he confronted that he was scared at first but now he is OKAY. I couldnt took my eyes of his lips and confronting this made him really shy. I totally cought this and told him ‘You look so pretty when you are shy”. Then I brought him next to me and kissed his forehead, his nose, and his cheek. He was a little surprised. I told him that he is so cute. Saying so, I hugged him and gave few kisses on his neck. He was a little shy and he tried to be normal. While he was doing this cuteness, I put my arm around him and pulled him closer.
I held his face in my palms and pulled him closer. Now, there was a direct eye contact and I felt that he knew whats going to happen. I keep looking to his eyes and I could see a shine in those. I move forward and put my lips on his, a soft kiss. Just like a touch of sweetness. I looked at him again and time time I put another kiss on his lips but this time, I kept it long and kissed him very nicely. I could see that his eyes automatically got closed during the kiss. By watching this, I came to know that I kissed him nicely and he loved it. because only nice kiss would make you close your eyes during the kiss.
We keep going for few mins and now he was also getting into this and he was also kissing me back nicely. I cant even tell you guys how soft his lips were. I couldnt even tell a diffrence between girl’s lips and his lips. I pulled him to my lap and he was sitting in my laps with his legs around my weist. We both were completly hard and I guess he was able to feel my dick on his ass.(as he was sitting on my dick) Then I started unbuttoning his shirt and I could see the sweat on his chest. I then took off his shirt completely and kissed his chest. I sucked his tiny nipple and I could see that he liked that and he was enjoying it. Our bodies were touching each other. And his nipples were looking so se*y on that fare skin.
I then opened his pant and put it on the floor and turned his back to me. Then I made him sit and put my hand on his underwear. I started biting his back and then held his stomach and bought him next to me.
I put my hand inside his underwear and was playing with his small but hard dick. Then I started to jerk him off while kissing his neck and face from behind.
After a few minutes, I made him stand up and turned him toward me. I pulled down his underwear, held his penis in my hand and was looking at it.
I was hungry for him and with that, I licked his dick up to the top and then put his entire dick in my mouth. He moaned and I sucked his dick hard and kept jerking it. I was squeezing his tiny soft ass with my other hand and he kept his hands on my shoulder. This was my first blowjob and I really enjoyed it. having someone else in your mouth is very nice feeling. I gave him nice blowjob and after some time, he said in souting voice, “I am going to cum..Is it OK if I cum in your mouth ?” I was completly ready for him. I pulled more of his dick in my mouth and started stroking it hardly. He held my head and made me stop. I thought, why is he stopping, but all of a sudden, I felt cum in my mouth. I think some of it directly went down to my throat. It was bitter and salty. But kind of sweet feeling. He came 3-4 shots in my mouth. My mouth was completely filled with his cum and still I was sucking him. I decided to swollow it all, I held his dick in front of my mouth and swollow all the cum. He liked it and he was saying he enjoyed a lot.
I again put his dick in my mouth and cleaned it nicely with my toungue till the last drop of it. I hold him in my mouth till his dick didnt become small. Now, he pulled me towards him and kissed me. I was quite surprised that he kissed me when I had all his cum on me. It felt really good and kind of love was there. I didnt felt like I was being used.
After that he removed my cloths and gave me a nice blowjob. his lips around my dick were feeling so nice. He was soo good that I even felt like some girl was giving me head. On that night, we gave each other blowjobs 3-4 times, but didn’d had sex. We decided to have it in next meeting so that the excitement would kill us till next time.
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Thank you guys for reading my story, hope you liked it.