A service recruit

What a wonderful weekend this was turning out to be, had she only met the divine Sammi just over twenty for hours before. Now she had set her up with Gordon and with her knees flexed back to her shoulders, Gordon was about to take his just deserts with the largest member she had ever seen. Thank goodness he had agreed to a sheath and allowed her to apply some lube. She had hardly recognized her own lacquered hands gently working Gordon into to the correct frame of mind. Of course she realised, Sammi had educated her, as to where men kept their minds and soon she would achieve the womanhood required of her this particular weekend. Gordon was nothing like him, much more a hunk of a man and not a little girly like her, her anticipation grew as he teased her with the end of his member. Fulfilment was so close at hand, she stroked his face tenderly while her other hand moved to bring him into her.

Understandably the girls had been furious when they caught him, but despite catching him in their quarters no one had actually seen him at the peephole into their showers. Now if he had been some hunk that may have put a different complexion on things, but for goodness sake although Doreen could not be described as petite and Raksha was a tiny thing, both of them were able to hang onto him. He actually looked quite pretty in his WRAC uniform on parade but with all the wide smiles and suppressed giggles Sergeant Angela Grahame soon cottoned on and had now taken full control of the situation. Lance Corporal Steven Higgins now stood at attention in front of her. The situation is quite simple Lance Corporal, you’re to pass out as a girl by the end of the weekend and appear back in my office on Monday morning as Private Caroline Simpson. After which you will be free to go your own way once again as if nothing has happened. He was very reluctant but the alternative was less attractive, full exposure. Sergeant Gahame informed the now Private Caroline Simpson about the two excellent friends who would help him achieve his mission. Sarah and Sammi were very beautiful and delightful, hard as nails though, well used to handling men. Sammi will look after you until Sarah gets back later. Remember you have to pass out as a girl so we can all forget your misdemeanours, am I clear she asked, and Private Simpson nodded in the affirmative.

Simpson’s adrenalin was in overdrive as she stepped from the car was everyone staring at her again. Inside the house she felt more relaxed as a gorgeous woman greeted her with a hug and cheek kiss. Shoulder length dark hair and such a trim figure and beautiful green eyes, this was Sammi. Up in the bedroom Sammi instructed her to take her uniform off. Now Caroline, Angela requires a well fucked girl back at barracks on Sunday evening so let’s freshen you up and find something pretty for you to wear. Then we can see about some threading. Too excited to object two hours later a freshly threaded and a long blonde haired Caroline in Ted Baker Verony skater dress in blue and matching heels arrived ungainly downstairs. Rah had now arrived back from Malaga her long blonde hair still pinned up, wearing still her new Easy Jet uniform and carrying her regulation scarf. Sammi embraced her and the two girls shared a passionate kiss.

Push the hips forward and take smaller steps advised Sammi as she showed Caroline how to walk in heels. Caroline was pleased the threading was over, like the her waxing by the girls back at camp, it was not the most pleasant experience since falling under the sway of this matriarchal society. Sammi also gave her some instruction on how to speak, use the voice at the top of the throat. Voice impersonation was one of Caroline’s skills and she was proving to be very proficient and was finding talking in a girlie fashion rather enjoyable, certainly better than hair removal that was for sure. Sarah arrived back after about half an hour looking great in tight jeans showing off lovely curves with a Tibi sleeveless peplum top in red and black ballet pumps.

Sarah or Rah as she liked to be called was a twenty three year old girl clearly confident to have things done exactly her way. She asked for a demonstration of the walk, definite improvement after only an hour. Caroline’s feet were killing her, what she would give to take the shoes off. Of course not said Rah, part and parcel of being a girl and that’s the plan for you all this weekend. We’ll stay in tonight so Caroline can practise tonight for her debut appearance as Caroline. You will be on a trapping mission and be the object of men’s desires tomorrow night, very military. Like a pair of lionesses on a defenceless prey Rah and Sammi both smiled at each other broadly. You know what’s missing said Rah. Nail extensions suggested Sammi. You’re reading my mind again Sammi and indeed she was, already on her feet on her way to get the extensions and nail polish. The Pink OPI finite shine was more a Rah choice than Caroline’s and she was instructed to take great care not to break them before Sunday. There is nothing more unsightly than a broken nail Caroline so I expect you will need to relearn how to use your hands very quickly.

As Sammi worked away with Caroline’s nails, Rah gently played with her hair and then stroked her cheek making her writhe a little to achieve some satisfaction, her clit straining at her ultimate genital hiding gaff with tube. This was like being in the ladies shower room rather than peeking in from the outside thought Caroline and she was getting more excited by the minute. So when Sarah said, I do think Caroline will make a lovely secretary for us tomorrow, her excitement reached new levels of anticipation. She can wear the black pencil skirt and this peplum top, indicating the one she had on, and have my pheromones with her all through the day. Stockings of course and I’m sure we can find a nice pair of black court shoes to fit her. Would you like to be a Secretary for us she asked? I’m not sure I can do it but she nodded in the affirmative. Of course you can and will, you may call me Miss Sarah if we are going to be formal and of course Miss Sammi. Yes Miss Sarah Caroline obediently replied.  Rah leaned in close and nibbled her ear, she whispered, we have a number of friends due tomorrow who would just love to meet our new secretary. Just the normal sorts of thing put them at their ease, provide some tea for them and give plenty of big smiles. Leaning back, maybe some biscuits would be nice, we’ll show where everything is! Looking over down to Sammi working on her fingers, she’ll be a natural I’m sure. Looking up Sammi smiled and agreed with Rah suggesting the peplum top might be a tight fit on her before returning to filing the extensions.

Caroline was slowly becoming intoxicated with the aroma of the two girls and the underlying aroma of cosmetics. She was actually beginning to enjoy her weekend the dread and humiliation of her situation rapidly falling away. She felt so sexually alive and the gentle touch of both girls was so welcome she wriggled with excitement. Rah could feel her sexual arousal as well and asked if Caroline would like them to make love to her. Caroline was dumbstruck with the offer, one beautiful girl was more than he had ever had before and now two gorgeous beauties were fussing ever so gently over her. A sudden and very brief yearn for the weekend never to end gave her only an intake of breath. Eventually as her craving peaked she gave a low sigh and Rah leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek, I think that was a yes, I’ll need to change into something more suitable, you look so beautiful she confided. Caroline now suspended in her turmoil of longing for this never to stop.

We’ll need to wait for her nails to dry before we fuck her said Sammi, while Caroline was thinking more along the lines of her fucking them, naively thinking how could the girls fuck her anyway? Not yet aware of the presence of strap-ons at her new abode. Would you like something to drink perhaps a glass of wine or a G and T asked Sammi? They were sitting together on the sofa, chilled Chardonnay a bucket and three glasses on the table when Rah returned, a dark blue mini skirt had replaced the jeans and her fabulous long legs were inserted into a pair ankle strap heels. She was so much a woman, lovely and soft, not one of those hard angular underfed size six girls. She sat down on the other side of Caroline and they told her all about who would be coming and how Caroline should greet them in a friendly manner. Both girls snuggled in close and kept touching her and Sammi’s hand found a way under her skate dress and to the top of her stockings. Isn’t she just delightful asked Rah? Very replied Sammi, so pretty! She gave a wide grin to Rah. You’ll have to watch her; she’s such a horny bitch, offered Rah as Sammi caressed Caroline’s nylon clad legs, probably in love with your legs already just like me. I think she is planning on screwing you, Sammi smiled. As Rah now stroked her other nylon clad leg, she mused aloud about how sexy they were, excellent legs for a secretary, they will be wasted on a parade square on Monday. The Chardonnay evaporated in a fairly brisk manner and then Rah declared it was time to take this girl to bed. The three of them stood, Caroline somewhat unsteadily trying to get used to heels and the wine,then they proceeded up the stairs back to what was to be Caroline’s bedroom for the next two nights. As Sarah led Caroline by the hand up the stairs, she could feel Sammi’s hand explore her bottom all the way up the stairs, lightly touching the still suppressed and strained member and heard her sigh, and so beautiful as well as sexy we are going to so enjoy ourselves.

Once in the bedroom Sammi whispered into Caroline’s ear let me get you out of your lovely dress and they peeled the dress off her and lay her down on the bed, Sammi on one side and Rah snuggled up behind her licking her ears gently as Sammi caressed the increasing bulge in her gaff which held her excited genital in a downward position. Caroline moved her hand to let the blood flow to her member, but Sammi blocked the move and increased her frustration. She explained, if Caroline was to truly enjoy fully the moment of release when the girls decided it should be allowed. Later she would be placed in a chastity device later so they could to take full control of her circumstances, she was to enjoy this moment of freedom while she could.

By now both the girls were kissing her and helping each other to discard parts of their own clothing, roping in Caroline to help from time to time. Sammi turned her back so Caroline could unclip her bra and then turned around again to let her bra cascade down to reveal the prettiest breasts Caroline had ever seen. Rah unhooked Caroline’s bra and the silicon pads fell away as Sammi leaned towards her and kissed her full on the lips. She delighted of the feel of nipple on nipple and still the gaff held it’s tenuous grip on her genital, even with Rah gently stroking the area. She shared their intimacy as the two girls pressed either side of her to kiss each other over passionately over her shoulder, totally immersed for a short while in their pheromones and passion. As they separated Rah informed everyone it was time to fuck the bitch and Sammi said it would be her pleasure. Sammi knelt in front of Caroline and slowly peeled her knickers to her knees. To say Caroline was shocked to see the emergence of a penis somewhat understated her surprise. Time for you to go to work Rah whispered into her ear, you’ll need to get her all excited if she’s achieve success. Once you’ve got her well hard we’ll get you on your back and I’ll apply some lube to make everything flow. Rah raised her up off her haunches and her gaff descended, a very stiff penis sprang to attention, the suspender belt, stockings and heels were still in place. It appears Caroline is happy to see you Sammi, as Rah’s elegant long fingers with nail extensions worked the gaff completely free and commenced stroking the groin area and penis, Sammi fully occupied playing with her own breasts in front of her. Rah put some hand cream on Caroline’s hands so she could help raise Sammi’s interest in the proceedings, time for some cock handling she informed her. Some minutes later, with additional cream from Rah, Caroline and Sammi were ready, Caroline had fully worked the hand cream into both her hands and Sammi’s cock, which also stood at full erection.

So as she wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the taste of cock the following night the girls gently brought Caroline’s mouth to Sammi’s cock with instruction to open wide. The thing filled her mouth and the gagging effect took some getting used to. It would be dreadful if she panicked tomorrow night when she had some guy in there and upset him before she could taste some spunk. It took a full fifteen minutes for Caroline to settle to the cock thrusting to the back of her throat. Finally satisfied with Caroline’s ability to take dick on board Sammi withdrew a still hard member and laid Caroline back down on the bed and brought her knees up around her clip earrings as Rah lubbed her anus. Lubrication complete Sammi lay on top of her and gently entered her. Caroline felt the penis slowly fill her up it seemed as Rah pulled her own knickers down. Caroline was relieved to see pussy and very soon a close up view as Rah kneeled high over her face facing towards Sammi, eat some pussy bitch as she settled down on Caroline’s face. Caroline started to get worried, not about how penetrated she felt, she was beginning to feel more comfortable with Sammi’s penis thrusting deeply inside her, but she couldn’t breathe. Smothered by this woman’s soft flesh and vagina what a way to die, she struggled furiously to breathe. Rah eased herself up and Caroline gasped some air before Rah blocked her air supply once again, as Sammi played with Rah’s nipples and then pinched them tenderly with her mouth to make them stand to attention as well. Rah stroked Sammi’s lovely shoulder length hair, lifting it free of her shoulders to keep her cool and verbally encouraging her to give that bitch Caroline a good seeing to. She loved to nibble her pierced ears as her excitement grew.

Caroline was amazed at Sammi’s stamina, he could have had a dozen shags and still her fully erect member was pounding his anus. Rah had raised her body up slightly and commanded him to play particular attention to her clitoris and to be sensitive and not rough. She guided Caroline into rhythm that suited her and not him; it was all becoming rather wet underneath this woman. Sammi at last climaxed but left her penis still inside him as she arched up so she could start to kiss Rah all over her face and lips pushing her tongue well into the girl. Caroline became more an afterthought as the girls explored each other.

Sammi withdrew and Rah moved around behind her. Caroline felt exhausted but her work was not over for the night, it was Rah’s turn to be fucked and as she played with Sammi’s gorgeous breasts and body. Caroline was to clean all her mess from her penis and bring her to erection again. Caroline reached for the hand cream, no you silly girl with your mouth you silly girl she was told. Taking this shemale into her mouth Caroline was a last free to bring herself to her own climax her hands free to use as much hand cream as she liked and she did like how slippy the hands were before the hand cream was fully rubbed in. It was beyond her imagination she would be allowed to play with those lovely breasts as Sammi shagged Rah even though her penis was now confined in a Holy trainer chastity device in pink, they felt as good as they looked.