Wife Away…Time To Play 2

More adventures with Cam and Matt. This time with a surprise!I have a routine in the morning. I’m up at seven, make coffee, toast a bagel, let the cat out, turn on the TV, have a brief look at the news to see if the world is still in one piece, then head down the hall to my office and begin my workday.First off, I check my business email and prioritize: what do I have to deal with today, what can wait a while and what spam can I dump immediately? I write a couple of quick responses to clients.Having a home-based business has its perks. My day is flexible. I have control of my breaks, both timing and duration. On quiet work days, I have plenty of space in my schedule for visits with friends and family.Time for a short break to peruse my personal email. I performed a similar sorting procedure with my inbox. Lots more spam to delete! I scanned down and one message piqued my interest:To: CMassey

From: MattL

Subject: Really enjoyed our encounter!I can’t stop thinking about the great time we had together! Are you bi any chance available this afternoon?Wow! I had just about given up hearing from Matt. It was three weeks ago that we got together. I had thought about emailing him but decided to leave it up to him to make contact. My cock started to twitch and harden as I focused on the ‘bi’ word substitution in his text. Coincidentally this was the same day of the week as our last meeting – the day my wife was visiting her sister and away for the night. I was free to play!I wrote back:I don’t have much planned today so I’m available. Where and when would you like to meet?He responded within a couple of minutes:That’s great. I am so horny!

I’d like you to come out to my beach house. Would around four work for you? We can relax, have a few beers and see what comes up. I also have a surprise in store for you! Oh and remember to bring your bathing suit.He gave me the address. I looked it up on Google Street. Beautiful property in a posh neighbourhood. I questioned him about the surprise but he wouldn’t give me any hints.The hours dragged by. I tried to get some work done but the thought of another hot session with Matt kept running through my mind. And what the hell was the surprise? I didn’t know him well enough to speculate.Three o’clock, an hour to go. I had a shower and made absolutely sure that all my body parts were scrupulously clean. Not sure what activities we might get into and I wanted to be ready for anything.I found the place quite easily and parked on the street. I walked up a meandering driveway and was impressed by the lush and meticulous landscaping. I rounded a corner and a massive West Coast contemporary house jumped into view. It was flat-roofed with lots of glass, multi-gabled and had a three-car offset garage. This was quite an estate and must be worth a fortune, especially with the lake frontage!

The entrance had massive glass panels on either side of the front door allowing a clear view through the house. I could make out a large wooden deck overlooking the lake.I knocked and a short while later Matt came to the door and let me in. I extended my hand to shake his but instead of grasping mine, he put out his arms and gave me a big hug.”It’s great to see you again. I feel like we’re buddies even though we’ve only had the one meeting,” he said warmly.”Come on in, head out to the deck and make yourself comfortable. I’ll grab us some beers and be right there.”As I walked through the house, I could see evidence of the ongoing renovation in the kitchen area – cabinets partially replaced and a sheet of plywood covering the island. I passed through the wide open French doors, found a lounger on the deck, sat down and stretched out, warmed by the early July sunshine. The view was impressive! Access to the lake was via a winding rock pathway to a gleaming sandy beach. I was glad I’d brought my bathing suit as I was starting to get quite hot and the lake was looking very inviting.Matt came out wearing shorts and a tank top, looking lean, tanned and muscular. He sat down on a chair close to mine and handed me a bottle of craft beer. Chocolate porter…one of my favourites!”You have an amazing place here,” I said as I looked him up and down.

I couldn’t help noticing that he had a sizeable bulge in his shorts.”I love it here but you can see that the house is dated, hence the renovation going on, close to seven months now,” he lamented. “It’s been much more expensive than what my wife and I were expecting and as you know, has caused a major rift in our relationship.””Anyway, it’s so hot on the deck. Would you like to go for a dip?””Sure,” I said as I slipped off my shorts and top, leaving only my rather formfitting bathing suit. I was starting to get aroused. I had a half-mast erection that Matt eyed immediately.We walked down the path, across the sand and waded into the water. I dove in and swam out about a hundred metres or so to a raft. Matt joined me shortly after and motioned for me to swim around to the other side.”We have a lot of nosy neighbours around here and I don’t want them to watch us. Some of them even have telescopes and they’re not looking at the stars,” he said with a grin.There was a metal ring around the side of the raft and we held onto it. Matt came close and with his free hand started to fondle my crotch. The relatively cool water had caused some shrinkage on my cock but as he continued to touch me, it started to grow.I pulled down my bathing suit and Matt took a firm hold and started to stroke me.”Lift yourself up a bit on the ring,” he ordered.

I complied and my cock emerged from the water. He didn’t waste any time getting his lips around it. I reached over and slipped my hand down his shorts and grabbed his cock as he furiously moved his mouth up and down on mine. I was really loving this: a warm sunny day, refreshing water, a bit of buzz from the beer and a guy obviously enjoying bringing me pleasure! I was trying to delay my orgasm but I was having a hard time stopping it. I thought I should let him know.”I’m getting very close to cumming,” I warned him.He heard me but didn’t pull away; if anything, he moved even faster. About ten seconds later, I erupted with several intense spurts into his mouth. I hadn’t cum for a while so there was a huge load. I thought he might spit it out but he swallowed it all.”Man, that tasted great!” he blurted out after a few moments. “I regret not doing that last time.””I can return the favour if you like?” I said.”No, I am feeling a little chilled; let’s head back to the house.”We swam back and walked up the path to the deck. I picked up my shorts and t-shirt then followed him into the house.”You can change in the bathroom if you like or not,” he said laughing as he noticed that I had already stripped off my bathing suit. “There’s a towel in there if you need to dry off.””It’s after five now; do you want to stay for supper? I have some ribs that I can warm up.”I said sure and he told me to relax in the living room as he opened the fridge, took out the ribs and some salad ingredients and placed them on the kitchen counter. He reached down, put the ribs in a pot, set it on the stove and turned the dial on the gas burner.”They’ll take a while to heat up on simmer.

That gives us some time for you to return the favour,” he said as he headed over to where I was sitting.He lay down naked on the couch. His cock was starting to rise in anticipation as I moved over beside him, also nude. I told him to move around and got on my knees between his legs. I started licking the shaft at the base, then moved upward. He was very hard now and there was a drop glistening on the tip. I licked it off and swirled my tongue around his pee hole as more delicious precum oozed out.I sensed that he might be on the verge of cumming so I backed off a bit. I moved my mouth down to his balls, then took them one at a time into my mouth. I now pushed his legs over my shoulders exposing his anus. I licked along the rim.”You’re driving me crazy. That feels amazing. Don’t stop!” he said, as I tongued deeper into his gaping hole.While continuing to pleasure him, I had this weird sensation that we were being watched. A couple of times I thought I heard some noises, kind of like moaning.Finally, there was a loud outburst and I looked up to a second-floor balcony. There was someone up there: a woman, staring straight down at us.”What the fuck! Who the hell is that!” I shouted as I jumped to my feet. Then it dawned on me: this was the surprise!”Okay, you can come down now, honey. Cam, meet my wife, Andrea.”

“What the hell were you doing up there? I thought you were going to be quiet,” he joked.”I was for a while, then I started to get horny and my fingers naturally found my pussy,” she said with an animated sexy voice. Spanish accent, I wondered?”After a while, I couldn’t control myself after watching the two of you playing!”I had found my shorts and was starting to put them on.”Leave them off,” Matt commanded. Andrea has already seen you naked and I know she’s going to want to have a closer look!””I thought you guys were separated?” I said feeling a little uncomfortable baring all.”Let me explain,” Matt began. “The day I met you was one of the worst moments of my life. I was facing a future without the woman I loved and also risked losing our dream house in the process. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to open up about my predicament. You are a great listener, Cam, and a decent guy. The sex was just a bonus. Don’t get me wrong; I really enjoyed that too!”While he talked, Andrea descended the staircase and walked towards us.

What a beauty! She was wearing tight white shorts and a red halter top with ‘I’m judging you in Spanish’ lettering on her chest. It was hard for me to concentrate on what Matt was saying as she edged closer to us and sat down. She had long black hair, shapely legs and ample breasts that strained against her tight top. Her light chocolate coloured skin and expressive eyes had me mesmerized.Matt continued, “After I got home, I started thinking about Andrea and how much she meant to me. I called her and we had a long talk. She said that she was missing me and that we had to find a way to work things out. We arranged for her to meet me at the house the next day. It was a tearful reunion. I embraced her and kissed her passionately. Of course, this led to makeup sex! Afterwards, I told her about you and didn’t leave out any details. She got very horny and confessed to me that she loves to see two guys having sex and that she often looks at gay porn.””Since then we have managed to compromise on the rest of the renovation details and she has left her apartment and moved back in with me. I’m a very happy man and I owe it all to you, Cam. Yesterday I suggested that we have you over and she readily agreed. Andrea came up with the idea to surprise you. Hope you don’t mind?””Of course I don’t mind! I had no idea what the surprise was going to be.

This is beyond my wildest expectations.””Andrea,” I said looking towards her. “Is that a Spanish accent?””Yes, it is. I came to Canada from Argentina when I was eighteen. I went to university in Vancouver, got my degree in Psychology then met Matt a few years later.””Okay, enough talking; let’s get down to business!” Matt announced. “Cam, I bet you would love to see Andrea naked, right?”Oh my god, yes,” I stammered.”I love how guys ogle her; it really turns me on,” Matt said leering at her.She grabbed ahold of her halter top and slowly pulled it over her head revealing a skimpy plunging bra. She unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down exposing purple bikini panties. She did a bit of a dance and her boobs bounced around side to side. She was really enjoying this! Now she undid the clasp on her front-closing bra and pulled it aside. Her beautiful tits with pointy upturned nipples sprang into view. She hooked her fingers around the panties and pulled them down. She had a nice neatly trimmed black bush that matched the colour of her hair.

“Okay, now that we’re all naked, I want you boys to go back to what you were doing. I’m going to just lay back in this chair and watch the show. I may do some directing as well,” she said mischievously.I got back between Matt’s legs, lifted them up and starting licking him again. His cock had become flaccid with the break in action but quickly got hard again as I lapped away at his anus. Andrea was seated close by and had spread her legs wide. We had a great view of her pussy as she rubbed her clit. Not exactly just sitting back watching the show! I thought.”God, that is hot!” Andrea exclaimed. “This is just like watching porn but so much better in real life.””Cam, now that you have Matt’s ass nice and lubed, I want you to fuck him!”We both shouted almost simultaneously, “What did you say?!””You heard me. Cam, come here first. I want you to be rock hard when you enter him.””Are you okay with this, Matt?” He shrugged his shoulders as if to say: What Andrea wants, Andrea gets.I stood up and eased over to Andrea’s already open mouth. I was starting to shake all over with desire and my cock was sticking diagonally upward. This only happens when I am super horny. I slipped my cock in her mouth and she started sucking it. I am seven inches, fairly thick but she took it all the way in, moving rather slowly at first, then picking up the pace.

Without thinking, I grabbed the back of her head and face-fucked her. She showed no resistance to this!”Okay, stop,” she said abruptly, pulling away from me. “You’re ready for Matt. Get over there and fuck him hard!”I looked at Matt. His expression showed a mixture of passion and fear. I moved over to the sofa and pulled him over to the edge, lifted his legs up to expose his anus. I took some spit and rubbed the opening, then slowly inserted my index finger and eased it in. I moved it in and out. He tensed up a bit but didn’t complain. I now applied more spit and gently slipped in two fingers. He moaned, then his sphincter muscle started to relax, making it easier for me to penetrate him.Andrea was really getting off on this. She had mimicked my actions: first one and then two fingers in her pussy.”I want you to fuck him now!” she screamed.I took out my fingers and placed the tip of my cock on his moist and slightly open anus. I pushed in a bit, waited, then an inch or so more until it popped inside.”Oh my god, that hurts, but please don’t stop!”

I moved in and out, first slowly and only about halfway in, then picked up the tempo and probed deeper until my whole cock was pounding him right to my pubes. The tightness on my cock felt so good. Also, I was absolutely transfixed by the stunning woman pleasuring herself next to me.Matt was quite vocal, moaning and letting out the odd scream but I knew by the way he was pushing back on my cock that he was in ecstasy.I could feel myself getting very close. I pulled out, grabbed my cock, jacked it for all I was worth and shot a stream on and over Matt’s cock all the way to his chest! I was surprised by the amount of cum.”Okay, now it’s time for Matt to cum,” Andrea announced. “I want you to help me, Cam.”I was pretty spent but still had a tinge of horniness left in me. She moved over to the couch, told him to sit down and then got up and straddled her legs over his shoulders so her pussy was pushed up against his mouth.”I know you love doing this, Matt, especially when my pussy juices are flowing this much. Okay, Matt, start sucking him!”

His cock was sticking straight up and pulsating as I wrapped my mouth around it. There was already a bit of precum to taste. Andrea ground against him as he tongued her clit and pussy while I continued to suck deeply on his cock. It wasn’t long before his whole body tensed and he shot numerous spurts of hot tasty cum into my mouth. Soon after, Andrea writhed around like crazy and climaxed very loudly!We were all very quiet for an appreciative moment. Then I started to smell some smoke. We’d all forgotten about the ribs!