The Neighbors Part 2

Tropical partyAfter our first sexual adventure together, my neighbors Peter and Claudia kept it simple for a while. Claudia loves cooking and she invited me to dinner a few times. Claudia has a really great body that she keeps in shape with yoga. When the weather permits she does this in her beautifully maintained garden, giving me great views of her over the fence.I have a house on the beach in the Caribbean and decided to invite both of them on a trip. I was lusting after both of them and thought the tropics and some rum should do the trick again.After we arrived at the beach house we unpacked and put on our swimming gear. Claudia, in a black micro-bikini barely covering her assets and Peter, in a board short just as I was wearing. We swam, drank rum and a had a great time on the beach.

After a few drinks, our sexual night entered the discussion and they both confessed they were ready for some more. Peter confessed that being masturbated by another man was a very horny experience. Claudia told that she was very turned on by seeing Peter being touched by another man and that she almost came, just looking.I asked both if they wanted to submit to me again that evening and they readily agreed; the sun and the rum had their hormones up and running.When we entered the house I told Claudia to strip, which she did. I was very happy to see that she maintained the shave that I gave her and her bald pussy was looking great. Her breasts were proudly pointing at us with already hard nipples.Since we also needed to eat I told Claudia to prepare dinner for us. My house has an open kitchen so we never lost sight of beautiful Claudia.Peter and I settled on a couch with a view of Claudia preparing dinner. I told Peter to play with his cock and make it hard, watching his naked wife. Peter had also kept his cock and balls shaved and he looked fantastic.

He got an almost instant erection and said he was very turned on with two people seeing him masturbate. I warned him not to cum, just to play and keep it hard.Claudia was busy in the kitchen but I could tell her mind was not on cooking, something she normally loves doing. She made us a quick burger in a hurry and we ate it just sitting on the couch.With dinner out of the way, I instructed Peter to sit on his hands and knees. I told Claudia to lubricate and finger his ass. While Claudia was busy with Peter’s ass I attached her nipple clamps. I did not want Peter to cum already so I told her to stop and insert his butt plug.I made them switch positions and now Peter was fingering Claudia’s ass. I gently pulled the chain between her nipple clamps and the double attention made her body shiver with lust. I put a finger in her dripping pussy where I could feel Peter’s finger in her ass and she started rocking and moaning.

With my finger still in her pussy, I told Peter to insert her foxtail in her ass. I could feel the buttplug sliding past my finger and Claudia’s pussy instantly got even wetter.I instructed Claudia to stay on her knees but to sit upright and Peter had to sit on his knees right next to her. I positioned myself in front of them and told Peter to slide down my swimming trunks that I was still wearing. They both stared at my already erect dick.I told Peter, who never touched another dick in his life, to touch and feel my cock and my balls. At first, he was shy and hesitant, but quickly started enjoying it and proceeded to masturbate me. Claudia was looking at this from very close by and I told Peter to put my dick in her mouth while continuing to stroke me. Claudia opened her mouth and started sucking my dick while Peter was stroking me. Claudia started playing with my balls where she met Peter’s hands around my shaft, and I could feel by the way she increased sucking power that she was very turned on.At that point, I told Peter to put my dick in his mouth and suck me. After a short hesitation, he started sucking me and I told Claudia to tell him how to do it and at the same time finger my ass. She started instructing Peter how to swallow my cock deep and to swirl his tongue around my shaft. She told him to hold my balls while sucking me.

Peter caught on very fast and sucked me like a pro.I did not want to cum yet; I had other plans for that.I asked Claudia to lie on her back and spread wide so I could attach a spreader bar to keep her like that. It was time for me to lick that delicious pussy and give her the first orgasm. I kneeled between her legs and gently opened her lips to reveal her beautiful flower hiding behind. I let my tongue slide from the bottom all the way up to her clit, causing her to arch her back. I quickly instructed Peter to lie down on his back with his head underneath my cock and start sucking me.I kept going with my tongue up and down Claudia’s beautiful pussy and on each pass, I lingered just a little bit longer on her clit.I inserted a finger in her cunt and looked for her g-spot and at the same time sucked her clit into my mouth, swirling my tongue over it. Claudia started bucking and moaning and I could feel her orgasm building. Peter was going wild on my dick in his mouth and I let go and shot deep in his mouth. Noticing this put Claudia over the edge and she came so hard she squirted a little in my mouth. I told Peter to kiss Claudia and share my cum with her. She greedily sucked my cum out of Peter’s mouth and came again.This had me so turned on that my dick stayed hard and craved more action. I sat on the couch and told Claudia to sit on my dick facing Peter.

He started licking my balls and Claudia’s pussy while she fucked me. Claudia loved seeing Peter at her pussy while she fucked and told Peter to take my dick out of her pussy and taste her juice on my dick. Peter sucked the juice off my dick and inserted it back into Claudia’s eager pussy. I soon started to cum again and this time shot deep into Claudia’s pussy. Peter had his mouth ready when I took my cock out and he lapped up the cream and cum dripping from her pussy.Poor Peter had not cum so far and his cock was harder than ever, ready to explode. I told him to stand up so Claudia and I could suck him together. Claudia was squealing with delight, sucking her husband’s cock together with a man. Peter started cumming really fast and came all over Claudia’s and my face. I licked Claudia’s face clean and she did the same to me, also sucking Peter’s cum out of my mouth.We were exhausted by now and took a shower together and went to bed, Claudia nestled between Peter and me.What happened the rest of the week is for the next episode.