One Crazy Night

Fun with a guy leads to amazing fun with a gal.Man, was I hung over.  And horny.  The night before was my birthday party, and we had all stayed up far too early and drank the whole night away.  I finally crashed in the RV around sunrise…Jay was a good friend.  He’d set the whole thing up.  We were at his mom’s.  A bunch of friends and coworkers were there.  We spent the whole evening playing games (drinking games, of course,) and I just kept getting more and more horny.  It was tough being single and drunk, especially when I had a huge crush on one of my friends.  I had talked to her many times, but she wasn’t interested.  She did make sure to smear cake all over my face, though.  That was fun…. and I almost couldn’t stop myself from kissing her.

Thankfully, I didn’t make a fool of myself.At one point, I was talking to my friend Jay’s mom, apparently (I was wasted by this point) declaring my undying love for Jay.  True, Jay was gay. True, we’d fooled around before.  And true, I really did like him.  He’d helped me survive after my divorce.  It had been a lot of fun exploring things that had until then been taboo.  He opened my world in ways no woman ever could, but I really just enjoyed the physical part.  Like I said before, he was a really good friend, and I felt any sort of romance between us would end with me hurting him.So, back to the day after my birthday.  We both had shared the bed in the RV the following morning, nursing our hangovers as best we could.  No hanky panky.  No flirtatious banter.  That is until his mom opened the door to wake us up. “Time for breakfast, boys.” And then I couldn’t help it.”Jay, can we go back to your place later?” I asked.He looked at me sideways through his hangover eyes.  “Yeah.  What’s up?””Just want to hang out for a bit, comfortably.  Without your mom around.

“We got up.  His mom had scrambled some eggs and fried up some bacon.  Great hangover food.  Thankfully, I was mostly just groggy in the head, and not feeling nausea.  After a couple cups of coffee, we ended up leaving her place around two that afternoon.  We got back to his place, walked up to his apartment, and went to his bed.I wanted to nap for a bit, maybe coax him into a bit of fun… He didn’t need any coaxing.  Always the gentleman, he helped me out of my clothes, leaving me in nothing but my boxers.  I couldn’t help it.  I wanted him.  I looked in his eyes, turned away, and just dropped my last article of clothing.  “Please,” I all but begged.  “I want you.  I want your cock in me.”He chuckled as though he had expected this.  As though all I wanted from him was cock.  As though he knew when he planned my birthday that he’d end up plowing my ass again.  I felt his breath, his lips kissing my cheeks, his hands rubbing my back and thighs.  I felt him nuzzling and kissing me.  Felt his hands spread my horny cheeks.  His tongue darted playfully around my hole.  I was so horny for him.  I wanted him.  I NEEDED him.  Fuck me, Jay.  You have to.  Please fill me, please!!!  I need your cock to fill me. 

Please!  I couldn’t speak.  All I could do was moan and press myself back onto his tongue.  He was very thorough, and I was wanting more than his tongue.  I needed more.Finally, collecting myself, I pushed him away and moved over to the bed.  He took his shirt off but left his jeans on.  If I really wanted his cock, he was going to make me earn it.  My breathing was short; I was anticipating the next step.  I looked him in the eye as I unbuttoned his fly.  I kissed his abs, used my mouth to bring his jeans down.  He was ready, hard as a rock and nearly poking my eyes out.  I licked him, sucked him, got his cock as soaking wet as I could.  I loved the way he felt in my mouth.  Not too small, not too big.  Then, when his entire cock was slathered in my spit, I lifted off him.  I positioned myself on my knees, ass raised, face down.  Then turned to say something…It still surprises me how looking over my shoulder at a man about to enter my ass makes me feel so sexy, so tingly, so hot.  I looked back at him.  The lust in his eyes was even more of a turn on.

He wanted my ass just as much as I wanted his cock.  He climbed on the bed, positioning himself.  I felt him lean over me, his hairy chest up against my back.  I saw his arms reach over to the nightstand.  I couldn’t help it, I lightly nibbled on his arm as he grabbed the lube.  “Not this time.  Just use my spit” I told him.  Another chuckle from him and a hard slap on my ass.  He lined up and eased his cock into my bowels.  God, he felt so good.  It’d been far too long since I’d had a good dicking.  He made me feel so good, so full, so wanted, so on fire!Finally, he was spent.  I hadn’t cum, but I didn’t need to.  I felt so satisfied.  We lay together, dozing off for a while.  I must have slept, and he too, as when I finally did wake, it was dark.  I checked the clock.  6:30.  Still time to hit the bar and watch some good live music.  Still time to fuck again and THEN go hit the bar.  I nudged him awake.This time, I grabbed the lube.  I covered and stroked his already hard erection.  He just lay there, laying on his back.  Just watching me as I lubed him up, as I straddled him, as I positioned his cock at my hole.

He just smiled as he felt my ass lower onto his cock.My own erection was aching.  I still didn’t feel the need for any attention to it- I just wanted to get fucked.  Instead, I was fucking my own ass on his cock.  I rode him like a bicycle, my cock flopping up and down.  I’d never done this before, been the one on top.  I felt so randy as I impaled myself on him.  Finally, he flipped me over, never removing himself from my ass.  Now I was on my back, legs in the air, and he was driving into me.  He kissed me passionately, and I felt his orgasm fill me again.  He collapsed on top of me.”Thanks, Amos.  I’ve been dreaming of fucking you again,” he whispered in my ear.”Still up for the bar tonight?” I asked.”No.  You go without me.”(That was probably the wrong thing to do, though.  I haven’t seen him since.  It’s been almost five years, and I crave his cock still….)I looked at the clock.  Almost eight.  I got up, got dressed and brushed my teeth.  “Call me, Jay,” I gave him a deep passionate kiss, then I was out the door on my way to my favorite bar.A friend of mine, Hal, was performing that night.

He’d started just before I got there.  I could hear his voice singing out one of his own compositions, accompanied by his own guitar.  The music rose in a crescendo, then fell back, nearly faded away.That’s when I saw her.  She was sitting at one of the tables near Hal, all alone.  I thought maybe he’d finally found a new gal.  Thankfully, I thought wrong.I went to the bar, asked for my usual Makers’ rocks and made my way over to her.  The bar was not a big place, and I’ve only seen it crowded a few times.  This night was no more than the usual Saturday evening crowd, except for her.  She smiled as I said, “Hello.  This seat taken?””No.  Please, sit,” was all she said, and I was smitten.  We chatted for a bit, listened to the music.  I bought her a drink.  She bought me one.  And I really don’t remember what she said, but as midnight rolled in, we were waving goodbye to Hal and making our way to a cab out front. She couldn’t keep her hands off me as we road to her hotel.  She was in town on business, and as I lived a half hour away, we ended up in her hotel room.

Making out…  Stripping down…  We barely had gotten far enough inside to close the door, and already naked, her still in her lace panties.  I was so turned on.  I wanted her.  She smelled of lavender, not overly strong like perfume, but seemingly natural.  She pulled me to the bed and we fell on top of each other.  I couldn’t help it, I just looked her in the eye and nibbled my way down to her prize.  I breathed in her wetness as I removed her panties- she was so turned on.  Once she was naked, she swung around so she could suck me while I went down on her.  Not even thinking- with my brain that is- I dove in, lapping and licking, sucking and nibbling.”Holy shit, Amos!  Is that cum leaking from your asshole?”Uh oh…… “Uh, yeah,” was all my mind could come up with.

“That’s fucking hot!!”  And then her mouth and tongue were sucking what cum was left out of my ass.  Never had I ever had a rimjob that was nearly as amazing.  I finally moved my mouth back to her gift and tongued her for all I was worth.  Her hips raised and she shook like she was having a seizure.  I nearly shot my load as she finally left my ass and sucked my cock again, replacing her tongue with at least two fingers.  She pulled me out of her mouth.  “Cum for me.  I want your load, too.”  I didn’t need asking twice and unloaded down her throat.”You know, we would have been back here sooner if I’d known you were carrying a load in your ass.”I was still quite shocked that she hadn’t thrown me out.  Now, I was more shocked that she liked it.  “Wow.  I wish I had told you, but I stopped thinking with my brain when I saw you.”  I paused.  “Actually, I’m sorry.  You could have just beat the hell out of me for what I just did.  I’m really sorry.”She looked me deep in the eyes, hers filled with lust.  “I think it’s hot.  Wish I could have been there when you got his load.  I love watching guys fuck.

I have a friend that films his escapades for me to watch all the time.””So, this isn’t your first time eating cum out of a dude’s butt?”  I know-  I could have been more sensual, but it felt good to talk dirty.  I felt really raunchy.  I felt like a sex-depraved slut.”Well, the first time eating cum from a DUDE’S butt,” she giggled.  “Too bad I fly out tomorrow.  I’d love to watch you get another load for me to eat.”  She paused. “So, you ready to suck your cum out of mine?”Yes, too bad she was from out of town.  Another one I’ve never seen again.