My Neighbour The Runner – Part 5 (The Dinner Party – Part 1)

Anna and Rick had more plans for DaveIt had been too long since I last met Anna and Rick. I was spending my days thinking about all the adventures we had over the past weeks. Every ring on the doorbell, every chirp or bleep from my phone, all I was hoping for was another summons to another adventure. To think I started out lusting after what I thought was my neighbourhood’s most unattainable woman and it turned me into a man that was not only fucking her, but also sucking any cock that she chose to put in front of me.Five days had passed since I had been with Anna, Rick, Brad, and Tom.

Seeing Anna and Rick too many times during those five days with neither mention nor hint of an invite was driving me to despair. All I wanted was for them to call me, call into my house, even acknowledge me in some way. I waited helplessly, bound by their rules that I may never contact them, and now never was starting to feel like too damn long. Then my doorbell rang. I got up from the sofa, walked to the door, praying that it would be one of my two new lovers. I stood at my front door, relaxed, took a breath and then calmly opened the door. “You’ll be at our house for dinner tonight,” said Anna as she stood in my doorway looking sexier then I’d ever imagined her.Anna continued, “We are having another couple over, so dress to impress.”

“Ah. A triple date. Should I bring a date too?” I asked. “No need for that Dave. That’s not necessary,” Anna informed me.“See you at eight and don’t be late,” she said as she casually strolled away, her glorious ass tightly clad in her skin-tight jeans. I had no idea how I was going to pass the time between that moment and eight. I had no idea what “dress to impress” meant in the context of an evening with Anna and Rick and, finally,  I had no idea what was in store for me. I got busy and went out shopping. I bought a classic navy two-piece suit, white shirt and decided to go without a tie. For the ‘extra effect’ I decided to buy a pair of tight shiny black briefs to wear under the suit. I very much hoped that they would be necessary for the evening in store, even if they only are necessary for the short time they would remain on me after they had been seen by Anna and Dave.As the clock struck eight I knocked on Anna and Dave’s door. Dressed in my new suit, a bottle of wine and a bunch of lilies in my hand. Anna opens the door wearing her hair up in a bun, wearing a long classic black dress that covered almost all of her body yet revealed everything. I was stunned by how beautiful she looked “Right on time Dave and you sure are dressed to impress,” she said as she stood aside and guided me into the house. “Likewise Anna,” I said as I walked past her towards their dining room. As I entered I was greeted by Dave, who handed me a glass of Champaign and then introduced to the other couple who were standing by the fireplace, also holding a glass of Champaign each.

“This is Gloria and Anton,” said Dave as walked towards them.Gloria was an amazing looking woman. She was dressed in a navy blue evening dress. A full-length dress like Anna’s, mostly made of satin with a long cut up the right side that showed Gloria’s long, fit, beautifully long right leg. Her hair was dark and straight, tied back with a blue hairband.Anton was also dark haired. Athletically built, not so tall but looked incredibly fit and very attractive. Anna and Rick seemed to have attracted fit and good-looking people. The introductions were made, we drank our champaign and then sat down to a wonderful dinner with me sitting at the head of the table, in full view of everyone and the centre of attention. We talked about our work, about training, running and our holiday plans. Anton and I had a little competition when we discovered that we both travelled a lot. We both thought that each of us would be more travelled than the other. Not that it was a competition, but me winning made me feel good for some reason. All through the talk and the small talk, I was waiting for the evening to end, Gloria and Anton to go so that Rick, Anna and I could get down to doing what we do best.We had finished our coffee and cognac and I was caught looking at my watch. “Do you have somewhere to be, Dave? You have been looking at your watch for the past hour,” said Anna.

“Oh, no. It’s jus that I was worried about Gloria and Anton getting home so late” I desperately said. Completely embarrassed by my bad manners. “We’re not going anywhere darling,” said Gloria.She continued, “We’re staying here, Anna and Rick have told us about all the fun you’ve all been having, we came here tonight because we want to play too.”Gloria then leaned over and kissed me while slowly moving her hand up the inside of my thigh, I went from disappointment to instant arousal and anticipation in the blink of an eye as I accepted Gloria’s tongue in my mouth and wished her hand towards my now throbbing cock. Gloria withdrew, took my hand and guided me away from the table towards the soft fur rug in the centre of Anna and Dave’s living room and then guided her dress from har shoulders making it slide down her amazing body to the floor. She stood before me in a blue to piece lingerie. “Your turn, Dave,” she said as she wanted for me to get out of my suit too.I gladly followed suit and stood there before her in my new underwear, now uncomfortably tight because of the bulge I had failed to consider when I bought them. Gloria stepped closer, slid her hands around to my ass and started to kiss me as she grinned against my now painful cock. “Wait one second,” shouted Anton as he stood from the dining table, causing me to look over in shock.He continued, “Gloria and I agreed that I was going to be part of the first act.”He then hurriedly undressed and walked over to join Gloria and I.

I noticed he had a totally ripped body and a bulge in his briefs looked like more than I had ever handled. He walked around the back of Gloria and started to grind against her ass while reaching around and massaging her tennis ball sized perfect breasts. I removed my hands from Gloria’s ass and started to focus on her pussy. “No, Dave,” she told me as she guided my hands back to her ass.Gloria continued, “You need to keep your hands back there.”I complied, grinning against her pussy, massaging her ass, feeling Anton’s ribbon stomach rhythmically hitting my hands and his cock occasionally touching the tip of my fingers as he glides it up and down Gloria’s ass. Anton finally removes Gloria’s thong, freeing up her warm, wet pussy for me. I wanted to put my cock in there and then, but Anton told me not to. Instead, he reached around and held my cock tight against Gloria’s pussy. Ordering me not to fuck her yet, to keep grinding her. Just then Gloria starts to moan, she starts to pull her pussy away from my cock, looking up in the air gasping with pleasure “Oh, Anton,” she gasped. “Oh I’ll never get enough of that cock in my ass as long as I live, Anton,” she gasped with what was probably a mixture of elation and pain. Anton soon found his rhythm, now slowly sliding in and out of Gloria’s ass when he finally released his hand from my cock and then skilfully guides it int Gloria’s pussy.

“Fuck my wife good now, Dave,” Anton demanded as he reciprocated in her opposing hole. Anton also reached around and grabbed my ass, encouraging to follow his rhythm as we both fucked Gloria. I was in ecstasy, fucking this new goddess while being assisted by her husband. I had not yet seen Anton’s cock but I could feel a very large mass on the other side of Gloria’s vagina wall as his cock seemed to press against mine when we both pumped our cocks into his wife. Anton withdrew his cock from his wife, guided me onto my back, Gloria now astride me and he positioned himself behind Gloria and started to fuck her ass again. I did get a look at his cock in that manoeuvre and my jaw dropped. It seemed to be the size fo Gloria’s forearm, too big to get a stalking erection but still hard enough to penetrate Gloria’s ass. “How on earth could she take that in her ass,” I thought as I got busy with my end of the business. “I’m going to cum, Gloria,” announced Anton. “Oh, I’m going to cum,” he said has he withdrew his cock started to shoot what seemed like endless, warm streams of cum all over Gloria’s ass and my balls. Pulse after pulse of warm cum on my balls drove me ver the edge and I started to cum too. I withdrew my cock, my first stream of cum erupted into the air, covering Anton’s hand and cock. I seemed to cum forever, I could only imagine the glazed ass that now proudly stood on display in front of Anton. I relaxed back on the floor, drained of everything as Gloria climbed off me.

“Another first in the home of my two lovers, “ I thought to myself as I lay there in silence when I heard Anna announcing from the other side of the room. “Aren’t you forgetting something Dave?” she asked.“Eh, I’ll need a minute before I can get to you, Anna,” I answered, anticipating her demand to now be serviced. “No, Dave. You need to be a good boy and clean up that mess you and made on our dinner guests,” she demanded. I sat up and noticed Anton and Gloria standing before me. Anton’s cock and Gloria’s ass was covered in both Anton and my cum. I crawled over and started to lick the cum of Gloria first. Starting at the drips that had ran down to the back of her knee, working my way up to the ass cheeks and finally exploring the depts of her backside. I cleaned up every drop of what seemed like a bucket load of warm cum. I then turned my attention to Anton.His right hand had taken a big hit from my first stream of cum. I picked it off the back of his hand and then worked my tongue between his fingers. All the while licking at that enormous cock of his.It was totally glistening with cum and had was just about to drip on the carpet as I had finished with his hand. Immediately put my mouth around the tip to stop the drips and then started to clean my way up, licking from the big bulbous head all the way up the shaft. My face was close to his knee at the beginning of every lick, such was the size of this enormous cock. I had no idea how Gloria managed to take this inside her.

I marvelled at the size of it with each lick but was also afraid of the damage that it could do to me should Anna and Dave decide that Anton was to fuck me. I just finished cleaning Anton’s cock. I sat back. Happy with my work, still marvelling at the beast when I notice it started to rise. Right before my eyes, that cock starts to rise and get bigger than it was during my clean up job. I sat there watching it as it gained girth and length until it was finally protruding straight out from his body. “Good Jesus Christ, Anton,” I said. Literally frozen in awe and fear at the sight that beheld me. “Looks like you’ve got a new job to do, Dave,” announced Anna.Anna continued, “You made that cock hard, Dave, not you’re going to have to finish the job.” I looked up at Anton, not sure if he agreed. “You better do what Anna says, Dave, She’s Gloria and my boss too,” said Anton. I got up on my knees, edged closer and took his cock in one hand, then another hand. My two hands barely covered half of this monster. I glided my hands up and down, marvelling at this cock, but also trying to buy time. Time I needed to figure out how I was going to manage to get this cock into my mouth. I started to lick the head.

There was still a taste of cum which turned me on and helped me to relax into the task I had ahead. I licked the entire head, circled it and then I put my mouth around the head of the cock as I curled my tongue around the head. I then started to relax, I started to feel comfortable and then I felt Gloria press her body against my back. Kneeling down behind me she moved her hands around to my cock, gently stroking it as she started to offer me advise. “Just relax your mind, Dave,” she said as she ever so gently stroked my cock.Gloria then advised, “Now open your mouth, not from your jaw, Dave, pretend you’re yawning”.  She waited until I opened my mouth as she advised and then guided my head towards Anton’s cock. “Yeah, Baby. That’s how to do it. Relax and keep that cock wet,” she told me as she released me and walked back to join Anna and Rick.I had lost my fear. I had found my rhythm. I was holding that cock with two hands as I guided my head further and further towards Anton’s stomach. Each time I managed to get his cock deeper into  my mouth and each time I’d move my hands further down towards the base of his cock. Further and further every time, deeper and deeper.

Up until that moment I had felt the feeling of a cock down my throat. When I finally managed to get half of Anton’s cock into my mouth it felt like I had him in my chest. That was my limit. Now both my hands were at the base of Anton’s cock and I was plunging my head until my lips touched my fist. Going faster and faster with every plunge. I was drooling from the cock down my throat, pounding that cock faster with my ever water mouth, filling what seemed like half my body with cock. Finally, Anton starts to moan.“Oh yeah, Dave. Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum in that mouth of yours, Dave,” he announced though his heavy panting as I felt that cock swell even more in my mouth. It swelled, then started pulse and I feel the bulb of his cock almost burst my mouth apart as he started to unleash his cum into my mouth and down my throat. I held on tight with my hands as I got filled with stream after stream of cum into my mouth, craving every last one of them, hoping it would never stop. I was catching any drop that got left on his shaft as I returned the cock to the depts of my throat with every stroke.

The cumming stopped and I slowed down. Changing to slowly feeding the cock into my mouth, then slowly guiding my face back until I had just the tip of the cock in my tongue. I’d clean the head of all the cum, then slowly feed the cock into my mouth until I had cleaned the shaft. I released this until no more cum was dripping out of his cock.“Oh man that was something else, Dave,” said Anton as he walked over to join the others. “Now that’s the first course done,” announced Anna. As she stood from the dining table and started to remove her dress.