My Lover’s Husband

I get to know my lover’s husband betterWhile I worked on her portrait, I traveled frequently to Michelle’s home in Las Vegas to work on her artwork, and to fuck her whenever possible.  It was a great arrangement for a while, but due to conflicting schedules, I couldn’t make the trip out west for a couple of months.  Finally, we settled on a few days for me to visit to finish the job, and I flew out to meet her.  Needless to say, I was very excited to see her.I got a confirmation text from her where to meet her after I picked up my bags, and I proceeded out to the designated spot.  I was surprised to find her husband, Rick, greeting me at the gate.“Hi there,” he said.“Hey,” I replied.  “Where’s Michelle?”“She had some last minute errands to run, so she asked me to pick you up instead.”

I found this unusual, as Michelle normally communicated any last minute changes in plenty of time for me to adjust.  I had met Rick before, and since he and Michelle were in an open marriage, he knew of our sexual relationship, and I knew there would be no issues with our fucking each other.  But the way he was grinning at me told me something was up.  Rick had arrived in his Mercedes convertible.  “Hop in,” he said.  “I just need to stop by my office before we head to the house.”  Even though I was anxious about the situation being changed, something in his voice told me not to ask any questions or protest.   We made the trip to his office tower in relative silence, beyond the usual chit chat.  After about a fifteen minute drive, Rick and I arrived at his office.  We parked the car, walked into the building and took the elevator up to his floor.Rick showed me into his office, closed the door, and told me to have a seat.  I looked out at the view of Vegas, which was magnificent- you could see part of the Strip from his window.  I was mesmerized at how beautiful Vegas looked during the daytime. I thought it was more picturesque seeing the city emerge from the desert during the daytime.

I turned around to mention this to Rick, but I was completely taken aback by what I saw.Rick stood before me, completely nude, his erection jutting out and pointing in my direction.“Didn’t Michelle tell you I liked my cock sucked my guys?” he asked.I nodded slowly in affirmation.  “She said it a few times, but she never—““Never what?”  Rick said.  “Never said it was also her lovers?”All I could I could say was a weak, “No.”Rick pulled me to him and said, “Take off your clothes!”  I knew at this point it wouldn’t be any good to resist.  Rick was an ex-Marine, and very powerful.  I slowly complied with his command.  After I was completely nude, he looked me up and down, in apparent approval.“I see why my wife likes you so much,” he said.  “You have a nice body and an obviously well-hung cock.”  I hadn’t realized that my dick was beginning to swell and was already almost completely hard.  Rick pushed me down and said, “Get on your knees and suck my cock!”Knowing it was useless to resist him, I took his hard dick in my hand, and then lowered my head to the mushroom head.

I began slowly, teasing it with my tongue, including his slit, then began to suck on it in earnest.  In the meantime, I also began to lightly play with his balls, in the same manner I enjoy mine being fondled.“Mmmmm,” was Ricks’s reply.  I obviously took that as a positive response, so I played with his balls a bit more while I sucked in as much of his cock as I could.  As I played with his balls, I began to take my fingers and rubbed them slightly over his anus, lightly touching the opening. “Oh, man,” he cried.  I began to rub his anus a little more, pressing my fingertip up the hole.  At the same time, I started to work down his shaft and took one of his balls in my mouth.  Rick laid a hand on the back of my head and guided it down some more.  I sucked on each ball alternately and then moved back to licking his shaft.  I could feel some tenseness in his cock and knew he was ready.“I want to come in your mouth,” Rick said.  “Suck it hard.”I complied and placed his engorged cock back in my mouth.  I kept up a steady suction on him, and I soon felt a tension in his shaft.

It didn’t take long for him to erupt his sperm into my waiting mouth.  I kept sucking on him while he unloaded his semen in me, swallowing as much as I could… it didn’t taste bad, actually, and I enjoyed pleasuring him.  Once I swallowed all of his cum, he pushed my head off his cock and looked at my still hard cock.“You must have enjoyed that,” he said.  “Good, because you’ll enjoy what I’m going to do next.”  Rick walked over to a desk drawer and pulled out a tube of adult lubricant. “Get up and bend over the desk,” he instructed.  I did as I was told, and laid chest down on his wooden desk.  Rick spread my ass cheeks apart, slowly working his fingers around my anus.  He then took the lube and poured some on my hole, and again used his fingers, this time working one, then two into my ass to force some of the lube inside.  I could the feel him place the tip of his cock, once again hard, against the hole.  He teased my anus a bit with the cock head, then, in one thrust, pushed it into my asshole.  It hurt at first, but, as he thrust in and out slowly, the pain subsided to intense pleasure.

“Doesn’t that feel good, bitch,” Rick whispered to me, and he lay on my back.  He reached down and found my now rock hard cock with his right hand, and began to massage it.“Maybe we can cum together….wouldn’t that be Rick kept up the slow, deep thrusts in my ass for a while, but, by the way he was breathing, I could tell he was once again close to coming.   He maintained contact with his hand on my cock, even played with my balls a bit, but all of a sudden he let go, and grunted loudly, and came in my ass in torrents.  He kept pushing his dick in me to force his seed up my ass, and grabbed my cock and began to stroke it once again.  I began to spurt semen from my dick, all over his desk.Once he finished coming, Rick pulled himself off of me, pulled his softening dick from my ass, and took his hand and swallowed some of my come.  “Michelle was right, you DO taste good,” he said.  I’ll need to return the favor sometime.

I couldn’t speak, my body was trembling with post sexual joy.  I could only roll off his desk and get to my knees to catch my breath.  Suddenly, I noticed that we weren’t alone in Rick’s office anymore.“Well, I’m glad that my two boys were able to get better acquainted, “I heard Michelle say.  I looked over at her.  Her nude body was silhouetted by the office window.  She walked over to me and gave me a long, deep, tender French kiss.“I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you, darling,” she said. “Rick really wanted to do this with you.  And I got SO hot watching.”  She smiled at me and then turned to her husband.“Rick, let’s take him home so we can continue with all three of us together.”