Mike and Jo visit Amsterdam’s Red Light district and get more than they bargained for.Hi!

My name is Joanna. I am twenty-five years old and for three years I’ve been married to Mike. We met at university and dated for two years before tying the knot. One day we will (hopefully) start a family but there is no great hurry. At present we are both pretty wrapped up in the early years of marriage. We have a very active sex-life and to reflect that fact I call Mike “Unicorn” because his impressive rampant member. I’ve even had a small unicorn tattooed on my groin.Early on in our married life Mike and I made the decision to holiday in the UK, exploring Cornwall and Devon, Scotland, the Lake district and so on.

However, we would aim to have a spring break somewhere in Europe each year, maybe Thursday to Monday. In April or May in the last few years we had been to Venice, Paris, and Rome, this year we had opted for Amsterdam. We flew to Schiphol then caught a train to our hotel. It was on the outskirts but there was a tram stop right outside.On the first full day, we toured the city centre, the tulip-bulb market on the canal-side and a few of the cafes and bars. We didn’t sample any of the “special” offerings in the cafes only the coffee. From the outset, Mike had said he wanted to visit the red-light district, I was a little unsure but Mike was persuasive and the promise of “really looking after me” that night as a reward tipped the balance.When we first walked into the area we were a little taken aback… it is a pretty canal-side area with old well-kept houses, not at all seedy as I had thought it might be.

As Mike observed, perhaps it might not be so quaint at night time. We had a chuckle as we passed a few of the display windows. Some, though not all, of the girls offering their services, were rather less than appealing. One of the first ones we passed was looking at a phone that she held in one hand, in the other was a cigarette. Even so, I caught Mike taking an appreciative glance at her barely hidden breasts. I too had to concede that they were impressive.We stopped for an afternoon drink in a canal-side café/bar. As we did so, Mike commented on the neon lights advertising live sex-shows. I could tell he was hinting but I was far from sure about that.After an hour of window-shopping (as Mike put it) we walked back towards our hotel. As we passed a club called Divine, the doorman tried to hook us in by engaging us in conversation.“Where are you from?” he asked.“Southern England,” Mike repliedI knew once he engaged us in conversation we were hooked.“Come inside we have the best live sex show in Amsterdam,” said the doorman.

“No, we’re going back to our hotel,” I said.“Once you have seen our live show you’ll be so turned on, you will have to make love. I guarantee it,” said the doorman. “And you will be in your own private room, so nothing to stop you,” he continued.This threw me, I’d somehow imagined sitting in a row of seats like a theatre. The doorman sensed his opportunity and went for the kill.“There is a fridge in the room with a complimentary bar, too. I can offer you a very special deal. Fifty Euros, that’s it, no strings. I promise you will have the time of your life.”I just knew that Mike was hooked and to be honest I think I was, too.“What do you think, Jo?” said Mike, with a smile. “Let’s try it.”We gave him the fifty Euros and he handed us a key.“Go to room fifteen,” he said.We entered the small room. There was a couch, a mirror and a small table with a few glasses on it, with the fridge underneath. We sat on the couch and helped ourselves to a drink. We were both a little nervous and wondered what we had let ourselves in for.“Shall we just go back to the hotel,” I panicked.

“No, we’ve paid fifty Euros now, let’s see what happens,” Mike said.We had a few drinks with our meal earlier, so I was feeling quite horny.“Oh well, what the hell. In for a penny in for a pound,” I said.On the wall opposite the couch were a large mirror above a dressing table and a large window with a curtain covering it. There was a small sign saying, “This window uses one-way glass”. I stood up and pulled the curtain back. Through the window was a couple in the nude, on a couch, making love. They both looked about twenty-eight years old, they were in good shape and were both attractive. The girl was bent over him, sliding her mouth up and down his impressive erection.I felt Mike come up behind me and kiss the side of my neck. Then he unbuttoned my blouse and trousers and dropped them to the floor, my underwear soon joined them. I moaned softly as I felt his erection nudging against me.

The man stood the girl up in front of him and reached around her to grasp her breasts. He turned her round to face him then kissed and sucked on her nipples. She parted her legs allowing him to finger her pussy. She bit into his shoulder as he stroked her sodden slit. Slowly in one movement, she moved them to the couch and into the sixty-nine position. Her lips latched onto his impressive eight-inch cock, as she straddled his face, allowing him total access to her swollen clitoris.They writhed in ecstasy, both being teased with oral lust. He couldn’t wait and blew his load, she gulped as fast as she could but most of his sticky muck dribbled down her chin.I looked at Mike he was rock hard. I knelt down and took his engorged head deep into my mouth, re-enacting the couple in the window. My lips locked onto his bulbous helmet and sucked the pre-cum from his delicious cock.Mike pulled me up to stand in front of him then felt between my legs, as he eased himself into my soaking vagina. His cock filled me and felt tight as he banged into me.

“I know, I’m a bad girl, but I need to cum,” I moaned. “Please make me cum.”The sex show had certainly had the promised effect. I was desperate.Mike continued pumping away, his cock connecting directly with my clit. Oh my God, it felt so good. I glanced down at my tattooed unicorn and then at the very human horn penetrating me repeatedly beside it.He knows I like it slow when I cum, so he fucked me hard until the point of no return. Then, as I begged him to slow down, he finished me with long slow strokes; my soaked pussy throbbed as I came.Mike was bursting to cum but continued to pump into me. Just before he climaxed he whipped his cock out and splattered his hot semen all over my chest and face. It was fantastic. I went over to the mirror to see my creamy face and breasts…Mike had made a huge mess on them and it slowly ran down between my tits to my stomach.

We cleaned ourselves up and finished our drinks, laughing. Through the glass, the couple was just concluding what had clearly been a second session, and he was just withdrawing from her swollen, red vagina.“Come on babe, let’s go home,” I said.We cleaned up, got dressed then left the room. As we left the room, room sixteen’s door opened.Oh shit, it was the couple we had been watching making love. We smiled at them as they passed. After all, they knew they’d had an audience. The girl gave me a knowing look and murmured to me, “Hope you enjoyed that. I did.”As Mike fumbled to lock our door, room fourteen’s door opened. Out walked a couple that seemed familiar somehow. They were about our age and in good shape, the woman was slightly flushed.“Good place, isn’t it?” the man said.“Er, yes,” I replied, a little awkwardly. The woman then moved toward me and brushed her lips against mine in a featherlike kiss, taking me completely by surprise. She looked at me very directly, with a slight smile.“A unicorn,” she said softly. “I can see why you chose that”.

With that, they made their way to the elevator. I looked at Mike, stunned.“What the fuck?” I said to him.They had left the door to number fourteen open and I stuck my head around the door. The room was exactly the same as ours, a couch, a mirror, and a small table with a few complimentary drinks on it, and the window with the curtain. I went over to the window and pulled the curtains open and looked through the window.It was a two-way mirror looking directly into our room, room fifteen.“My God,” I whispered. “They watched us fucking.”Mike cleared his throat slightly as he got ready to speak.“Oh, Jo, it is more than that,” he said. “Didn’t you recognise them? They are staying in our hotel.”That evening we decided to wander down to the bar and decide over a drink what we wanted to do about a meal, there was a huge selection of restaurants and cuisines close to the hotel. As we sat at a small table near the window, armed with a bottle of Muscadet and two glasses and looking at a list of options in the hotel magazine, we sensed someone standing over us. I looked up, but I somehow knew who it would be already.“Well hello again, its Mike and Jo isn’t it?” she asked.

“May we sit with you?”The couple were, it seemed, Peter and Jess and, like us, were on a long weekend break, but in their case, they had visited Amsterdam a few times previously. They knew from previous visits that room 14 in the sex club looked out onto another private room rather than the paid performers, and had requested it specifically.“I will just have to hope you didn’t take pictures,” I remarked drily. I was in a bit of a mixed emotional state, on the one hand, I was pissed that the club had allowed us to be watched in our “private” room but on the other hand, I felt a bit of a thrill that the other couple had watched us. Jess seemed to sense my confusion.“Look, you two, I can understand your surprise but for what it is worth you put on a brilliant show and our phones were taken from us when we arrived so I promise no pictures.”Jess then turned the charm up a notch.

“Actually, Jo, I would have liked to join in with you two, especially with you.”Her words drifted away but left a huge question mark hanging in the space around us. It was Mike who broke the spell.“Well Jo, you have always been a bit curious about trying out the other side, haven’t you?”“Well, that’s settled then” smiled Peter. “Let’s go up to our suite with our drinks – maybe Jess can initiate Jo into a few new things.”= = = =Five minutes later we entered their plush suite on the penthouse level. We went over to the picture windows looking down onto the canal below, with bright restaurant boats edging along in the darkness. Peter sank into one of the armchairs and called Mike over to sit in the other, they both had glasses of whiskey in their hands. Jess appeared from the bedroom.She had changed into a floaty, sheer negligee. It was clear that she was wearing nothing underneath it and my eyes were irresistibly drawn to her breasts. They were bigger than mine, I guessed a D cup, and her nipples were already erect and pressing through the flimsy material.Jess came over to me and turned me to face her.“I guess this is new for you, but I promise you will enjoy it,” she whispered.

With that, she pulled me into her and kissed me again but this time it was a lingering, soft sensuous kiss. I instinctively opened my mouth and Jess slid her tongue between my lips. I heard myself moan as my hands went round her back to pull her closer. Jess broke the kiss then whispered again.“Close your eyes, Jo.”I did as she asked and felt Jess unbuttoning my blouse. As she pulled it open she brushed my breasts with her palms; I heard myself moan again and then felt my bra dropping away from me. My trousers and pants were pulled down and I instinctively stepped out of them.Jess eased me down onto the floor, there was a soft rug in the centre of the room and she lay me down on it. I opened my eyes Jess was kneeling above me and slipping off her only item of clothing. She was beautiful. I gazed again at her aroused nipples then my eyes went down to her smooth, hairless sex.

Her vaginal lips were already moist and glistening.Jess kissed me again then she nibbled her way down my neck to my breasts. I gasped as her soft lips sucked in first one nipple then the other. She took her time, sucking each nipple to needy hardness, and with every moment I felt myself submerging into this new experience.Any hesitancy that I had initially felt about whether or not a bi-situation was really for me was long-since gone. I bucked my hips a little as the arousal in my pussy grew. I was becoming desperate for some attention there.Jess manoeuvred herself above me and suddenly we were in a 69 position. I gazed upon her vagina, just an inch or two away from me, examining it closely and in wonderment. I willingly slid my tongue along her pussy lips and into her slit, entranced by the smell and taste of feminine arousal. Then I felt Jess close her lips around my clit and

I gasped as she licked and sucked it into her mouth.Astounded at myself at how quickly my body had succumbed to this new experience, I tried to pace myself but in vain, and I felt an uncontrollable building in my entire body until I tensed and everything lost control. I gasped and moaned as my orgasm overcame me and all my senses were submerged in intensity. I felt my juices flooding into Jess’s mouth as she tenderly waited for me to subside, and then licked me clean.As I subsided from the strongest orgasm I could remember I became aware of the fact that I had not yet given Jess satisfaction. I used my two hands to pull her pussy lips apart and slid my tongue into her depths as far as I could. I then mimicked her actions my sucking her clit.I heard Jess gasp, “Harder, harder,” and changed my gentle sucking on her clitoris into hard, aggressive loving. I was rewarded by feeling the unmistakable clenching of Jess’s sexual muscles as she orgasmed, her cries of climax confirming that I had indeed generated my first female fulfillment.A few seconds later, she turned around to face me. She smiled at me and kissed me gently.“Well, Jo, you are not a virgin anymore!”I smiled back at her and whispered, “Thanks, Jess.”

Jess looked at me and nodded over towards the guys.“I think you had better give your unicorn a bit of attention now, don’t you?”Pete and Mike were both naked in their armchairs and sporting rock hard erections. I shuffled over to Mike as Jess did to Pete and in unison, we engulfed their engorged members deep into our mouths. I could tell that Mike had already been jacking off and would not last long.Indeed I felt the tell-tale swelling and grasped his prick deep in my mouth as he spurted string after string of warm sperm down my throat. I willingly swallowed as I heard Pete grunt. I looked over and Jess released him as he erupted, splattering her face with spunk which then ran down her neck and into the cleft between her breasts.All four of us began to come down from our sexual highs.“Now that,” said Jess, “Really WAS divine.”