Bi-interludes – Part 3

Finding relief during the dry spells.This is part 3 of what should end up being a 4 part series. The other parts have not been written yet! This is the first time I have written a story to share so it is what it is.The following is a true story that took place about fourteen years ago while I was not in any serious relationships. I had just recently divorced my second wife and I was lonely and perpetually horny. My second marriage was very short (six months) and Mark and I had met before when I was in a similar place after my first wife left.Mark and I first met on a local personals Usenet Newsgroup.

We were both bi-curious at the time and we were both between relationships. Our first meeting was at a Starbucks and after a quick coffee and conversation, we went to a room in a local W.M.C.A. that he had rented just for our meeting. It was close to where we both worked so I was on my way to work and he took a long lunch. The second meeting was at his apartment. Still being cautious at the time I parked a few blocks away and walked to his apartment building so that he could not see what type of car I drove.I am writing about our third of four encounters because it is that one I reminisce about most often and, therefore will be the easiest to put into words right now.On a whim, I sent Mark an email to see if he was in a place in his life where he would like to meet again. He told me he was not in anything serious, although he had a friend with benefits thing going with some chick. Apparently, she would not mind as long as he used protection. He was receptive to the idea of us meeting again so we made arrangements. I invited him to my house since he had done the same for me the last time.

The meeting day had finally arrived, so about thirty minutes before Mark was to arrive I jumped into the shower and then quickly groomed myself. I had planned on meeting Mark at the door of my condo in my robe so there was no rush to get dressed. It was still only my third time to have sex with a guy so I was just as nervous as I was horny. Now I say have sex because I had many sexual encounters with males when I was in my teens but they were very benign in comparison.The phone rang with the distinctive sound it makes when someone is down at the front door. I buzzed Mark in and spent the next few minutes pacing close to the door in anticipation. My heart started to race when I heard a light knock on the door. I opened the door and invited Mark in.Now, I am not exactly attracted to men like I am to women, but Mark is attractive by most standards. He is slightly younger than me and he is in a little better shape. He is a red-head and he had a well-groomed appearance with a tight, clean beard and mustache. His cock is a little smaller than mine (four-and-a-half to five inches long and about five inches around), but for some unknown reason, I seem to like guys smaller cocks.We shared a quick greeting and some small talk before I led him down the hall to my bedroom.

I sat on the side of the bed and motioned for Mark to stand in front of me. I lifted his shirt, unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans down over his hips. I noticed his cock had already started to stiffen.  I remember rubbing his cock little while it was still hidden in his underwear before pulling down the band and setting his cock free.Mark pulled his shirt over his head and threw it onto the floor. Here I was holding and looking at his beautiful stiff cock framed by his trimmed red pubes and his balls resting comfortably over the band of his light blue underwear.I leaned into his crotch and I could not help noticing his musky scent. The only thing I find sexier then the smell of a man’s groin is the scent of a woman’s pussy.I fed his cock into my mouth, just an inch or so at first often pulling it out to lick the head and bottom of his shaft. I lifted his cock a few times so I could lick between his balls, up the shaft right to the head of his cock. His cock was as hard as mine was and based on the moans of pleasure I was hearing Mark was enjoying the attention I was giving his cock.

I still hadn’t tasted another man’s sperm although I had tasted mine, but I did enjoy licking the pre-cum from the tip of his cock.  After a few minutes of licking and sucking, I grabbed his ass cheeks and started pulling his cock deeper into my mouth. I relaxed my throat and took his shaft as deep as it would go eventually with my nose banging up against his pelvic bone. Mark’s hips were rocking, he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth and throat.Mark must have been close to cumming because he put his hands on my shoulders and using just enough force to pull his cock free of my mouth and then he stepped back a little. Then soon after he dropped to his knees between my legs, opened my robe just below the belt and wrapped his mouth around my cock.It had been a long time since he had last given me a blow job – about a year if I remember correctly. He is a very skilled cock sucker. I had never had a blowjob as good as his at any other time in my life. He knows how to use his tongue and suck at the right times to make the experience very memorable and this time was no exception. I held his head at the sides as he sucked on my cock, I don’t know why but it made it seem more intimate.

I looked down at him and I could tell he was enjoying this as much as I was. It didn’t take long before he had me very close to cumming. As much as I hated to, I gently lead his head back away from my cock and suggested we get on the bed and sixty-nine. This would give me time to recover and prolong the pleasure (for reasons that will come apparent in due time).  We both stripped off our remaining clothes and slid onto the bed laying on our sides with our heads on opposite ends of the bed. Before you knew it we both had each other’s cocks in our mouths. There is no better feeling than sucking and licking a cock while someone is doing the same to you. We spent a good ten minutes pleasuring each other with our mouths and hands.From our earlier conversations, I knew Mark wanted me to fuck his ass, since I identify more as a top I was looking forward to it. In preparation, I had put a few condoms, KY jelly and a damp cloth on the nightstand.I told Mark to get on his knees and I reached over and grabbed the KY jelly.

I squirted a generous amount of lube on his tight sphincter and put a little in my hand. I spread the lube onto the palms of my hands and over my right thumb.I started stroking his hard cock with both hands up and down like it was a pussy milking it. Then I moved my right hand up to his ass and started spreading the lube around his asshole with my thumb. As I continued to stroke his cock with my left hand I started pushing my thumb into his tight hole. Just the tip at first and then I slowly worked it deeper as I pumped my thumb in his ass as if it was a small cock fucking him. Mark seemed to be loving it as his hips started rotating in an attempt to get my thumb in deeper. Eventually, I was able to get my thumb all the way in.When it felt like he was ready, I quickly wiped off my thumb, rolled on a condom and positioned myself behind him. I stroked my cock with my lubed hand and then pushed the head of my hard cock against his asshole. I slowly added pressure until his sphincter opened just enough to let the head of my cock slide in and I then stopped to see how mark reacted.

I got my answer fairly quickly when Mark started moving his ass back and causing my cock slid in a little deeper. After he got it in as far as the thickest part (my cock is six-and-a-half inches around in the middle of the shaft), he started to fuck my cock. I just stayed still and let Mark take control.Mark was moaning and impaling his tight hole on my shaft. It did not take him long before he was banging his butt cheeks against my thighs.With Mark now able to take my entire cock comfortably I put my hands on his hips and took control again. It felt great to have my cock deep in such a tight slippery hole and to also see how pale my cock looked as it pulled out part-way because of how tight his ass was. I fucked his ass for as long as I could before I could tell time was running out and if I kept pumping I was going to cum in the condom.I stopped and told Mark to flip over and move to the side of the bed. He laid at the edge of the bed with his ass hanging over while he held his legs open and up close to his chest. I moved up close to his ass and guided my cock back into his now slightly gaping hole.

I slide my cock back into his ass hole and started pumping again. After dropping a bit of saliva into my left palm to get the KY jelly moist again, I reached down and started stroking his rock hard cock. I will never forget the look of pleasure he had on his face while I was fucking his ass and stroking his cock. It did not take long for he was cumming all over my hand and his chest.When he finally returned to earth he looked at me and he could tell I was close. I knew from our previous conversations he wanted me to cum on his face and he wanted to try to taste some of my cum for the first time.I pulled my cock out of his ass, slipped the condom off and started stroking myself like a pro in a porn cum scene, while he slid down between my legs. He got his face in place in front of my cock just in time for me to start painting his face and chest with cum. A few ropes of cum disappeared into his open mouth and as the last few drops dropped down on his chest Mark took his finger and scoped a little more of my liquid from his face, pushed it into his mouth, licking his finger clean and then finally he swallowed.

Now I am one of those guys that when having sex with another guy, once I cum I want out of there and even though it now felt awkward, I suggested Mark have a quick shower before leaving.He took me up on the offer. He quickly showered and dressed. Before he left, he suggested that next time we start by showering together. I told him I thought sounded like a great plan.After he left I hopped into the shower myself and after thinking about what we had just experienced I started feeling comfortable and horny again. I could not wait until we got a chance to do it again. My cock was soon rock hard and I ended up stroking one out in the shower.