Seminar in Anal Studies

Alice Stuart was not at all certain that she should even be standing in this hallway waiting for the seminar supervisor to assign her to a study hall for the four hour program of “Introduction to Analogy for Artistic Expression”.

The very title was a bit over the top for her because she was a fairly successful Romance writer of mostly e-book stories that were popular with the young female readers that far preferred reading about fantasy romantic interludes rather than the gritty real life of a sex-obsessed society.

She did notice that most of the subscriber attendees were female although a few of them looked a bit questionable on the biological gender side due to facial hair or just the way that they swished their hips in that faux way of devoted followers of all things feminine.

There were a few males here and there and they all looked like human wolves roaming in a meadow filled with delicious sheep.

One large black man with a thick torso and powerful arms kept staring at her like he was trying to visualize the shape and tightness of her sphincter for possible later one on one exercise. The very thought of his bulk pressing her into duty as his personal cum bucket was enough to make her secret place all wet and sensitive buried under her French silk thong, the imported pantyhose with a totally sheer look even in the crotch area and her clinging plaid skirt that was supposed to be the colors of her Scottish forebears.

She sat down in the conference room at a long table with twelve chairs on each side and a comfortable looking chair at the end that defied further description.

The large black man was wearing glasses now on the other side of the table and she saw that they made him look slightly more civilized and not contemplating the brutal rape of any white female within reaching distance. Her shameless female parts were still on overdrive down below but she pretended that she was absolutely bored and desirous of something more interesting to do instead of this sex talk drivel that stirred no response in her “romance and love only” baby-making system.

The older woman at the head of the table announced that she was seventy years old. That caught Alice’s attention because she looked like an attractive mature woman in her early fifty’s and agile enough for the doggy style humping that was so popular these days. Her name was Ivanna and her long black hair ran all the way down her spine right down to the top of her posterior crack. Her dress was custom made and her bare skin in the back ended right at that point where there is often a slightly hollow crater place right above the beginning of the anal opening. One could not see her fluttering sphincter but the closeness was enough to bring the hint of it to one’s thoughts and Alice suspected that was the intent of the dress designer right from the start.

“All of you darling nubile young women should understand that it is the use of your rear door portal that helps keep the skin and the metabolic system functioning at peak performance. I must admit that I looked my age until I started with this program of sustained “Anal Appreciation” and it is only with constant ass fucking that I manage to stay looking so young and appealing to the male eye.”

One of the younger girls asked timidly,

“Excuse me, but doesn’t the constant stretching of your anus cause you pain and distress?”

The well-preserved mature woman looked at the sweet young thing and smiled with that look of having been there and done that in a way that made the young girl blush because she obviously had little or no experience in anal love-making either gentle or rough in her entire life.

“What is your name, dear?”

The girl looked absolutely mortified and the soft-hearted Alice felt a twinge of pity for her. She had no doubt that the older woman was setting her up to be the illustration of anal copulation scheduled for this period to show the first time effects of sphincter stretching first hand. The sweet girl’s pretty little ass cheeks and her delicate brown eye would be on display for one and all and Alice felt certain that the pretty girl would make every effort to disregard the pain and suffering and pretend that it was all a great adventure. It was inevitable that the girl would be up there on top of the table taking an oversized cock during the hour and Alice hid her smile because it was ample validation of the rule to keep your mouth shut when such displays are in the offing.

“My name is Sandy and I would prefer to keep my last name to myself, thank you.”

Fortunately for the young girl, the man chosen to mount the volunteer for ass-fucking was easily the most handsome fellow in the crowd and when he disrobed the entire classroom of mostly females made an audible collective sigh of envious excitement.

He was referred to as simply as “Doggie style anal hump model 001” in lieu of an actual name and the pretty girl looked back over her shoulder at him in his muscular glory. Alice was sure that the girl was studying on his oversized eleven inch cock with some degree of trepidation knowing that it would soon be buried to the hilt in her tender still virginal backside.

The girl was naked now and down on all fours in the proscribed position for the exercise. It was a position so arousing that both males and females felt a stirring of carnal desire just viewing the sweep of her delicious posterior curves.

The hastily recruited demonstration volunteer still had her eyeglasses on and seemed reluctant to part with them because she was burdened with quite fuzzy vision without them resting snugly on her beautiful face. She did have expensive contacts on her dresser at home, but she only used them when she was up in front of an audience and she had no idea she would be on display like this in front of so many people. Her recent high colonic was done for dietary reasons and as a spur to her metabolism but she was happy it was only yesterday because that meant her entire digestive system was clear of waste products and she would be able to take the boy’s cock all the way up without interference of any kind of a nasty embarrassing nature.

The seventy-year old still attractive female with impressive non-sagging nipples spread the teenaged Sandy’s pretty cheeks and liberally covered her ass crack and her rectal channel with gobs of melting lubrication to make the experiment as pleasant as possible for the nervous volunteer.

The mature woman seemed to enjoy gaping the young girl’s rear door and at one point had all four fingers of one hand inside her sphincter. A nervous sweat broke out on Sandy’s forehead and she took one last fearful look at the thick eleven-inch dick only a few inches from her winking pucker. The sheen of the lubrication inside her inviting crack was broken by the touch of the ass-fucker’s man-tool and Sandy felt her sphincter slowly parting like the Red Sea in that strange Bible tale of the olden days. She hoped nobody in heaven was watching her take it all the way up the ass just to prove a point that she was not without experience in such matters.

It was too late for her to change her mind now, but the sucking sound of her anus opening for the boy’s demanding entry was uppermost on her mind as he went deeper and deeper inside her into places that she didn’t even knew existed except in biological photos for research and other studies.

The sound of Sandy’s involuntary farting and the animal-like grunt from the ass-fucker as he hit bottom inside the girl’s pretty bottom cause the audience to stare intently because this was a special moment in the anal studies department and all of the females wanted to see the cock in Sandy’s bottom as closely as possible. Most of them were imagining the handsome male model with the impressive equipment inside their pulsating tushies and their hands were wandering down between their legs if they were lucky enough to be sitting at a desk. It was magic to have such a perfect cover for their hidden manipulation of their private parts or even their own tight rear door opening. The girls were just waiting for the proper moment to experiment with the exercise material and report on their findings in a journal of their feelings when they were stuffed with an oversized cock.

Alice became suddenly aware of the huge dark-skinned man standing directly behind her as she bent over slightly to see the exciting details of the insertion and the pounding that followed. She was so intensely into the activity on the table that she was slow to comprehend the man’s huge tool was rubbing between her buttocks like a familiar stranger with no need for a map or a guide book.

At the outset, she did her best to just ignore the hard, cold facts that the man was all but screwing her in public even though her panties and skirt were still in place and pushed up into her crack like some ineffectual defense against immediate carnal knowledge.

When she was slightly off balance, he reached out to steady her and she clutched his thick arm like it was a lifeline to preserve her remaining dignity.

“I must complement you, Madame, on the tightness of your posterior geography.”

She looked over her shoulder and realized the man was a full foot taller than her and she was being lifted up on her tippy-toes by the rigid placement of his man-tool between her flanks.

“I hope, Sir that you are planning to attempt entry at my natural entry for copulation. I do not believe my nether region is capable of opening for your girth with any degree of success without some serious stretching exercises that would be quite time-consuming.”

He leaned down and whispered in her ear,

“Follow me to the study library. I am sure we will find our niche back in the stacks and you can grab your ankles for me and my arrow will hit the mark just as you desire.”

For some strange reason, I followed him blindly like some lamb being led to the slaughter. I know it was entirely naughty of me to do so, but in all honesty, I was curious to see if I could handle this challenge that was so akin to a dare that I could not possibly refuse.

I started to speak and he put his hand over my lips.

“No taking in the library, young Miss. It is against the rules.”

After that, it all went downhill because he lifted my skirt, disposed of my knickers and was inside my drenched snatch before I could utter a single word of protest. Each time he pulled almost all the way out, I wanted to shout out, “Please don’t take it out, sir!”

Then, he would ram it all the way back inside my cave of happiness and I could only whimper in a shameful manner that easily betrayed my delight with his exploitation of my innocence.

When I pushed back into his groin, he spanked my cheeks for my naughty urges and I submitted to his control at all times after that.

Finally, we came to that point when my juices were perilously close to overflowing and I knew from the way his shaft had gotten even thicker that he was on the verge of flooding my quim with his seeds. I could see no point in fighting it and gave up to his insistence and surrendered the last vestiges of my feminine self-respect as I spurted my release and felt his shaft vibrate with the gushing of his creamy load into my thirsty female core.

The sound of approaching readers caused us to hurriedly rearrange our clothing and walk out of the library like dedicated readers and not a pair of depraved violators of public spaces for carnal relations.

It was only the second time in my life that I had done it with a dark-skinned gentleman and I was quite surprised that I found it to be most satisfying in every way possibly imaginable.