Sara’s Resolve – The Commencement (Part Two)

A glass of wine, Sara’s disappearance and the dropping of a dress spurs anticipation and pleasure.As I step from the shower, I hear Sara calling me.The bathroom door squeaks as Sara pushes it open. “I’m just getting out of the shower Sara.”The door opens another two inches before Sara says, “Okay Dad. Listen, Kim will be here around eight o’clock.”“That’s fine. I’ll get steaks out and grill them.”Sara laughs.“What are you laughing at?”“To be truthful, I think she will be hungry. However, I don’t think steak is what she wants.”Damn. I think to myself. Today’s young women are not like the ones I grew up. They are much more open sexually then my generation was at their age.“Are you okay Dad?”As I contemplate my agreed-upon arrangement, I doubt myself.

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I mean, it’s been two years since I’ve been with a woman. Yet, tonight, I’ll be with a young woman. Now don’t misunderstand me, this is every older man’s fantasy. However, dreams can turn into nightmares.My thoughts are interrupted by Sara saying. “Oh, Daddy.”“Yes,” I reply.“Are you okay?”“I’m fine.”“You’re not jerking off are you?”“No.”“Then why aren’t to talking.”“I’m trying to dry myself and get ready.”“Oh okay. What do you think about opening a bottle of wine? I think it will help everyone relax.”“Sounds great. Would you put a bottle on ice?”“I’ll go do it now. By the way, it’s seven thirty so hurry up.”“I’ll be down in ten,” I say as the bedroom door slams shut.As the bath towel falls from my face, I glance at myself in the mirror. Noticing the jungle around my man parts, I realize I haven’t cut the grass in some time. As I consider the potential shock factor, I decide to give myself a haircut.Gathering the required tools, I begin to consider shaving clean. From watching porn on the internet, I have this notion that this younger generation prefers this.

After devoting all of about ten seconds to the idea, I determine bald is not for me.With scissors in hand, I remove patches at a time. After a few cuts, the area is looking much better. Thank goodness, I am not a hairy man. Therefore, only a small area needs to be cleaned up.Again Sara knocks on the door. “Dad.”“Yes, Sara.”“What is taking you so long?”“Do you want the truth?”“You know I do.”“Well, I had to mow the lawn. If you know what I mean.”She snickers. “That’s a nice. However, Kim is here.”“What time is it?”“It’s ten after eight.”Damn. I guess I lost track of time. “Sorry, Sara. I’ll be down in a few.”“That’s okay, but please hurry.”I hear Sara talking in the kitchen as I walk into the foyer. I freeze when Kim’s voice becomes clear. Her voice is soft. As I listen to them talking and laughing, I realize my hands are shaking. Damnit, I’m forty-six years old and nervous as hell.I remain motionless as I ponder my position. Let’s see, married for twenty-four years, we had sex two or three times a week. I reach the conclusion I’ve had sex over three thousand times in my life. Wow, that’s an impressive number if I say so myself, but it doesn’t mean shit at this point. I’m shaking like a leaf in a wind storm.As I continue my internal debate, I hear Sara. “Hi, Dad.”I glance up to see Sara and Kim as they exit the kitchen.“Hey.”“Hello, Mr…” Kim begins to say.

As I consider our prearranged agreement, I cut her off. “Please call me Chris.”“That sounds fair. Hello Chris.”Her voice is as sexy as she is. She’s dressed in a loose-fitting bright yellow sundress. Her hair is down, and she’s barefoot. With shaking hands and sweaty palms, I manage to say, “Hello. You look nice tonight.”“Thank you, Chris.”Sara walks over and hands me a glass of wine. “Here drink this. It will help calm you down.”“Thank you, Sara.”“Why don’t we relax in the living room?” Sara pipes up.These words cause my legs to merge with my hands and shake in rhythm. Once I decide my body can generate movement, I say, “I think that’s a great idea.”“I agree,” Kim replies.As I guzzle the last of my wine, Sara reaches for my glass and says, “Let me get you a refill.”“Do you mind?”“Not at all. You two go on, and I’ll be there in a minute.”I gesture for Kim to lead the way.She precedes, and I relish the view as I walk behind her.We step into the living room as she asks, “Are you okay?”I briefly reflect on the reality that I’m shaking from head to toe. I also realize and understand she may be experiencing the same. So I look at her and say, “Yes. I’m just nervous as hell. How are you?”She smiles. “I’m a tad nervous.” She takes my hand into her and continues, “Let me go see what’s taking her so long. I think another glass of wine will help us both.”“Thanks, I believe you’re right.”She turns and walks away as she says, “I’ll be right back.”I walk to a window and stare out into the darkness.

Less than a minute has passed when Kim’s soft voice says, “Chris.”As I turn toward the sound of her voice, I see her sundress fall from her shoulders, slide down her body, and land on the floor. WOW. She is standing there completely nude. I never imagined she was bare under her dress.She steps out of the dress and walks closer.My heart jumps a beat as I ask, “Where’s Sara?”“It’s okay Chris. She’s gone to bed.”Kim comes to a full stop about three feet from me.“Hello Chris, I’m Kim.” She says with a smile.I can’t speak. I’m frozen as I stare at Kim’s beautiful body. Her breasts are the palest of white. They are absolutely beautiful as they stand out against her soft golden tan. Her dark-red nipples are three eights of an inch in diameter and hard. And they extend a half inch beyond her pink rose-colored areolas. Her elongated hour-glass figure flows softly. Her chest smoothly transitions into a well-defined abdomen.I’m in awe as my eyes continue downward absorbing the beauty of this young lady. She is young, tall, and built. Her features include fiery shoulder length red hair, stunning green eyes, luscious bright-red lips and lust on her face. An absolute breathtaking young woman.Her hip bones protrude beyond her lower abdomen.

There’s a two-inch tan line wrapping around her hips. As my eyes follow the lower segment, they come upon a beautiful covering of neatly trimmed ginger pubic hair. The contrast between her golden tan and her pale white skin creates a spotlight effect on the patch of hair that covers her mound.The daydreams I had about this young lady being nude weren’t close. What I’m seeing is, without doubt, the most exquisite female body I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.Amazed by the view, I stand motionless.I look into her eyes when she asks, “Do you like what you see?”My mind answers yes, however, my mouth says nothing.She steps toward me as she says, “I assume what they say is true.”Her assertion returns me to reality, and I swallow hard, struggling to catch my breath. I stare deep into her eyes, as I respond, “Yes, I very much like what I see. And what do they say?”Her eyes scan to my crotch, and she responds, “That red provokes arousal.”My cock is erect, pressing against the front of my khakis. I glance down and return to looking into Kim’s eyes. “I suppose it does.”She steps closer and places her hands behind my neck, interlocking her fingers. Her body begins to sway as I lean forward and kiss her on the lips.She sighs as she whispers, “I’ve wanted this for years.”I place my hands upon her hips, touching her silky skin for the first time.

As I draw her body tight with mine, her scent erupts in my nose. My cock shudders as I gaze deep into her eyes, seeing both delight and desire. Her mouth is partially open. Her eyes glare into mine. “Are you sure this is what you want?” I ask.She closes her eyes and answers with a kiss.As her lips touch mine, my body shivers as her tongue presses against my lips. I part them, allowing her tongue to slip inside. Our tongues meet, pausing, and then the motion begins.With our lips connecting and disconnecting, our tongues dance.Our first kiss, and it’s naturally intimate. As our kiss continues, our tongues’ dance in a rhythm familiar to that of longtime lovers.My hand slips to the small of her back as she straddles one of my legs.A small gasp escapes her as my hand slides upon her bare ass.She presses her mouth tighter against mine, kissing me with an intense passion.Our passion rises as she establishes a rhythmic grind against my leg.I squeeze her ass, pulling her tighter against my leg, welcoming her grind.As she drives her tongue deeper into my mouth, the heat is rising, and I notice her breaths getting louder.I cup her breast, press softly and pull her even tighter.She breaks our kiss and whispers, “I have craved your touch for so long. God, I love the way your body feels against mine.”My tongue flicks back and forth as I suck her earlobe into my mouth.

I kiss down her neck to her shoulder. I pause and slither my wet tongue back to her ear.She lets out soft whimpers, and her body shudders as I roll her nipple between my fingertips.She thrusts hard into my leg as she fights labored breathing to speak the words, “Oh my.”With a nipple between my fingertips, I kiss down her chest. I take her nipple into my mouth and draw small circles with my tongue.Her nipple grows as I intensify the speed of my tongue.Goosebumps cover her chest as I take her nipple between my teeth.With the heel of her hand, she begins to rub my cock. She takes long strokes. Her fingers grip as she incorporates a tugging movement. She takes a step back and releases my belt. She looks into my eyes as she unzips my pants. Her hand slides inside my fly, as she clutches my cock through my underwear.Almost frustrated, she pulls her hand out and unbuttons my pants. With both her hands inside waistline of my pants, she pushes down past my hips, causing both pants and underwear to fall to the floor.Her eyes are gleaming when she smiles at me. “I would love to suck your cock. Do you want me to suck your cock?”“I sure do. But not yet.” I say as I spin her around and push her onto the sofa. “I’m going to please you first.”She giggles like a school girl. “Oh mister, you not going to… Oh god!”She stops talking and thrust her hips upward as my tongue travels from the bottom of her slit to the top. She is soaking wet, and juices fill my mouth as I suck.

Her aroma is sweeter than I could have imagined. Her clit is uncovered, beckoning for my attention. As I let her pussy lip go, I blow air across her clit.With both hands, she clutches my head, pulling my face into her. She grinds into my mouth. Her legs clamp tight against my head as my tongue draws her clit into my mouth.Her body tightens, and she pulls me even tighter. She holds on tight as she thrust her hips upward, driving harder against my mouth. Her body jerks and she screams out, “Oh fuck, I’m cum…cumming. Oh god.”I place my hands on her hipbones and pull downward.She thrust her hips upwards as she pulls me tighter and cries out.”Her juices rush out of her and into my mouth.Even though I know she’s coming down I keep sucking and flicking my tongue back and forth across her clit.She tries to push me away, but I have her hips, and I’m not letting go.The tempo of my tongue increases as I drive two fingers deep inside her.She attempts to push me away as her inner thighs crash against my head. She grabs my head, thrusting her pussy tight against my mouth and holds it firm.“Oh, Fuck. Fuck, Fuck. I’m cumming again.”Her body tenses as she grabs a handful of my hair. She takes a deep breath. Her head is rolling from left to right. She drives her hips upward as she pulls my mouth tighter against her clit. She cries, “Oh God.” as she interlocks her ankles behind my head and bears down.

Her body muscles become rigid and then she explodes into an intense orgasm.As I withdraw my fingers from inside her and release her clit from my mouth, her body jerks several more times.A few minutes pass when she opens her eyes and smiles. She gazes at me with a devilish grin and says, “That was un-fucking-believable. You will do it again, won’t you?”I answer, “Of course I will.” And begin to lower my head between her legs.She places both hands on my head and pushes me away. “Oh my god, not now.”I raise my head, and with a small chuckle I ask, “Are you sure?”She smiles as she closes her eyes and speaks these words. “Yes, I am sure. But I would love to have more of it soon.”I have a seat beside her on the sofa, pulling into my arms.She turns her body toward me as she lays a leg across mine. One of her breasts is pressing against my ribcage as the other lays on my chest. Her head is on my shoulder as she reaches and wraps her fingers around my cock and begins to stroke.

With her mouth to my ear, she sucks my lobe and whispers, “Why don’t we take this to your bedroom?”Enjoying the sensation of her rhythmic strokes. I lean my head back and close my eyes. “Kimberly honey, I’ll go wherever you want me to.“Kimberly, how sweet.” She says.“That is your name.”“Yes, it is. And after what you just did to me and for me. Well, Christopher, you haven’t a clue just how special hearing Kimberly is.”Christopher, now there’s something I haven’t been called in years. And oddly enough, I think I understand what she’s talking about. Without planning it, I referred to her by her full first name. It felt great when I said it, and now, after knowing it sounded nice to her, it seems personal.“To be honest, I think I understand,” I reply.She smiles, kisses me on the cheek, and quickens her strokes on my cock. “Let’s go upstairs. I have something special for you.