Desiree is a curvaceous one who meets a different young man…She sashayed in the room with intent. The young woman named Desiree felt eyes when she walked in. The boys said, “Daaaaamn!”As she walked into science class. Let’s not pretend. She knew what she had. She knew her butt was big. She knew she had curves. However, what she didn’t know as class went on was a young man noticing her for more than her curves. Honestly, it turned him on. But while others look at her like animals, after all, we were all mammals. Desiree knew something was different about him. Something was.As for the boy, he was sitting with his best friend.

When she walked in, his friend said in a loud whisper, “Goddamn, that chick got an ass!”The young man would nod in agreement. He was an ass man, of course. But he loved every part of the female anatomy. He looked at her face. She had beautiful ebony skin. She was really pretty. She was curvaceous showing off those curves every time she walked and by god was she confident about it. To him, it was like she was beckoning them to look. She had that aura about her. That was completely evident.But in her eyes, the boy couldn’t be more different.She said hi one day. He waved out of courtesy, blushing. He prayed to God that his soldier would be at ease. However, that day they would be working on a lab. Oh, how that girl was a tease. They noticed each other that day. The boy looked at her outfit that day. She was wearing a top that showed her cleavage just slightly with tight jeans. He noticed that she was actually very smart.“What’s your name?” he finally mustered to ask.“Desiree.”“Desiree, huh? That fits. Pretty name,” he said.“Yours?” Desiree said, smiling, bending over with her elbows on the lab table, showing said cleavage.“Shawn,” Shawn caught himself looking at her breasts.She was different.

He was different, too, in their own ways.She slowly noticed his “soldier” saluting to her. She didn’t say anything, but she did lick her freshly glossed lips. Shawn was, at that time, wearing jeans, so it was not very hard to notice.“So, Shawn?”“Yeah?” Shawn said.Desiree bit her bottom lip coyly.“He’s excited, isn’t he?”“Don’t mind him. Inopportune boner,” Shawn said, shrugging, slowly getting comfortable around her.“Oh, that wasn’t from all this?” Desiree said, wittily, shaking her “assets” a tiny bit. Shawn got erect again.“Now, see… you got jokes…” Shawn said laughing, going towards her. Desiree got to see his erection closer.“See what? That I just made you laugh?” Desiree asked. “You see, I’m not like most of these females in this school. You’ve probably heard that before too.”Shawn nodded. She just made him laugh. It was a turn on, but then it got serious. It actually didn’t want to make him engage in masturbation.“Yeah, I have,” Shawn said.“Want to find out?” Desiree said, grabbing his crotch, massaging it. His penis instantly got erect again. “I know what I want. These females don’t.” Desiree whispered in his ear.As the bell rung, Shawn realized she was very different.

He was different, too, in his own ways. He saw her beauty other than the obvious.She began to see the same, she was guiltless.“You know why my mother named me Desiree? Why I am the way that I am today?” She said.“Well, your name literally means… desire, right?” Shawn said.At this point, Shawn and Desiree had walked together to the point where they had gone to the auditorium, which was by the band hall.“You’re smart, Shawn. That’s exactly right. This? This is beautiful,” She said motioning to her skin tone and body. “You heard them when I walked in.”“You’re not lying. Your body is like a work of art,” he got interrupted.“Then do you want to see the rest of the exhibit?”Nobody was in the auditorium. They stayed in the backstage area. She softly caressed Shawn’s thighs as she got to her knees to lower his pants, revealing his boxer briefs with a bulge in it. Desiree smiled at him, licking her lips in anticipation. Shawn put his head down.“It’s ok,” she said, as she took off her top revealing her bra. Her breasts were bigger than Shawn anticipated.Desiree softly took out his erect penis and began to kiss it and gently suck it.“Mmm. You got a nice one, do you?”Shawn could barely hear her due to the fact that she was talking him to a sexual high.“Yeahhhh… fuck…”“You like this, huh? You like me sucking on this big dick?” Desiree said.Shawn defiantly put his throbbing erection in her mouth, attempting to deep throat.“Suck this dick,” he commanded. “Yeah…”“You like that?”“Mmm, hell yeah…” Shawn said.Desiree’s tongue drifted down to the underside of Shawn’s penis that was ready to explode. Then her tongue (and her hands) drifted to his testicles. She played with them.

He let out a moan as a reaction. She gently suckled both of them as she jerked him off. Her tongue danced at the bottom of his testicles, then moved up seamlessly as a grip stayed on his penis.“Spit on it. Spit on my dick,” Shawn commanded. Desiree’s tongue had a tiny trail of saliva on the underside of his penis, which turned him on more. She giggled as she sucked it again, this time with more vigorousness. Desiree spit on it, lubricating it at the same time.Shawn knew Desiree enough to know not to come on her face. Desiree was confident in her looks and her curves but she wasn’t one of those chicks. Shawn would discover one reason why. Desiree turned around, lowered her tight jeans and underwear and bent over, shaking her ass. Shawn could not resist. She looked back as she got spanked. She moaned.“Cum on my ass cheeks.”She instructed, and he did. All over her. She turned back around and sucked the remnants of Shawn’s seed“Desiree, one question. Why?” Shawn said after Desiree was cleaning up.“Because… you see them? They wish they can have me. I’m different than them.

You’re different than them. I tease because I want to.”“Well, I’ve been down this road before. I’ve been friends with beautiful women like you. Teasing. The ‘Look but don’t touch mentality.’ But it only takes one squeeze. That’s all I’m saying,” Shawn said.“Thanks,” Desiree said. She wiped her mouth for any other juices, kissed him on the cheek and said:“But a woman can handle herself.”She sashayed away.