Denise, My Hot Secretary

A big-titted secretary turns into a SEX-retary for her boss’s office pleasure!I’ve always had these wild sexual fantasies about my secretary, Denise. She is quite lovely, a sweet young girl about twenty-four or twenty-five years old, with a cute little girl look that I find so sexy!She is about five foot four inches I guess when in her stocking feet, but since she usually wears heels, she comes up to just below my own six-foot stature. She has a very nice figure too, not too skinny (I hate those skinny-as-a-rail types that look like they are afraid of food!), but not too plump either.

I like curvy women and Denise has some very appealing ones! The curves that really get me hard though, are her tits – Denise has an awesome rack! I noticed them the very first day she applied for the job (and just between you and me, it was a major reason for her getting the position!). She says they are 36E and I believe every word of it!They are just large enough to be on the outer edge of too much for her body shape, but still just inside that line enough to be attractive. Denise told me once that she used to be several sizes smaller – a normal 36C – but that she had saved up to get a boob job so she would feel more attractive.She told me that as a schoolgirl, she just sort of blended in with the other kids – there wasn’t anything really to make her stand out. She said she wasn’t all that pretty, or popular, or outgoing. So when she was able to, she decided to enhance what the boys seemed to be interested in.

And I have to say it was a very good decision too! They were full and firm and looked great in her clothes. I could only imagine what they looked like without those clothes!I am Denise’s supervisor and the head of our company, but I still get skittish and uneasy whenever she is around. I know it sounds strange – I am her boss, I am older than her by a good ten years, and I am a man, yet when she comes into my office and looks at me with those big blue eyes, I just feel so… I can’t explain it except to say I feel like a young kid asking his first girl out on a date!I don’t think she has noticed my timidity because she still acts very polite and respectful to me. Once, when she first came to work for me, we were in the elevator together, both going up to the office. It was right after lunch, and we had a meeting to get ready for. The elevator was crowded that afternoon and Denise got pressed up against me, looking me in the eyes while her wonderful tits pressed against my chest. It was hot that day so I hadn’t worn my jacket to lunch, and I could swear I felt her nipples poking me in the chest!

I’m sure it was my imagination – I can’t believe she wasn’t wearing a bra that day. But it felt so damn good that, if I was close enough to the button, I would have stopped the elevator right then and there! It was so hot being pushed together like that. I just hoped she didn’t feel the bulge I got in the elevator that day!I started having fantasies about her after that elevator ride. I would so love to fuck her, to see that hot, sexy body naked on my desk waiting for me to take her. I would love to feel those fantastic tits wrapped around my cock and feel me sliding up and down between those sweet, creamy globes. Denise also has a mouth that I know would only add to the pleasure, licking and kissing the tip as I stroked between her tits. The girl looks like she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch and I would love to find out! I’ve had many fantasies about her and I secretly hope that one day my fantasies could come true.

One day my chance came quite unexpectedly… for me, at least! It was a day like any other; I had been working on this new project and was just about to put the final touches on it. I had a meeting with the client that afternoon to try to sell him on the plan and I was nervous! This was a huge project and it would mean our small company would be outbidding some major players, and I wanted this so bad I could taste it.”Denise, could you come in here and bring the file for the new Jackson account, please?” I asked. She came right in holding the rather thick file in her hand.”Here you go, Sir. I took the liberty of looking through it to make sure it was complete – I knew you had a meeting with the Jackson people today. I hope that was all right?” she asked. Such a sweet girl and a hard worker!”Yes, that is fine Denise, thank you. This is an incredibly important account for us, and I don’t mind telling you I am more than a little nervous about this meeting! I’m going to need you there with me to take notes and help me seal this deal. You know, you have become like my ‘Girl Friday’ around here!” I said. And it wasn’t an exaggeration either – she had become indispensable around the office… and she did a lot for the office decor as well!

“Thank you, Sir,” Denise said, beaming proudly. She really had worked hard at learning and doing her job the best she could do and I was very pleased with her work ethic and dedication to her job. “Will that be all?” she asked.”Yes, thank you. The meeting will be at 2:00 so be prepared to take notes and help me schmooze these people!” I said.”I will be ready,” she said. As she went back to her desk, I turned my attention to the thick file in front of me. I guess I sighed pretty loudly just then because Denise stopped and turned to look at me. She must have seen something in the way I looked or something because she came back and came up behind me. My attention was on the file, so I didn’t hear that the door never opened or her footsteps coming back across the floor.No, the next thing I knew, two soft but strong hands were on my shoulders, massaging the tension away. It kind of startled me, and I looked up surprised to see her smiling face at my shoulder.”Mr. Hawthorne, you are so tight and tense… you poor man. You work entirely too hard sometimes!” she said. She kneaded my shoulders and worked my muscles like a pro and I gave myself over to the wonderful massage.”Oh, Denise, that feels so good!” I said. I closed my eyes and bent my head forward so she could get the knots out of my back and shoulders.

She worked on getting me loosened up and it felt sooo good!”Lay your head back,” she said. I did as she asked and she began massaging my temples, rubbing in small circles with her fingertips.”Mmmm…” I said, as my tension melted away.”You like that, do you?” she said softly. My eyes were closed, but I knew she was smiling.”Oh yeah… it feels amazing…” I said.”I know something that will feel even better… if you’ll let me,” she whispered in my ear.My eyes popped open and I saw her standing there biting her fingernail coquettishly. I didn’t know what she was thinking at that moment, but my cock seemed to as it was rapidly inflating and I squirmed in my seat, adjusting to give it some room. “What are you talking about, Denise?” I asked.With that, she walked around my chair and sauntered over to the office door, taking her sweet time and letting me get a good look at her tight ass as she swiveled her hips for me. When she got to the door, she turned around and looked back at me. I saw a smoky fire in her eyes and my cock jumped.

I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I knew what I wanted to do right then!With a quick twist of her wrist, she locked the door, still looking at me. She came back, sashaying sexily, like a stripper walking on stage for her dance. She came around the desk in front of me and put her right leg underneath the armrest of my chair and the same with her left, locking her body into my desk chair and then lowering herself onto my lap. She had to hike up her skirt some to get her legs wide enough, but I didn’t mind. I got a glimpse of her pretty pink panties and then I felt the heat from her core coming right through my pants.I have to say I was more than a little surprised at her boldness – I never took Denise for being so forward. But it was a pleasant surprise. She looked at me for a moment then she took my jaw in one hand and the back of my head with the other, and leaned forward, planting her hot wet mouth on my lips and we started making out long and hard.”Denise! What if someone calls or knocks or something?” I said, concerned we would be caught.”Relax… I told your receptionist to hold your calls and that we would be discussing this afternoon’s meeting. So we won’t be disturbed,” she said, with a smile.

Then she leaned forward and kissed me againI was getting hard just from kissing this sweet young thing. It didn’t help that she made little moaning noises as she sucked on my tongue, giving me an indication what was in store for me. I knew as she wriggled on my lap she was rolling her pussy over the bulge and rubbing her clit. She would moan and give a little squeal whenever her clit hit my cock. I wondered how my cock, now screaming to get out, would feel in that mouth and better yet, in the hot pussy grinding on it at the moment. We kissed for a really long time, just getting hot off of making out and inhaling through our noses and she was an amazing kisser. I moved my hands to the bottom of her head and pushed her hair up and she moaned louder.She broke our kiss just then coming up for a gasping breath. She held my face in her hands just looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes.”God Denise, you’re driving me crazy!” I told her.”Well, that’s the idea!” she replied, with a smile on her face.”Mr. Hawthorne – Paul – I know that you have been watching me. I know that you have been ogling me when I walk and staring at my tits whenever I am facing you. It’s all right, I like it.

“That’s the reason I got this boob job… so that guys would stare and take notice. To be perfectly honest with you, I find you very attractive and sexy as well. I have been wanting to do this since I came to work for you. I was so happy when you hired me as your secretary; I have tried to always do my best at my job so you will be happy with work,” she said.”Denise, you have done an excellent job, working for me since I hired you. I have absolutely no complaints with you at all. Your performance and dedication to your work are a model for everyone else here. So you needn’t worry about how you do your job. “As for my watching you and ‘ogling’ you as you put it – well why wouldn’t I? You are a very attractive and yes, even sexy, woman and any red-blooded, heterosexual man would fall all over himself just to get one of those beautiful little smiles from you. I am lucky enough to get them all the time because you work for me. So yes I admit it, I have been watching and ‘ogling’ you,” I told her.She looked at me and gave me a little smile. Knowing how I felt about her made her bolder and she put her arms around my neck as she wriggled a bit on my lap, rolling her pussy over the rock hard cock there waiting for her.Looking at my sweet secretary, her soft blue eyes, her sweet, tender lips, and her sparkling smile… she really was so beautiful.

I reached up and stroked her velvety cheek with the backs of my fingers, and she leaned her head into my touch.Suddenly, Denise slid off my lap and stood up. That particular day, Denise had chosen to wear a black pencil skirt that was a bit shorter than mid-thigh – high enough to be very sexy and suggestive, but not slutty. Topping that was a white button-front blouse that she kept the top couple buttons undone to accentuate those magnificent tits. She also wore thigh-top stockings and her black five-inch ankle-strap pumps.She began to unbutton her blouse while watching me for my reaction. I sat there, my eyes glued to what she was doing, unable and unwilling to look away. She slowly unbuttoned each button starting from the bottom, and as she reached the last button, she paused teasingly. I shifted in my chair, anxious to see what was under that blouse.”You really want to see my tits, don’t you!” she giggled. “You are a naughty, naughty man!”She unbuttoned the last button and opened her blouse to reveal her lacy black bra. She let the blouse slip off her shoulders, and she laid it on the sofa next to me. Then she reached up and unclipped the front hook of her bra, holding it closed for a moment to build the excitement. I leaned forward and took the ends of her bra from her delicate hands and peeled them apart for her.

Her tits were even more magnificent than I had imagined! Full, firm, ripe, they sat high on her chest with no sign of sagging at all. They were topped with hard, ruby red nipples surrounded by dark areolas. I licked my lips in eager anticipation of chewing and sucking on those hard points.Denise climbed back onto my lap and I pulled her forward, taking one of those tender young nipples into my mouth.”Ohhhh,” she moaned as she felt my mouth close around her sensitive nipple and my tongue began to do its work. She reached up and ran her fingers through my hair as I feasted on her throbbing bud.After giving her nipple an appropriate amount of loving attention, I moved to the other, repeating my licking and sucking. Denise responded with another moan as I gave her other tit its share of loving. Then she used her hands to push her tits together, bringing both nipples close to each other so I could lick and suck on them both.Once her tits had gotten their due appreciation, she slid off my lap again, but this time she slipped to her knees.

She looked at me as if to ask permission and seeing I wasn’t resisting any (who in their right mind would!), she began working on unbuckling my belt and unfastening my slacks. She got them opened and I raised up a bit to allow her to pull my pants down to my ankles. She slipped off my shoes and pulled my slacks completely off, folding them neatly so they wouldn’t look wrinkled later at the meeting.With me now sitting in my boxers, she smiled at the large bulge there. She leaned forward and kissed it and giggled when my cock twitched. She slowly pulled my boxers down and stopped momentarily when she saw the head of my cock pop out of the top waistband.”Well, hello there! Would you like a kiss?” she said to my cock. She pulled my boxers down further and said, “Oh my! You are a big fella, aren’t you? I’m going to have to give you a big kiss!””Would this big fat cock like to be licked and sucked by my pretty, little, wet mouth?” she asked. She let out a sexy little moan as she licked her lips, watching my hard cock pulse with lust. She cupped her tits, thrusting them towards me as she squeezed them. Seductively, she lifted her massive tits up, setting them on my legs.She leaned forward and grasped the thick hot shaft and directed the swollen head to her cleavage. “Or maybe he would like to slide up and down between my tits?” she purred.

“You can tit-fuck me and come on my face if you want. Or I can do this….” And she hefted up the stiff organ towards her face and ran her velvet soft tongue around the very edge of the flared rim.My eyes were locked on Denise’s. Her eyes had closed to lustful slits as she gave me my choice. She smiled sensually, and brought her index finger to her lips, sucking it slowly into her mouth and moaning so I could hear her. As I watched mesmerized, Denise sucked on her finger, showing me what she could do for my cock should I choose to. Her wet, sucking sounds and soft deep moans were making my decision a lot easier! My cock throbbed with lust. Like any man, I love getting my cock sucked and rarely turn the opportunity down. I especially like those dirty, nasty, sloppy blowjobs like they show in the porn movies – the ones where the girl is drooling and slobbering all over the cock, her saliva streaming from her mouth and falling on her tits or running all over her face. Somehow, I knew this girl could give me my dream blowjob if I wanted it, so I opted for the filthy cocksucking from this young hot girl. There was always other opportunities to fuck her some other time.

“So… what’s it to be? Which do you want, boss?” she asked.I looked down at her, into those lust-filled eyes. “I want you to suck my cock…” I groaned in reply.”What?” she asked, pretending not to hear me. “Suck my cock…I want you to suck my cock,” I repeated my request.Denise grinned, pleased… that’s the choice she wanted as well.”And I’ll bet you want me to make it a really sloppy and dirty blowjob too, with lots of drooling and slobbering all over your big fat cock, right?” As she spoke she looked down at the throbbing cock and closed her fingers gently around the thick shaft. “Watch…” she urged as she started a slow sensuous stroking of my meat. No lubrication was needed… I was leaking pre-cum like a broken faucet!Denise licked slowly around the rim of my cock head, looking deeply into my eyes. Keeping her eyes locked on mine she pushed my cock up to my stomach and ran her tongue down the underside of my shaft, then back up again. She repeated the up and down licking once more, then raised her face and paused for a moment, smiling sweetly.Seeing how much I was enjoying her efforts encouraged her, and she pushed her face down deep between my legs. I felt my nuts resting on her forehead and then I felt her tongue on the underside of my balls, licking and caressing my perineum. God, it felt great!I groaned loudly as her tongue swirled under and around my heavy nuts.

She sucked one, then the other into her hot mouth, further heating up the load of cum that was building inside them. I instinctively scooted down in my seat a bit, spreading my legs to give her more room to work. I put my hand on her head, running my fingers through her soft, jet-black hair and grabbing a handful of it. She moaned as I took hold of her, making her feel controlled and submissive turned her on. She was also turned on that she was getting me so excited and aroused.Denise slowly sunk a bit lower, letting her bare tits hang free under her as she continued licking under my balls. Her nipples stood straight out hard in the cool room air. With one free hand, she reached under her, toying with the aching nubs, pinching and tugging on them and heating her up further. Denise was thoroughly enjoying how she was making me moan and squirm with her delightful tongue, but I could feel the rumblings in my nuts and I wasn’t anywhere near ready for the fun to end!I reached down and pulled her face up, holding her soft jaw in my hand.

She looked up at me, surprised that I stopped her, but wondering what was next. I could tell by her expression that she had really gotten into what she was doing and as she sat there, I could see her breathing was quicker and more excited.”You fantasize about wrapping your lips around my cock, don’t you?” I asked.”Yess…” she whimpered.I looked into those soft pleading eyes as she ran her wet tongue around her lips. “You want my cock in your sweet little mouth… sucking on it… getting me hard as you feel its thickness filling your mouth, throbbing as you lick and suck on it. You want to feel it swell just before I cum, and taste the reward of a mouth full of hot, sticky cum when I do, don’t you?” I asked her, teasingly.”Oh God… yes Sir, please…” she moaned, trembling with need.I was in control now. I spoke to her in a low commanding growl and she answered in a small soft whimper and moan. She loved being submissive to me; she told me it was what she loved most about her job. Although I have to admit having such a lovely young thing such as Denise willing to do whatever I wished was quite exciting for me as well. And now that I had found out “whatever” meant whatever, it was even more exciting!”That is what you want isn’t it, Denise?” I continued my taunting of her, “You want to suck me off, your lips wrapped around my thick hard shaft, running up and down the hard, silky pole slowly, feeling every inch. You want me to fuck your sweet mouth as if it was a cunt.

You want to feel me pumping in and out of it until I cum in your mouth and down that pretty throat. You want to feel me shoot again and again into your mouth until you can’t hold anymore and it spills out onto your big tits, don’t you, Denise?” I growled.Denise was almost dying as she sat there staring at my throbbing cock and listening to my voice. I could see her eyes glazed over as she stared at the drop of pre-cum that had seeped out and sat there like a precious jewel. She was so captivated and lost in her own lust, that she didn’t answer right away.I gave her a slap across the face – not hard, but hard enough to break her lustful dreaming.”Answer me! You want to be my slut, don’t you? My slutty little cocksucking secretary!” I said, sounding loud and angry.”Yes! Yes, Sir! I want to be your slutty secretary! Please, please make me your slut, your office whore! Please, Sir, I want to suck your cock, I want you to use me however you wish. I am yours to use any way you please! Oh God, I want to please you Sir!” she broke down, nearly sobbing as she confessed her desire.”I figured as much. I wasn’t absolutely sure until just now, but I had my suspicions that your dedication to your job had more than a paycheck behind it! I didn’t do anything about it though, because I didn’t want to possibly misinterpret your hard work for something else,”

I said.”No Sir. I-I have wanted to tell you how I feel for a long time too. But this is a workplace and I didn’t know how you would take my having feelings for you. I didn’t want to take a chance and maybe lose this job. I couldn’t bear that,” she said.”Well, you know what,” I said, “I want the same thing as you. I want you as my slutty office whore, too.”Denise looked up at me and smiled broadly. “Really?” she asked.”Yes. You are a hard worker and you know what I need almost before I ask for things. If you are that good at being a secretary, I can only imagine how much effort you will put into being my slut! So if you are interested in the job…””Oh yes, Sir!” she said, eagerly.Denise rose up on her knees to bring her face closer to mine. Tilting her head back, she leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine, running her tongue over my lips as she reached down and toyed with my cock. She could feel the hardness of my naked cock as she squeezed it and sighed. “Do you want me to suck it now?” she said, gently tugging at my cock. I continued to kiss her as my fingers moved up to fondle her firm breasts. Both of us began to breathe harder as Denise slowly, sensuously started to stroke my pole, and I toyed with her hard nipples and creamy tits in return.”I have a little confession to make, Sir. You see, I love sucking a guy off, feeling his hard cock run over my tongue, fucking my mouth. When I’m using my mouth on a guy’s big cock…” Her tongue slipped over her lips again, licking my lips as well and showing me how she would lick my cock… “When I’m sucking his big cock, I think about an even bigger cock, just like yours is,” she said, emphasizing her last word with a squeeze to my cock that made me moan out loud. She spoke softly and deliberately, using her tongue to lick her lips and tease me each time she paused.

I could only imagine how delicious that sweet mouth would feel on my aching cock.”Most of the guys I have been with like me to play with their balls when I’m sucking them,” Denise whispered low and soft. She giggled as my cock jumped again. “And I like it too, ‘cause I can feel them tighten up when they’re ready to cum. That’s when I take them deeper and faster. I just love to deep-throat my guy and feel him way down deep in my throat. It’s such a turn on! Then just before they cum, I let my mouth fill with their pre-cum so they can fuck their cocks faster….faster…until I know they’re going to cum in my mouth. And when they do, I swallow every drop just like a good girl. Except I always give the girls here a little taste… you know, just to keep them happy! But I’m sure you will have more than enough to go around, Sir.”I listened to her, playing the scene she described in my mind as she stroked my cock, adding to my fantasy.”Let me see it…” she whispered, pushing me back away from the desk.”Damn, your cock is so hard,” Denise said, smiling at how excited she had gotten me, “So hard and so big.” I had reached down with one hand and was rolling her nipple between my fingers, pinching it and gently tugging on it as she stroked my cock.”Do you have a big load saved up for me, Sir? I’ve been a very good girl, you know…” she purred as she stroked.

“Yeah,” I said, “I haven’t cum all week.”Denise grinned wickedly. “Mmmm… I’ll have to be especially nice to you, then. I love it when you wait for me like that!” She smiled, letting her lips part and running her tongue sensually around her full lips. I groaned at the sight of this lovely thing licking her lips in anticipation of surrounding my cock with them. My cock also showed its excitement, bobbing frantically as my hands gripped the arms of my office chair.Denise dropped her eyes to my cock and moved her head forward, her mouth open and panting. She looked up at me and grinned.”Show me. Show me what kind of cocksucking slut you can be!” I said, moving my hips closer to her face.Then she stood up, leaving me confused and bewildered for a moment. “Relax, I’ll be right back, I just need to get something from my desk,” Denise said, kissing me on the cheek lightly and walking over to her desk. She opened the drawer and then shut it again coming back towards me with something in her hand.”Here it is,” she said.”What is it?” I asked quizzically.Denise came up to my desk fondling a massive fake cock. “What’s that for?” I asked a bit anxiously. “You’re not going to stick it in my….”She laughed.

“Relax, it’s for me.”As she spoke she moved out into the middle of the room and lay on her back on the carpet. Spreading her lovely legs wide apart, she started to rub the head of the huge dick across her swollen labia. Slowly she inserted the thick head in her pussy and gently pushed it a few inches into herself, moaning as it entered her. She pushed it deeper into her pussy and pumped it in and out a couple times until it was where she wanted it.”Mmmmmm” she moaned. She slowly sat up, moving to kneel in between my still spread thighs, the huge dildo still embedded deep in her cunt. “When I suck a cock I like to play with myself as well. This way my pussy is filled as well as my mouth. We can cum together that way!” Denise said, moving closer to me.She leaned forward, resting her upper body against mine. I bent down to kiss her wetly, thrusting my hot tongue into her mouth. She began to suck on the tip of his tongue, then more of it as she started to push the massive black rod back and forth. Opening her eyes wide and staring into mine, Denise began to suck on my tongue like it was a cock as I held it rigid for her. Both of us were growing hotter and hotter. Denise’s hips began to move against the dildo.

The feel of the huge fake cock in her pussy was driving her wild. Rising up, she squealed around my tongue as she felt the black monster start pushing against the back of her vagina. Her eyes closed and she moved her hips back and forth, letting the black monster slide back and forth between her sopping pussy lips.Denise moaned loudly in lust-crazed ecstasy. “Are you ready for me to suck your cock? I want you in my mouth – and I know you’re ready. I want to make you cum, baby,” she panted excitedly. As she continued to work the dildo in and out of her drooling cunt, Denise began to stroke my cock as well. I poured out a huge stream of pre-cum over her fingers as she jerked me, making her moan. “Mmmmm, you really are ready, aren’t you?” She looked at my cock as it slid through her fingers. “I want to make you cum, right now. I want to suck you until you shoot your hot sweet cum in my mouth. I want to taste you, to feel your cum hit the back of my throat. I want you to fill my mouth until I can’t hold any more and it dribbles out of my mouth like the nasty whore I am. Make me your whore, Sir. Treat me like the cheap slut I am for you!” she panted with unbridled sex-crazed lust.The time for teasing and talk was over now. Denise leaned forward and ran her wet tongue from my engorged balls up to my helmet-like cock head. I groaned mightily as I felt the hot wetness of her tongue. She opened her lips and took my cock head inside. Again I groaned, louder this time, and pushed my hips forward, trying to feed Denise more of my cock. She willingly obliged, opening her mouth wider and taking half of my steel-hard cock inside.

The whole time, she kept her eyes fixed on mine.I began to fuck her mouth slowly, curling my fingers in her long black hair and pushing my hips forward. With each thrust I groaned, and Denise along with me. She pushed her mouth forward as I fucked deeper towards the back of her throat. She took me deeper and deeper until I was pushing against the back of her throat. Denise cleared her throat and took a breath, then leaned forward. She continued to pull my steely pole deeper until suddenly something gave and my cock slid, effortlessly, deep into her throat. She pulled me even closer… deeper… until her nose was pressed firmly against my curly black pubic hair. She reveled for a moment in her accomplishment, then slowly pulled her lips back off the massive cock she had just deep-throated!!Her cheeks hollowed as she took my thick shaft deep again into her soft mouth. She swiped her tongue just under the sensitive cap each time she pulled off me. I groaned with lust as she deep-throated my cock again and again just like a porn star. God, she was good… my cock had never felt this hard and excited before!!Denise grinned sexily and parted her lips, letting my cock slip between them again. Somewhere in my deepest subconscious, I wondered if it would ever end. She kept her eyes locked on mine and she moved her head forward… slowly and teasingly taking more and more of my thick juicy rod into her mouth. This time she swirled her tongue rapidly around the shaft, bathing it in her slick saliva.

She didn’t stop until her lips were again pressing against my stomach wall, the entire length of my enormous cock embedded in her throat. She could feel my hips begin to move, trying to push into her even deeper, and she knew I was ready.”Fuck my mouth…” she said as she pulled off my cock momentarily, “…deep…” I groaned low in my throat and slowly raised my hips, sinking my cock to the hilt in the sexy young girl’s steamy mouth. Effortlessly, it slipped back into her throat, making me groan again. My hips moved faster and faster, my hard pole sliding deep into Denise’s throat with each thrust. My breathing was growing labored, and my entire lower body began to shake uncontrollably.Denise slipped one hand down to her cunt, massaging her tingling clitoris as she fucked herself harder and harder with the dildo.The thick black dildo still plunged in and out of her cunt, but by now I was too far gone to take any notice. All of my attention was greedily focused on the beautiful young vixen hunkered at my knees, inhaling my massive cock over and over again, bathing it with her hot, willing, talented mouth. I’d never seen a woman look sexier; her long silky black hair was matted to her face and sweat beaded on her neck and ran down between her heaving tits. And she was doing this all to make me happy…. to please me and make me cum.

Finally, the end was near and I felt my balls expanding. With a scream of absolute release, I came; wave after wave of pleasure rushed over me and my boiling semen raced up my shaft. Denise felt it also and drew her sweet lips back until only the thick cock head remained in her mouth. She moaned low as she felt my cum race up the tube along the underside of my cock and furiously ran her tongue over the taut head. The force of my explosion surprised even her. Immediately, her entire mouth was full of cum, ballooning her cheeks out as I spewed a huge geyser of sperm into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all but was just able to down half of it when I erupted again.This second blast was even more powerful, filling her mouth beyond its capacity and forcing past her lips to spill onto her chin and from there drip onto waiting, eager tits. My thick semen ran over the plenteous mounds and down the crack between them, coating the pale flesh with a warm icing of cum. Still, her hand milked my cock desperately, as I continued to shoot thick streams of hot cum over her lips, face, and tits.

She took a quick opportunity to swallow a mouthful and grab a breath before sucking me back in again wildly, forcing me deeper as she felt another spray of hot cum against the back of her throat. She mewled as she swallowed jet after jet of my semen and still not satisfied she had milked me dry, she began to fuck her mouth up and down my now visibly quivering shaft. Again and again, I shot off, delighting Denise as I filled her mouth a third time to overflowing. She swallowed as rapidly as she could but still couldn’t contain the copious flow. Finally, needing to breathe, she pulled her lips from my still spurting cock, letting this last spurt of hot, thick cum spray over her wondrous tits.With thick globs of white cum splattered all over her face and tits, Denise pushed back and stood up.”Ever cum that much and hard before?” She purred, using my now softening cock to spread the cum across her tits.I shook his head.

“No, that was incredible!” I said, in all honesty. She sucked my cock back into her mouth, pulling it slowly out while sucking the last remaining drops of cum from it and cleaning me off at the same time. Then she lovingly patted my cock and pulled the dildo from her own pussy, offering me a taste.”No, I prefer my water from the well itself!” I said. She smiled and stood up, stepping closer as I buried my face in her pussy licking and lapping at the sweet honey that flowed from there. As turned on as she was, it didn’t take but a few moments before I felt her legs begin to quake and I heard her strangled gasp as she announced her own orgasm. I drank from her “well” deeply, savoring every drop of sweet fluid I could get from her. Finally, her own tsunami passed and she sat quivering and spasming on my desk. I sat there with her, holding onto her until I was sure she could stand steady on her own. Then, a quick glance at the clock told me we needed to hurry up and gather ourselves before people started wondering what happened to us.”So do I have the job?” she asked with a smirk.”Well, it’s looking pretty good. But I may have to call you back in for another interview… possibly this evening after work. Would you be available, say, at 7:00 tonight?” I asked.”For you, Sir, I’m always available!” she said, kissing me deeply. Copyright ©

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